Starving to learn ayurveda


Harmful habits, unbalanced diet, stress, and some other factors often lead to attenuation of the digestive fire (agni), the natural cycle of which is a prerequisite for good health. A feeling of fatigue, overweight or underweight, constipation, heartburn and other disorders of the gastrointestinal tract is constantly evidencing its violation. When agni weakens, and the food ceases to be digested properly, its undigested part begins to accumulate in the gastric tract and turns into ama. This poisonous substance not only pollutes the intestines, but also poisons the entire human body. In this case, Ayurveda recommends the use of therapeutic fasting, since this method contributes to agni agni and natural release from poisons. However, using fasting for cleansing purposes, it is important to remember that fasting should be stopped immediately after appetite has been restored. Otherwise, prolonged abstinence from eating can seriously harm agni.

As a result of a well-starved fast, the tongue becomes pink and clear (plaque on the tongue is the first sign of ama's accumulation in the body), digestion is activated, fullness of energy and clarity of consciousness are felt.

Ayurveda recommends fasting for some ailments, in particular, for arthritis pain, constipation, fever (including acute), as well as for getting rid of parasites and for general slagging of the body.

Spice Fasting

Ayurveda recommends taking during the fasting some spices, in particular, ginger, all kinds of pepper, cinnamon, fennel cardamom. The fact is that the main task of the body during fasting is to purify from toxins, so it is important that agni burn brightly and, for lack of food, burn poisons in the intestine. To stimulate this process, warming spices are used. Ginger and other herbs are best taken in the form of tea (ginger powder can be poured with boiling water), and the rest of the spices - just drink water. Doctors recommend starting with 1/3 tsp. spices and gradually bring it up to 1 tsp. in a day.

Fasting for people with Vata Prakriti

People with this constitution should preferably fast in a warm and humid climate, while the entrance should be as soft as possible: one day before fasting, you should eliminate heavy foods from the diet, take warm and slightly oily vegetarian food.

It is categorically not recommended to abstain from eating Vata for more than three days, because fasting gives lightness to the body, which is already abundant in the dosha. There is an opinion that Vata fasting cannot be useful because ama accumulates in her for the most part “crazy”, which should be healed. If you still decide to fast, give preference to dry hunger and spend it very carefully, avoid excessive loads, stress and mental stress. If you are starving for juices, then keep in mind that your grape is most often shown on your doshe. It should be taken no more than a liter per day, after having diluted 1: 1 with water.

Fasting for people with Pita Prakriti

A person with Pita Prakriti can go hungry without harm to health for no more than 5 days in a row and no more than once every two weeks. Especially favorable posts in warm and humid weather. At the same time it is necessary to observe the water mode - to drink enough warm water. Otherwise, there may be a variety of biliary disorders, insomnia, menstrual disorders in women, dizziness and irritability. When fasting on juices, people from Pita-Prakriti should make a choice in favor of pomegranate juice, it fits this way most of all.

Fasting for people with Kapha Prakriti

Kapha is the only dosha for which periodic abstinence from food for more than 3 days is really necessary for maintaining health. In addition, fasting can be successfully used for weight loss, in this case, dry fasting is especially useful.

People with this prakriti are supposed to starve in the hot and dry season, because at this time the metabolic processes are best restored and the mucus is removed.

Kapha can go hungry every week for 48 hours, not forgetting about an active lifestyle, the maximum fasting period for it is 40 days. The latter is tolerated quite well and does not cause any particular ailments. With each new day of famine, Kapha-dosha will feel easier, more open and freer. Juice fasting people with this prakriti should conduct only apple juice.

Understanding their own experience of starvation, as well as mistakes made, led me to the main conclusions: fasting must be carried out after cleansing procedures and combined with high physical activity.

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