Striplasty at home


Striplasty is quite a fashionable modern trend. It is impossible to call this direction a dance in its purest form. Striptease is aerobics and sensual dance.. It is worth noting that this is not a striptease, because here the emphasis is not on undressing, but on the ability to move nicely. However, not every girl decides to go on courses striptease. An elementary sense of shame can interfere - feeling ugly, inflexible, incapable of anything, and also dissatisfaction with one's figure. That is why many prefer do homework at home. How is this possible and what is needed for this?

What you need to practice striptease at home?

There are necessary things that will be useful to you during homework.

  • Full-length mirror. Take the money and buy yourself such a mirror! After all, only with such a mirror, you can see yourself completely. You will be able to observe the movements of the arms and legs, to see what you are doing right and what is not. Over time, when you gain more experience, the need for such a mirror will disappear, unless you enjoy admiring your beautiful dance.

  • Video Course. It will be needed in any case. No pictures and descriptions will explain to you what and how to do. Only watching a video on strip, You will learn to repeat the movement. Such video courses can be purchased at the store, taken from someone or found on the Internet.
  • Room Of course, you will need a place where you could calmly study. This should be a place where access by others without your consent is excluded. For example, your room.
  • Clothing. Of course, you can practice in your usual home clothes. But striptease suggests the image of a vamp. And this means that tight leggings and a short T-shirt suit well. Do not forget the shoes. You can, of course, be engaged in barefoot, but it is better if you are wearing shoes with heels. And, of course, makeup - the more passionate and sensual it will be, the faster you can plunge into the image of a seductive woman.
  • A wish. Despite the fact that desire is an intangible thing that could be touched, you will agree that if you start practicing without desire, you are unlikely to make a beautiful dance.

Why striptease is useful for women?

  • Striptease is not only a pleasant activity, but also useful! Doing striptease at home, you learn to liberate, and much easier to overcome all their complexes. Stripe helps to open up.
  • Stripping - excellent alternative to sports. For most, sport is boring and monotonous performance of the same movements. In turn, striptease is a sensual dance that will help not only to lose weight, but also to refine the figure, strengthen the muscles, make the body more flexible. You do not need to swing the press or squat, you will sharpen the figure, having fun!
  • When you practice striping, posture becomes more correct, while maintaining for a long time!
  • Being engaged in a strip, you become more self-confident, more attractive to the opposite sex. A self-confident woman is like a magnet.
  • When you start to practice striptease, you will notice that you began to feel music, its rhythm, better. Agree, this is important! After all, moving to the beat of the music is beautiful - art!

How to do striplasty at home?

AT video strip tutorial The basic movements used in the dance will be shown. Gradually, when you learn to perform these exercises perfectly, you will be able to combine the individual elements into one dance. It is not necessary to follow the video instructor exactly to the letter. Having learned the basic exercises, you can make your own individual dance! Most often, beginners are offered to study four types of dance: simple dance, dance with a chair, dance in a shirt and dance with a tie.

Of course, in the classroom at home has its advantages. This is the fact that you can set your own schedule of classes, and that you feel completely free, knowing that no one is looking at you. Therefore, if you really want to engage in striptease, do not deny yourself or your body such a pleasure!

Still more about strip tease You can read in the article Strip-plastic for female beauty.

I wish you success!

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