Spiral mirena


Most women are aware that the intrauterine device can be used as protection against unwanted pregnancy. But it is worth noting that at the present time there are spirals that have a therapeutic effect in the event of the emergence of such a female disease as endocentriosis.

Mirena Spiral Description

Mirena Spiral Description

The Mirena intrauterine therapeutic coil includes a white elastomer core, which is located on the T-shaped case, and it is responsible for the release of an active substance such as progestogen levonorgestrel.

For a long time, doctors have proven that this coil can cure endometriosis. The intrauterine system is introduced into the uterus and the drug contained in it begins its active action. The term of administration is up to 5 years, during which time progestins remove the inflammatory processes that have arisen, as well as inhibit the growth and development of open foci of the endometrium. The case of the helix has a thread on one side, thanks to it the helix is ​​painlessly removed.

How to cure endometriosis using Mirena system?

According to the patient reviews, Mirena Spiral is excellent in helping uterus endometriosis and others. Most of them say that when the helix is ​​used, the menstrual cycle returns to normal, the bleeding becomes less abundant, and the pain is much less.

It should be noted and the fact that after the doctor establishes the spiral, the woman may increase bleeding, but after 3 rounds of blood loss will be reduced, as the menstruation is completely settled. In some cases, menstruation stops for some time, with endomatosis it is normal, since it is cyclical changes that provoke the appearance of this disease.

In conclusion, it should be added that the Mirena helix, in the opinion of most patients and doctors, is an effective method for treating such a serious disease as endometriosis. And she, most often, does not cause negative consequences. But to put or not to put this intrauterine device, only the attending physician will decide after a full examination.