Su jok therapy for children and adults at home

One of the popular trends of alternative medicine is the Onnuri system (translated from English as an abbreviation "cure, accessible to everyone"). Its principles are based on the healing of various ailments by restoring the balance of energy. To do this, apply the ancient knowledge of the universe, nature, man.

One of the directions of such medicine is suck jock therapy. At home it is quite possible to carry out a set of procedures that promote health according to the original oriental method. But you need to take a course and acquire certain devices.

Su-Jok therapy: what is it?

Su-Jok therapy: what is it?

In the treasury of world knowledge about human health, the ancient teachings of physicians in the East are of great value. Based on them, sukhok therapy was created with the addition of modern acupuncture advances. It is one of the practical branches of Onnuri medicine. The invention of the technique belongs to Professor Park Zhe Wu (Korea). It began to be used in 1986, and since then this oriental treatment technology has gained many fans all over the world.

Any procedure of such a system is to influence the so-called correspondence points. They are located on the hand (in Korean "su") and on the foot (in Korean, "Jock"). Each point is responsible for communication with one or another internal organ. If the body fails, then the corresponding place on the hand and foot becomes painful. The correct influence on the chosen points helps to get rid of various diseases.

What will help to be treated?

Su Jok therapy at home

Su Jok therapy at home can be performed using:

  • massage;
  • magnetic therapy;
  • seed therapy;
  • light therapy;
  • color therapy;
  • heat (use wormwood and juniper cigars);
  • items at hand (for example, a small pebble or metal ball).
  • For effective treatment using such an oriental method, there are special tools.

Thus, the massage ball is popular in the home-jock therapy. This device stimulates the biologically active points of the hands. Thanks to everyday use of the massager, prevention of heart and vascular diseases, headaches, and arterial pressure disorders is carried out. Balls for this recovery come in different colors - thus, elements of color therapy are also involved. Man, guided by intuition, chooses "his" color decision, which will affect his health most effectively.

Other tools of art su-jok:

Tools for su-jok therapy

  • massagers;
  • microneedles;
  • moxa (special cigars for heating bio points);
  • magnets;
  • stones;
  • metal stars.

In this alternative medicine, natural stimulants are actively used. To the points on the hands and feet put the seeds of various plants. Certain leaves and stems, petals and fruits, needles and cuttings are also actively used.

Su-jok therapy at home

Su-jok therapy at home

Healers who know the art of su-jok argue that with the right impact on the points of conformity, many problems can be overcome. Treatment helps with:

  • disorders of the heart, circulatory system;
  • joint diseases;
  • respiratory diseases;
  • hormonal disorders;
  • disorders of the urinary organs;
  • Nervous loads, stresses.

Effectiveas Jock therapy for children and adults. Special techniques for babies develop speech, help improve sleep, solve the problem of involuntary urination. So, in order to correct the speech imperfections of the child, they affect the finger tips with massagers.

Specialists in this field of alternative medicine emphasize that su-jok at home can benefit anyone. But before embarking on therapy, it is necessary to complete a training course, to acquire important knowledge for effective recovery.

There are a number of contraindications to treatment using Su-Jok technology:

    • age up to 1 year and after 75 years;
    • pregnancy (starting from week 27);
    • neoplasms of different origin;
    • fever for unexplained reasons;
    • acute infectious diseases;
    • myocardial infarction;
    • acute forms of psychosis;
    • a serious condition caused by cardiopulmonary insufficiency.

Su Jok therapy is a popular health promotion technology using knowledge of the energy balance and specially created devices. By acting on certain points of the hand or foot, you can positively influence the work of specific internal organs. There are many methods of exposure and stimulants, but tools of natural origin (stones, plants, moxa) are especially actively used. The human body recovers health by restoring harmony with the nature of the Earth and the whole Universe.

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