Sun and health


The sun is a beautiful and mysterious light. It gives warmth and joy. Without the sun, life on earth is impossible. Without it, our body can not function properly. Our mood and state of health depend on it.

The influence of the sun on the human body

The influence of the sun on the human body

Without sunlight, there is a decrease in vitality and mood, fatigue. Under the influence of the sun, man produces the hormone of happiness "serotonin". It is this hormone that is responsible for our mood, feelings of euphoria and the appearance of forces. Metabolism without sunlight is impossible. Without a sufficient amount of ultraviolet radiation, the development of diabetes, cancer, multiple sclerosis is possible. The sun is necessary for bones and strong teeth, as well as calcium.

The moderate exposure to the sun's rays contributes to the development of an important vitamin D. Without the sun, this vitamin cannot be obtained in the required amount. It helps the absorption of minerals, proteins, fats, ascorbic acid, vitamin E. Vitamin D fights the development of rickets in children. Without it, we can not do if we want to be healthy.

Sun health benefits

Thanks to the sun, our body receives ultraviolet light, which increases the body's resistance to colds, and helps in the treatment of skin diseases: dermatitis, psoriasis, eczema. The sun strengthens the nervous system, has a stimulating effect on metabolism. The ultraviolet rays of the sun, even in small doses, have an antibacterial effect, which has a beneficial effect on the health of the skin, it becomes supple and healthy. Acne disappears, wounds heal, blood circulation improves, and blood vessels dilate.

The harmful effects of the sun on the body

If you stay in the sun for too long, without observing elementary rules, you can harm yourself instead of good. Uncontrolled exposure to the sun and without protective agents, except for a beautiful tan, causes premature aging of the skin. It becomes thin and wrinkled, elastin and collagen are destroyed in the cells. Prolonged exposure to ultraviolet radiation, leads to too much production of vitamin D, which is also harmful, also destroys proteins and other beneficial substances. Lack of sunglasses can cause eye diseases: cataracts, burns of the retina and cornea, blurred vision and conjunctivitis.

Sun for health: recommendations and contraindications

Being in the sun a moderate amount of time is necessary for everyone, but be sure to follow the recommendations on being in the sun before 10 am and only after 4 pm, as well as the use of protective equipment. People of the light type should be especially careful, they are most sensitive to sunlight. They better stay in the sun for long. For people with hypertension, cancer, being in the sun is possible only after consulting with your doctor.

How to sunbathe?

To avoid risk, we prepare for sunbathing in advance. For this we nourish and moisturize the skin. This will help creams with liposomes and coenzyme Q10. We eat more carrots, liver, cereals, eggs, spinach, broccoli and vegetable oils. They will help the production of vitamins E and A, protecting the skin, as well as cystine substances that strengthen the top layer of hair and skin. You can not do electro - and wax hair removal, tattoos, pilling and piercing, and no scrubs.

Sun and skin protection

On vacation, do not forget about protective creams. They exist a great many, each must be selected individually depending on your skin type. For the south - no less than 20, for the middle lane - 8. The best option would be the presence of 2 types. One - at the very beginning, and the second - as soon as the skin gets used to the sun. The cream is applied 20 minutes before going outside or bathing. After bathing the cream is also applied.

Sun and rest

Your swimsuit should be of such a form that will cover moles on the stomach and back, as well as all large birthmarks. Be sure to have a light headdress that allows air and not only on vacation. Try to wear sunglasses. They must have lenses that do not allow ultraviolet, filter-4, and be of high quality. Wearing low-quality glasses will do much more harm than the sun. Drink more non-carbonated mineral water, which will fill the water-salt balance and prevent dehydration.

The time spent in the sun should be increased gradually. Start from 15-20 minutes. If you are on vacation, sunbathe before 10 am and after 4 pm Coming out of the water, wipe dry. If your skin turns red, then spend the next 3 days in the shade. This will help restore fat and water balance. Keep track of the size of moles. Increased urgently to the doctor. Do not use perfumes and deodorants, cosmetics, if it does not have a sign of protection from the sun's rays. No alcohol either before or on time at the beach. In hot weather, it is generally better not to abuse. Do sports, drink more water, mineral water is better. Neglecting these rules, instead of pleasure and benefit, you can even get a sunburn or heat stroke, be careful.

Treating sunburn

If, after all, you are burned in the sun, anti-burns with chamomile extract, hilauroonic acid, and depanthenol will help you. If there are swelling or bubbles, compresses from decoctions of calendula, chamomile, furatsilina solution will help. Gauze moistened in broth and applied to the burn. As soon as the gauze is heated, we change. 23 times is enough. After 2 hours, repeat the procedure. The next day, you can grease after tanning. If fever occurs, take antipyretic and antihistamines.

Without the sun, we can not do, but its excess can harm. To get from him only benefit, and avoid harm, you need to follow the rules. There must be a measure in everything. And then the sun will give you only good and beauty.