Modern women, after watching glossy magazines with slim models, popular medical programs that give out tips on proper nutrition, begin to limit sugar consumption in the whole family. This has its advantages, but also its disadvantages - without sugar at all, it is impossible. To the aid come various sweeteners, of which a huge amount. Sometimes their use is not just a whim, but a necessity.

Instructions for use Sucrasite sweetener

Instructions for use Sucrasite sweetener

Sucrasite is one of the most common sugar substitutes, which is made on the basis of synthetic sugar - saccharin. According to the instructions for use, one tablet Sukrazita equals 1 tsp. regular sugar. The product instantly dissolves not only in water, but in thick foods - porridges, mousses, mashed potatoes and jelly.

Sucrasite is not afraid of boiling water, which allows it to be widely used in cooking. Products prepared with this sugar substitute can be frozen, re-boiled - the taste will not change, dangerous reactions will not occur. The only thing, it is not used in baking.

The composition of Sucrazite includes baking soda (more than 50%), saccharin (about 20%) and fumaric acid.

What is the harm and benefit of Sucrezite?

Doctors recommend Sucrezit, as a dietary supplement for individuals who want to limit their sugar intake. Compared with other sugar substitutes, Sukrazite has a record-low concentration of carcinogens (cyclomats).

A significant advantage of the use of the drug is the small size of the tablets, fast soluble ability. Ideal for travelers, as a small jar of Sucrazite, in fact, replaces 5 kg (!) Of sugar.

What is the harm and benefit of Sucrezite?

For girls who constantly exhaust themselves with diets in pursuit of the perfect figure, this sugar substitute will also be enjoyed. But still they should not be abused, the maximum permitted dose should not exceed 0.6 gr. In addition, the most obvious advantage of Sucrazite is its low calorie content.

Harm from the use of this sweetener is not noticed, but overdose can cause negative consequences. Excessive consumption of Sucrazite is hardly useful. The fact is that the drug deceives the human body - impulses are sent to the brain that carbohydrates have entered the body, but in fact they simply do not exist. As a result, an insatiable hunger is formed, which gradually goes into a chronic stage. It is proved that the increased portions have practically no effect on the feeling of hunger, in this way, quite quickly there is excess weight.

The fact that the uncontrolled use of sugar substitutes can affect the work of immunity is not for the better, provoke the development of allergic reactions. Disruptions in the work of the endocrine glands, the liver, etc. can also be formed. Under the categorical prohibition of Sucrezit in women in the position of nursing mothers and children.

Many Western countries have imposed a ban on artificial sugar substitutes, and Sukrazit is among them. The ban was justified by the fact that there is a risk of serious complications if the recommendations for use are not followed.

Sucrezit: product reviews by doctors

Sucrezit: product reviews by doctors

Despite all possible harm, saccharin is still allowed in most countries.. But still, before using sweeteners in people with diabetes, you should consult with a specialist.

Due to the minimum, but still the content of carcinogenic substances in the composition of Sukrazit, it is forbidden to use it on an empty stomach. Also not recommended to use sweeteners without carbohydrate foods.

It should be noted that carbohydrates can be of 2 types - easily digestible (sweets) and ordinary. The doctors' advice does not boil down to the fact that you can eat a piece of cake, but at the same time, you must drink tea with a sugar substitute. Not. Doctors recommend drinks with Sucrazite combined with regular carbohydrates - dry crackers, bread or pasta.

Sometimes sugar substitutes can be a "disservice", instead of real benefits they can bring substantial harm - creating chronic hunger and, as a result, obesity. For these reasons, in order to use Sucracite is actually safe for the body, it is necessary to follow all the recommendations.