Spine pain between the shoulder blades. why hurts right and


I must admit honestly: we do not appreciate at all what nature has given us since birth. We do everything to harm the harmonious work of the body: eat wrong and sit, move a little. And once he begins to protest - there is pain in the spine between the shoulder blades. What is the reason, how to be treated and how dangerous is it?

“What is it with me there?”, Or why does it hurt and stab under the spatula?

Why hurts and stabs under the scapula

Back pain in the thoracic region is a common phenomenon that can indicate serious health problems. Even if you are far from medicine, then knowing why the spine hurts between the shoulder blades or in the subscapular region is useful, if only to choose a doctor to whom you should go for a consultation, and not to miss situations when urgent care is required.

Center of pain - pathology of the spinal column

If the spine hurts between the shoulder blades, then it is logical to assume that the problem lies in the diseases of the SLM. This is the most common reason. What pathologies can manifest such a sign and what will be the treatment strategy? The primary reasons are as follows.

Spinal injuries

Any mechanical effects on the vertebral trunk (falls, bruises, accidents) inevitably result in damage, dislocations, displacement of the vertebrae. At the same time, a person does not always consult a doctor, preferring to “rest in bed”. The consequence of such negligence are irreversible pathological processes in the spine. If the injury is serious, the treatment will be surgical at first; then have to go through a long period of rehabilitation.


Today, this disease "mows down" everybody. It develops in the zone of damage to the intervertebral discs - their inflammation, deformity, stratification begins. A factor that provokes the appearance of osteochondrosis is the deposition of calcium salts in the joints. This leads to loss of mobility of the vertebrae, compression, and pinching of the nerves (therefore, the back of the spine between the shoulder blades hurts). Elimination of this pathology will require patience and perseverance. The main focus will be on physiotherapy, exercise therapy, manual procedures, lifestyle correction.


Spinal curvature - a consequence of long sitting

Curvature of the spine - the result of long sitting (standing) in the wrong posture, carrying bags on one shoulder, illiterate weight lifting. If a person is constantly hunched, then the posture is broken, spasmodic muscles begin to pull the vertebral joints aside. If such diseases are found in a child, the prognosis will be more favorable. With the help of special exercises you can align the spine. An adult requires complex therapeutic measures, often the case ends with a surgical intervention.


The “round” back appears for the same reasons as scoliosis. If the disease is in the advanced stage, it will be necessary to use an orthopedic apparatus.

Herniated disc

A dangerous disease in which nerve fibers are damaged, and the joint is no longer mobile and ceases to function as a shock absorber. Massages and manual therapy for this disease is absolutely contraindicated. Treatment may be conservative or surgical.


With such a disease, degenerative changes (thinning, loss of elasticity) of the thoracic spine joints take place. Bone tissues are also involved in the pathological process. This provokes the formation of bone spines, which gives pain.


The main symptom of frozen shoulder syndrome is muscle stiffness and pain. Therapy will begin with local anesthesia (blockade). After it, prescribe anti-inflammatory drugs. Back pain between the shoulder blades: causes associated with other diseases.

Not only the "pillar of life", but also the internal organs are able to communicate about their illness through the pain in the spine between the shoulder blades. Causes are often associated with such diseases.

Heart disease

pain, which often gives in the central part of the back

The culprits of angina, coronary artery disease are violations in providing our internal "motor" with blood. This is signaled by pain, which often returns to the central part of the back at the level of the chest. Such diseases are treated with special preparations that improve the blood supply to the heart muscle.

Inflammation of the intercostal nerves

Neuralgia is difficult to confuse with something else. She "talks" about herself through the lumbago, which is encircling intense pain, which can be localized between the shoulder blades. The prescription list usually contains anti-inflammatory drugs, limiting exercise.

Pathological processes in the respiratory organs

Bilateral pneumonia and pleurisy, in addition to high fever, cough, shortness of breath, are characterized by back pain. This happens if the inflammatory process has developed closer to the back of the lung or pleura. Such pathologies are treated with antibiotics, and symptomatic therapy is applied.

Infectious diseases

The pain in the spine between the shoulder blades occurs in tuberculosis and polio, as there is a lesion of the bone structures. Treatment is based on the suppression of infectious agents.

Occupational diseases

Constant interscapular pain is a companion of people working as chauffeurs, seamstresses, etc. It affects those who suffer from connective tissue dysplasia (they have weak ligaments since birth).

What can cause pain between the shoulder blade and the spinal column on the left?

The warning sign is pain in the subscapular region on the left side. Most of the ailments in which it appears, threaten not only health, but also life. Pain syndrome under the left shoulder blade is noted with the defeat of such organs and systems:

  • heart and aorta - heart attack, ischemic heart disease, angina, pericarditis;
  • muscles, bones and joints - myositis, osteochondrosis, scoliosis, intervertebral hernia, fractures of the ribs, tuberculosis of the scapula;
  • CNS - neurosis, VSD;
  • respiratory organs - left-sided pneumonia, bronchitis, pleurisy.
  • the alimentary tract - an ulcer, lesion of the spleen, gastritis;
  • lymph nodes - malignant neoplasms with metastases in the axillary nodes;
  • nerve fibers - neuralgia.

Why does it hurt between the scapula and the spinal column on the right: about the causes and additional symptoms

Why hurt between the shoulder blade and the spine to the right

If it grabs on the right, many people tend to ignore sensations: it’s still not the heart. Meanwhile, the pain between the right shoulder blade and the spine is far from a harmless symptom. It can cause such diseases:

  • cervical or thoracic osteochondrosis. In parallel with the pain, the numbness of the right arm and fingers, muscle spasm, migraine, and dizziness can be troubling;
  • inflammation in the intervertebral space;
  • compression fracture of the thoracic vertebrae (often diagnosed with osteoporosis in the elderly);
  • intercostal neuralgia. The pain increases with movement and is shooting;
  • rib fracture (due to reduced bone strength or the presence of a tumor);
  • right lung inflammation. There are pulmonary manifestations;
  • problem in the stomach - ulcer, cholecystitis, pancreatitis.

Pain in the subscapularis zone or in the center of the back manifests many serious diseases. Their treatment requires medical expertise and professionalism. It makes no sense to describe all the subtleties of therapy, since an ordinary person will not be able to “prescribe” medications for himself. But he should listen to his feelings and seek help on time. Then not only the pain will go away, but the reason that caused it.