Spur on the heel

The heel bone has the most strokes and pressure. The formation of a pathological growth on its surface is called the heel spur. The result of its development can be severe pain in the back of the foot, especially when standing or walking. Let us see if it helps in a situation where a spur on the heel has formed, iodine treatment.

Spur Heel Treatment

Spur Heel Treatment

This pathological condition of the heels is observed mainly in people who have stepped over the fortieth year, and the statistics show that men have a greater predisposition to this disease. Favorable factors for the formation of a spur on the heel are:

  • excess weight;
  • arthritis;
  • spinal disorders;
  • flat feet;
  • heel injury;
  • gout;
  • circulatory problems in the lower limbs;
  • sports, leading to prolonged loads on the heels.

Treatment in uncomplicated cases is conservative in nature and is primarily aimed at removing the inflammatory processes in the soft tissues around the growth and at reducing pain. Therapy includes:

  • foot correction;
  • use of heel linings;
  • physiotherapeutic procedures: massage, rubbing, mud, mineral baths;
  • radiotherapy;
  • ultrasound therapy;
  • low intensity laser therapy;
  • topical use of steroid hormones.

Surgical removal of bone calcaneal spur is used in the absence of results in the treatment of conservative methods.

Iodine is the perfect remedy

Spur on the heel: iodine treatment at home

When discomfort appears in the heel area and even if the diagnosis is known, most of us use popular knowledge and advice to alleviate pain and correct the pathological situation. In this case, a good helper is alcohol iodine. Its advantages are affordability and cheap cost.

Regular use of compresses, rubbing and baths with iodine will make the pain recede and reduce inflammation in the tissues. However, you should pay attention to contraindications. These include:

  • pregnancy;
  • hypersensitivity to iodine;
  • hemorrhagic diathesis.

Iodide net

The simplest folk remedy used to treat heel spurs is the iodide net. When applied to a sore heel, it will help reduce unpleasant pain.

Iodine compresses

Consider how to treat a spur on the heel at home with iodine compresses. Here are some recipes.

Recipe number 1:

  1. Mix salt - 1 tsp., Honey - 1 tbsp. l., two vials of an iodine alcohol solution of 25 ml.
  2. Apply the mixture to gauze and apply to the heel. Top cover with a piece of polyethylene and fix.
  3. Compress leave for the night. The procedure requires regular use.

Recipe number 2:

how to treat a spur on the heel at home with iodine compresses

  1. Prepare the necessary components: 5% iodine solution - 10 ml, aspirin - 5 tablets.
  2. We press the tablets into powder, mix thoroughly with iodine and let it stand for a day in a cold place without access of light. Apply the mixture on a bandage or gauze and apply to the heel.
  3. Covering with polyethylene, we fix the compress and wrap a shawl.


Recipe number 1:

  1. Prepare the following ingredients: iodine solution 5% 25 ml - 2 pcs., Valerian tincture 25 ml - 2 pcs., Cologne "Triple" - 1 bottle, red hot pepper - 5 pcs.
  2. Pepper should be ground and mixed with the rest of the ingredients, and then the resulting mixture insist 48 hours in a glass dish in a dark place.
  3. Pounding limb need before night rest.

Recipe number 2:

  1. Prepare the following ingredients: analgin - 3 tablets, aspirin - 3 tablets, iodine solution 25 ml - 1 pc.
  2. The tablets should be crushed, and the powder added to the iodine solution and shaken well.
  3. After 24 hours, rubbing before bedtime should be plentifully applied to the heel. The procedure should be carried out once a week.

Baths and lotions:

  • Pour iodine solution into glass or ceramic dishes. For 10 minutes, place a sore heel into it. Steaming should be done daily during the week.
  • Add a solution of iodine to the basin with hot water: 25 drops per 5 liters. Sick heel need to steam out for 20 minutes. The procedure is completed by rubbing rubbing. The course is a month.
  • Baking soda 1 tbsp. l dissolve in 3 liters of hot water, then add 2 tbsp. l iodine and steam out the heel for a quarter of an hour. Complete the procedure by applying an iodine grid on the affected area. The course of treatment is 2 weeks. It is possible to repeat it after a seven-day break.

Preventive measures

For the prevention of the occurrence or recurrence of the heel spur, physicians recommend to lead an active lifestyle, but in any case not to overload the foot. In addition, do not allow and treat in time the omission of its longitudinal and transverse arches. Control your weight and avoid injury. As a procedure to prevent the appearance of spurs, you can use massage and compresses with iodine.

Folk remedies in the treatment of spurs on the heel are able to give results only after a long time. And then doctors often challenge the effectiveness of such treatment. If discomfort or pain appears, you should go to the hospital, where the doctor will order the necessary studies, and according to their results and procedures.

It is impossible to diagnose oneself without having a professional medical education. This can harm you and aggravate the existing situation, lead to a state where conservative treatment does not give proper results and surgical intervention is required. Take care of yourself!

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