Strength training for women

You have firmly decided to do strength training and are already ready to start classes. But when you come to the gym, you will encounter a lot of questions - where to start, how many repetitions to do for each exercise, and how much weight you should take for beginners. To make yourself a correct training program, you can use the services of a fitness trainer or buy a training video course, then having figured out the workouts you can already do everything yourself without any help. Now let's look at the basic rules of strength training.

The load should not be too light

Strength exercises have their effect when the body resists stress. If you do exercises without much difficulty, there will be little sense from this. Doing the load with overcoming and increasing the number of repetitions, you will avoid the addiction of the body to a certain load. That is, you should deal with so that your strength is enough only for the calculated number of repetitions. At the end of all the repetitions of the exercise, your strength should almost run out.

Increase the intensity

The body has the ability to adapt to the proposed load and then does not respond to it, so you should slightly increase the intensity and number of repetitions with each lesson, if you feel that the load is too strong, then for a while stop with the addition of the load. Then re-make changes to your regular program.

Develop an individual program

You must clearly understand what you expect from a workout. If you just want to build muscle mass, then do a workout with more weight and achieve the maximum number of repetitions, if you want to focus on some part of the body, then pay more attention to it. And if you have a goal to lose weight, then perform all types of exercises with weighting and without it.

Have a rest

Too frequent exercise will do more harm than good. Muscles need at least a day's rest to get rid of harmful lactic acid and recover.

The main points of strength training

  1. Before any workout, it is important to do a warm-up in order to properly warm up the muscles of the body. So the muscles will become warm and be ready for stress. It also affects the trauma of the muscles, in the unheated state there is a risk of injury or pulling the muscles. You can warm up by jogging, squatting or doing a couple of simple exercises from your main complex.
  2. When lifting large weights, do not make jerky movements, try to do everything slowly and smoothly. Watch your breath and do not hold it. At the beginning of the exercise, inhale and at the end exhale. Weight lifting should not occur through harsh pain and an incredible overcoming of yourself, do not take an example from the men it is permissible for them, but not for women.
  3. Always remember your posture and keep your back straight. Otherwise, with a hunched back, you will not do the exercises in full force.

Exercises for strength training

Beginners can choose several movements from each group, so that the whole complex consists of 10-12 exercises.

  • Exercises on the shoulders- it is lifting dumbbells over your head, lifting weights to the side and forward.
  • On the back- weights for one arm, a simulator for sitting exercises jerking, lifting weights in a sitting position, stretching the spinal muscles.
  • On the chest- push-ups from the floor, simulators for chest muscles, push-ups from the bench.
  • On triceps, biceps and quadriceps- exercises on simulators for arms and legs, rotation by biceps, the return turn and push-ups of a hand. For legs squats, lunges left-right and in different directions.
  • On press- lifting the press up, turning the press, pumping the press in the side position on the simulator, the position of the bar.

If you forget to pay attention to one of the parts, this can lead to an imbalance and noticeable imbalances in the figure.

Basically, for each exercise, 8-10 repetitions are done, if you want to develop endurance in yourself, then you can do 15 repetitions. It is better if at each workout you will focus on a single muscle group and do these exercises until you feel very tired.

Strength training goals

  • If you want to lose weight, then perform each exercise in three sets of 10-12 repetitions. In this case, do not forget that the weight should be such that in the end you do the exercises with great effort.

  • If you want to increase the mass, then perform more than three sets of 6-8 repetitions, until you feel very tired. Beginners should increase the number of repetitions not immediately, but after a few weeks of regular training.
  • If you just want to improve your health and health, then do 1-3 sets of 12-16 repetitions.

Strength training at home

Of course, it is better to do strength exercises in the gym, where you have all the necessary simulators for this, which means that the workouts will be more diverse, but if you want to do at home, then you need to buy sports equipment for this:

  1. Dumbbells - the most basic equipment for strength training. Dumbbells are relatively inexpensive, along with them you can buy a bar with sporting pancakes, an exercise ball and a small exercise bench.
  2. Expanders - they will be located in any bag, and you can get them at any convenient moment and be trained.

How to determine the desired weight?

  • Large muscles are those that usually catch your eye immediately - these are the muscles of the hips, buttocks, back and chest. They are best trained with heavier weights. And the small muscles of the arms, shoulders and abs require shells with less weight.
  • Beginners should focus on more repetitions of the exercise than on more weight.
  • Keep in mind that on the simulator we can lift more weight than if we work with a barbell or dumbbells. This is due to the fact that when lifting dumbbells only one arm or leg works, and when working on simulators both limbs work. Therefore, if we lift weights with a weight of 7 kg, then we can lift twice as much on the simulator - 14 kg.
  • In general, to determine your ideal weight, you can do it yourself after several trainings, guided by your sensations when doing the exercises.

Let the training will be your only joy, and your body every day became more seductive!

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