Spruce oil - a doctor and a savior from loneliness


Evergreen beauty can do a lot: ointments, decoctions, juice, smoke, oil. About the latter and will be discussed.

Start your spruce day with general information, and then you can indulge yourself with amenities like spruce tea and bath.

Oil acts unmatched on emotions and mental state - nervousness, overstrain, depression, fatigue disappear. Also saves you from loneliness and uplifting. If we talk about the cosmetological effects of fir oil, then with its help you will get rid of such problems as: pustular rash, sweating, hair loss, dandruff. Perfectly rejuvenates the skin, stimulates the immune system. Promotes rapid correction after illness, relieves swelling.

The healing effect of fir oil

In folk medicine, fir has been used since ancient times. Broth young spruce and its cones can treat scurvy, edema and hepatitis. Regular needles - edible product. To prepare a vitamin drink, rinse and boil for half an hour in a sealed container. After cooling, add cranberry juice and can enjoy a vitamin cocktail.

Essential oil goes well with mandarin oil, rosewood, ylang-ylang, red orange and lemon balm. Therefore, when aromatherapy do not hesitate to mix these oils, you will like it. If we talk about the dosage, it is standard - from 3 to 5 drops per 15 square meters. meters

For baths, you can take 7 drops, if you like. Only for better distribution you will need to mix it with a spoonful of salt or honey. You can relax in such a bath for 20 minutes. It is not much, but in such rare cases, when you can lie down in solitude, it is an eternity. Your body will have time to relax and cheer up.

Precautions when using spruce oil

But if you decide to arrange yourself spa treatment, call girlfriends and arrange yourself a minisauna, then be careful. You can drip spruce little on the stones, but you need to follow this. Stones should not be red-hot - oil ate easily ignites. It is logical not to store bottles of essential oil eaten in the sauna room. Immediately recall the precautions. Essential oil spruce is prohibited to use in its pure form, like any other oil. It causes allergies, then care is needed. Pregnant women are also prohibited from using it. And ideally, it is better to consult an aromatherapist and apply a tolerance test before use.

Spruce oil for healthy hair

Hair - feminine beauty and strength, if you want to have a mane of a lion, refer to the spruce branches. For greasy hair there is recipe for a good rinse. To do this, four tablespoons of pine needles are poured with boiling water, boiled over low heat, cooled to the temperature of the human body, and are actively struggling with fat. And with dandruff and hair loss shampoo cope: 6 drops of fir oil mixed with 20 grams of cream, gel or shampoo. Rinse your head. After washing, a rinse - does not hurt.

Inhalation and rubbing oil ate

For colds, it makes sense to do inhalations based on fir oil - dissolve two drops per glass of not very hot water and breathe in the container for 10 minutes.

Feet sweating is a very intimate problem. It is solved easily and simply by rubbing oil on spruce. Dilute 5 drops in 10 ml of vodka and rub feet at bedtime. You can do this procedure every 3 days, no more.

After you enjoy the aroma of spruce in the sauna, from the aroma lamp or rinse, you can drink a seagull, the same spruce. To do this, a glass of herbal tea will need 3 drops of oil. Such tea relaxes, especially after the procedures.

So your spruce day Finished, hope you enjoyed. The next day of rest can be anything: vanilla or apricot. Only you decide!

Especially for womeninahomeoffice.com.ru- Anna