Spray "miramistin" for children

How many medicinal sprays for children exist today! And for almost every one of them, any pharmacist will find you a cheap equivalent. The only universal and unique drug is considered spray "Miramistin" for children. What is it for? Are there any contraindications and side effects? All parents want to know the answers to these questions.

Difficult instruction available language

The child hurt his knee

Your child hurt his knee and you need to urgently treat the wound? Or maybe the baby picked up a sore throat in the garden? Instructions to the antibacterial spray for children "Miramistin" argues that the tool is easy to cope with such problems. The drug has a fairly simple composition, but the range of application is huge. By its principle of exposure, a spray can easily compete with green paint or iodine that is familiar to us, and besides, it does not leave marks on the skin.

The principle of action of "Miramistin" is very simple: its main task is to destroy bacteria and viruses. Unlike other complex sprays, it acts on microbes selectively, thereby preserving the integrity of the microflora of the mucous membrane and affecting the cells minimally.

From a number of advantages of the drug can distinguish its special structure. Spray tasteless and colorless. You also will not find perfumed perfumes in it, which means that the child will not resist treatment.

According to the official instructions for use, spray for children "Miramistin" will be effective in such diseases as:

  • acute sinusitis, laryngitis, pharyngitis;
  • chronic sinusitis and runny nose;
  • otitis;
  • angina;
  • stomatitis and small inflammations of the oral mucosa;
  • birth trauma;
  • thermal and chemical burns;
  • SARS.

With the help of the solution "Miramistin" you can make home inhalations and even add the agent to the nebulizer. Actively use this drug in pediatric gynecology.

Such a wide range of actions, as well as loyalty to cells and tissues, has led to the fact that the product has no age limit and can be used for both infants and adults. Plus, you can note the fact that the spray is good not only during periods of treatment of diseases, but also for prevention.

How much, where and how?


The drug "Miramistin" on sale can be found in two versions: in the form of a jar with a solution and spray with an additional tube. The tube is extremely useful when it is necessary to handle hard-to-reach places, such as the nose or throat. It is not necessary to dilute the solution with anything else. After purchase, the drug is ready for use, which greatly simplifies its use.

Depending on the need for treatment of a disease, spray "Miramistin" is used:

  • If you suddenly get sick of your nose, it will be more convenient to treat mucous membranes with the help of a tube. But be careful: the spray “Miramistin” cannot be used by a child under 3 years old for this purpose, as burns can appear on the mucous membrane.
  • In sore throat, pharyngitis and tonsillitis make the solution for rinsing. To do this, the drug must be diluted with water.
  • For the treatment of mouth ulcers, stomatitis and gum disease, you can rinse your mouth with a spray. And if the baby still does not know how to do this, treat the mucous membrane with a cotton swab dipped in a solution.
  • Bruises, cuts and abrasions can be treated with a cotton pad or just sprinkle the wound surface with a spray.
  • In order to disinfect skin rashes and inflammations, it is enough to regularly wipe the affected areas with a solution.
  • Spray "Miramistin" for children is often used in the treatment of irritated throat, affected by prolonged dry cough. It is necessary to sprinkle the oral cavity three times with the solution.

If the principle of the use of the drug in a given situation is not clear to you, do not hesitate to ask the attending pediatrician for the dosage and details, because your child’s health is at stake.

You can use, but with the mind


Spray for children "Miramistin" gathered very diverse reviews. Those who have repeatedly used it in their practice of home treatment of the baby, do not represent a first aid kit without him. Some mothers with hot enthusiasm use the spray at every opportunity and for the prevention of acute respiratory viral infections in acute seasons. Others do not buy the drug because of the fear of harming the child. Which of them is right? Doctors say the first.

What are the negative sides of the spray? In fact, the agent has relatively few side effects:

  • Caution should be used "Miramistin" for children up to a year and only upon doctor's prescription;
  • you should be careful when spraying the nasal cavity, especially for small children, because the drug can leave chemical burns;
  • in rare cases, the child may feel a burning sensation in the area of ​​application of the medicine, but usually it goes away on its own in literally 10-20 seconds;
  • Some particularly sensitive babies may experience an allergic reaction.

There is one more limitation, although the official instruction is silent about it. Pediatricians do not recommend using a spray for the treatment of ophthalmologic diseases, and in case of contact with the eyes it is advised to immediately wash off the remains with water.

In all other respects, there are no contraindications. Due to the fact that the solution is practically not absorbed into the skin and does not harm the cells, it is recommended even during pregnancy and lactation.

What do we have from the information received? Miramistin is the best antiseptic and disinfectant drug. It has a wide range of applications and very few side effects. The active ingredients of the drug are absolutely safe even for babies, and for adults so much so. Therefore, we conclude: to use "Miramistin" on the recommendation of a doctor is possible and even necessary. Let your baby grow healthy and strong!

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