Sumamed with angina


An infectious disease, in which there is severe pain when swallowing, is familiar to all - it is a sore throat. Very often it occurs against the background of an autumn cold and most often torments children.

In addition to the sore throat, the sore throat enlarges the lymph nodes, weakness appears, and body temperature rises. The tonsils, which are primarily affected by sore throat, are covered with small abscesses or white patches.

More recently, the drug Sumamed has been used to treat angina. But is it worth it to use for the treatment of angina, and how effective is it?

Sumamed properties

Sumamed is an antibacterial agent with a wide spectrum of action. It helps to cope with a variety of pathogenic bacteria. Sumamed tablets are well absorbed and quickly distributed in the body.

Sumamed and his properties

Sumamed is prescribed for any infections that are sensitive to azithromycin. These are tonsillitis, otitis, and urethritis, and bronchitis, and peritonitis, and pneumonia, and infections of the upper respiratory tract, which include sore throat.

Usually, doctors prescribe Sumamed for sore throat, if it is necessary to conduct a more rapid and gentle treatment, especially in children. For the treatment of coughs and colds, it is better not to use such an antibiotic, as the body becomes accustomed to it, and it can no longer fight against microbes and viruses. That is why Sumamed is prescribed only for fairly complex diseases.

How to take Sumamed with angina?

Sumamed must be taken 1 hour before meals or 2 hours after 1 p. per day. Children with angina are advised to take 0.5 g. For 1 p. within 3 days. If the drug was missed, it should be taken immediately, and subsequent doses with an interval of 24 hours. When you take drugs at the same time, you should observe a 2-hour break.

Doctors recommend taking Sumamed on an empty stomach, so it is better and faster absorbed and begins to actively act. Since an antibiotic can provoke dysbacteriosis, it is better to supplement its administration with the drug Linex or its analogs for the prevention of this disease. But do not forget to consult a doctor if he has not prescribed this drug.

Doctors do not so often prescribe such a strong antibiotic for treatment, since it is first necessary to determine whether Sumamed can cope with a sore throat. A qualified doctor tries to prescribe strong antibiotics as a last resort. This is caused not by the presence of side effects, but by the fact that Sumamed, like any antibiotic, weakens the immune system, and by frequent contact with it, bacteria produce resistance.

How to take Sumamed with angina?

5 reasons for the appointment of Sumamed with angina

  1. For 14 years, Sumamed has proven its effectiveness and safety in treating angina in many countries of Europe and Russia.
  2. It consists of components that are able to suppress the development of pathogens, in contrast to cephalosporins and penicillin.
  3. After receiving it dissolves quickly and accumulates in the tonsils, which allows you to take it 1 p. per day, providing easy implementation of the full course of treatment recommended by the doctor. Due to its unique pharmacological properties Sumamed enough to take within 3 days, as indicated in the instructions of the drug.
  4. Sumamed has high security due to the small number of side effects, including the interaction with other drugs. The drug does not adversely affect the intestinal flora and oral cavity.
  5. It has an optimal ratio - efficiency-quality-cost, as well as a wide variety of forms for adults and children.

Sumamed for sore throat in children

Sumamed is a fairly effective drug in the treatment of angina compared to others. It is available both in suspension and in the form of tablets. The course of treatment of angina in children is 5 days. His take 1 p. per day, which is very convenient in treating children. The dose is determined very simply: 10 mg of Sumamed is prescribed for 1 kg of a child. This dose is taken within 3 days, after which it increases in 2 p. It is best to give the drug to the child a few hours after a meal or for 1 hour.

Sumamed is not prescribed to children up to 6 months, and children up to the age of 16 are also not given injections with this medicine.. In the treatment of angina in children, it should be remembered that, despite all the positive properties, Sumamed is a strong antibiotic, so it should be taken only after being prescribed by a doctor.. In no case should this drug be used if the child has angina next time.

Sumamed: contraindications

Sumamed can not be taken for renal and hepatic failure, individual intolerance. In pregnancy, it can be taken if the possible benefit far exceeds the risk. Not recommended in case of arrhythmia, lactation and newborn. Side effects of Sumamed include diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, loss of appetite, gastritis. Headache, dizziness, drowsiness, neurosis, sleep disturbance may occur. There is a risk of allergic reactions: urticaria, itching of the skin, rash.

Sometimes, for the treatment of angina, doctors prescribe antibiotic Sumamed, but before that, they necessarily send the patient to take tests: a smear from the pharynx to determine the microflora and sensitivity to the drug. Since any antibiotics have a very strong effect on the human body, especially a child, it is best to stop a sore throat at the first signs of its appearance than to use such a serious drug that weakens the immune system. But if you could not cope with a sore throat at the initial stage, then you shouldn’t delay a visit to the doctor, especially if the child is ill.

Only a competent specialist can prescribe an effective treatment and prevent possible complications after a sore throat. Take care of yourself and do not self-medicate!