Stretching basics

Do you stare enviously at flexible dancers? With what grace they make any movements, lift their legs high and sit on the splits. Sighing sadly, do you think that you only dream of such a stretch, and you had to start training from childhood? This is not so, a good stretch is not a dream, any woman can achieve it. But for a couple of lessons you will not get noticeable results, months of regular training take up the development of flexibility!

Stretching rules

  1. Muscles must be warm. Heated muscles are much better stretchable, so before classes it is useful to take a warm, even hot bath. Instead of a bath, you can perform a good warm-up with physical exercises - these are leg outs, running, jumping and bending. It is also important that the room was warm, if you can not provide such a temperature, then dress better before training - warm socks, an olympic shirt and warm pants will do.
  2. Do not make sudden movements.. Any movement should be done smoothly, watching your breathing, otherwise you can damage the muscles. Each exercise should be done to the maximum, as far as you can tolerate. It is very important to be able to relax while stretching and not to concentrate on unpleasant sensations. Imagine yourself in a pleasant atmosphere, it is useful to introduce yourself to the sea - it is very soothing, in general, think about what you like. Be patient for three minutes, then you can start another exercise. When your muscles are already stretched enough, you can increase the stretching time to 10 minutes for each exercise.
  3. You can often find such advice that stretching should not be painful and with unpleasant sensations, classes should be stopped. This is a big mistake, if you decide to make yourself a good stretch, then the pain is not going anywhere. Just as with physical exercises without fatigue, you will not achieve the desired result. If you experience pain during training, and after some time in the muscles you feel tension and twitching, then you have worked well and your muscles stretch.
  4. Be patient. Nothing happens just like that and in order to develop good flexibility you will have to sweat a lot. Sometimes it happens that even persistent training does not give the desired result and the person despairs and gives up all the classes, although you only had to wait a bit and the effect would soon manifest.
  5. Do not chase the result, it will come, but not immediately. Much more important is your own health, which should be protected, and not shove all the exercises in one step. Muscles can warm up well in one evening, and in the morning you do not repeat what you did. But this is not a reason for despair, just need some time to the muscles accustomed to stretching.
  6. Trainer classes. Often, in order to stretch well, external pressure is required, which you alone cannot provide. In this case, the coach will help you, who will gently pull you, but your body should be trusted only by professionals, since an inexperienced person can push you too hard and a sprain will occur.

Why is stretching important?

  • Stretching is, above all, flexibility, and flexibility is plasticity and grace. What you agree is very important, especially for the girl: the way she walks, dances and looks like.
  • Flexibility is not only beauty, but also health. Poor flexibility of the whole body adversely affects the vertebral part, which naturally worsens the general state of health. Even if you are not actively involved in sports and dancing, it is helpful to do stretching to keep your muscles toned. Attention when stretching for "health" should be paid to the trapezius muscles, chest muscles, lower back muscles and thigh muscles, especially the back surface.

  • If stretching is also useful for ordinary people, then talking about those who are fond of sports, dancing or martial arts, stretching is simply necessary for them. Classes for athletes usually take place with a large scale of muscles, which, with poor flexibility, is fraught with injuries.
  • Stretching can be done both separately and at the beginning of each workout to prepare the muscles for work. 5-10 minutes to warm up will be enough.
  • It is also very important at the end of any workout to do the final stretching. It should be done for several reasons: the muscles that have worked hard at the workout require relaxation, so you yourself move away from the high rate of exercise and return to normal rhythm, and the final stretching removes the harmful lactic acid from the muscles and reduces the effects of pain after exercise.
  • During stretching occurs the release of somatropin in the body. Somatropin is a hormone that is responsible for endurance and helps build muscle.

Stretching is a great way to relieve stress, gaining female sexuality and grace. Overcoming the pain in training, you can achieve excellent results!

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