Sore throat when swallowing


Most laryngeal pathologies are accompanied by pain. The most common ailment is considered to be sore throat or tonsillitis. However, there are a number of other diseases, the development of which causes a sore throat when swallowing. Treatment of the disease depends solely on the cause of this symptom.

We look for the reason - we establish the diagnosis

why does a sore throat and a person hurt to swallow

To identify the reason why the throat hurts and it hurts the person to swallow, you need to undergo a full examination. Treatment specialists report that today there are many pathologies, a concomitant symptom of which is pain syndrome when swallowing.

So, the main reasons that can provoke the appearance of pain when swallowing in the throat are the following:

  • sore throat;
  • laryngitis;
  • catarrhal and viral infections;
  • sinusitis of various types;
  • gingivitis;
  • the spread of bacterial microorganisms in the tonsils or adenoids.

Often, people who smoke or abuse alcoholic beverages complain that they have severe pain in the throat when swallowing. Pathology of the gums, in particular, gingivitis and stomatitis, can also cause the appearance of a similar symptom.

In addition to the immediate diseases of the larynx, pain in the throat can be associated with esophageal pathologies, in particular:

  • injuries of the digestive tract;
  • defeat of the esophagus by various infectious microorganisms;
  • burn wounds;
  • spasms;
  • stenosis;
  • ulcerative processes in the duodenum.

Pain when swallowing may be due to other causes. Often a person does not even think about it and randomly begins to take various painkillers pharmacological drugs. But this symptom may signal the development of serious ailments, such as:

  • AIDS;
  • the presence of tumors of malignant or benign type;
  • abscess of the swallowing type;
  • oral candidiasis or larynx;
  • throat cancer;
  • ulcerative processes.

As medical practice shows, pain in the throat can also occur due to constant nervous overstrain, the development of allergic reactions, strong crying, inhaling cold or dirty air. It is considered that pain in the throat when swallowing is a concomitant symptom of the development of infectious pathologies transmitted as a result of sexual contact. These include gonorrhea and syphilis. Today, the practice is aware of such a condition as chronic fatigue syndrome. With constant overvoltage and the lack of proper rest, a person can feel pain when swallowing.

If a person has a sharp pain in the throat when swallowing, then this may be due to foreign bodies getting into the larynx. Most often, the mucous coating injure fish bones or small particles of food.

How to recognize and cure pharyngitis?

How to recognize and cure pharyngitis

In no case can you independently diagnose and begin treatment. If you feel a sore throat when swallowing, do not waste time and contact your healthcare professional. One of the most common diseases of the larynx is pharyngitis. It is during its development in any form that a sharp pain in the throat occurs when swallowing, as well as a number of associated symptoms:

  • dry mucous coating of the larynx;
  • burning;
  • tingling sensation;
  • wandering pain extending to the ear region.

Treatment of pharyngitis will depend directly on its nature - viral or bacterial. The basis of therapy consists of antibiotic pharmacological agents, as well as anti-inflammatory drugs containing ibuprofen or paracetamol.

Tonsillitis at gunpoint

The first and main symptom of the development of angina or tonsillitis is the appearance of pain when swallowing a liquid or food. Sometimes it is difficult for a person to even breathe air. In addition, the following symptoms are characteristic of tonsillitis:

  • an increase in subfebrile temperature to 38-39 °;
  • headaches of varying intensity;
  • malaise.

Pharmacological preparations of various groups are prescribed for the treatment of tonsillitis, as well as therapeutic manipulations, in particular, heating, compresses, inhalations. To relieve a sore throat, a person can do gargles with medicinal decoction or special pharmaceuticals that have antiseptic effects.

How to diagnose a pharyngeal abscess?

Many of us, perhaps, have heard the name of this pathology, but not everyone knows how it arises and proceeds. This ailment can develop on the background of an injury of the mucous covering of the larynx with a sharp foreign object. A peculiar scar appears at the site of the lesion, if an abscess develops into the infection. 2-3 days after the injury, the person begins to feel how much his throat hurts and it is impossible to swallow food.

In addition to these symptoms, over time, these signs appear:

  • inability to swallow saliva due to intense pain;
  • difficult breathing process;
  • subfebrile temperature rises to critical levels;
  • intoxication occurs.

To diagnose and cure such an illness can only the attending specialist after a visual inspection and X-ray.

What you need to know about neoplasms?

Sore throat of varying intensity when swallowing

Pain in the throat of varying intensity when swallowing can cause malignant or benign tumors. The intensity, nature and type of pain depends directly on the location of the tumor. Thus, during the development of lymphoma, a person may experience difficulty in swallowing. He will constantly feel that there is a lump in his throat. With the development of malignant processes associated with the proliferation of abnormal cells in the epithelium, the nature of the pain increases with time and can give to the ear region.

Malignant neoplasms that develop on the surface of the neck, for example, thyroid cancer, can also lead to the appearance of pain. As the growth of the neoplasm grows, the pain increases, changes the place of localization, shortness of breath and cough appear.

Other factors that cause sore throat

In addition to the above reasons, and this list is not exhaustive, pain in the throat when swallowing may be associated with getting burn wounds. In everyday life, we often carelessly swallow hot drinks, for example, coffee or tea. But such burns are usually minor, which is not the case with chemical lesions.

Burn wounds of the larynx of the chemical type are very difficult and difficult to treat. This is due to the fact that as the scab forms on the mucous coating, scars appear that constrict the larynx. Panic attacks, neurological disorders and cervical osteochondrosis can also be harbingers of pain when swallowing the throat.

How to treat a sore throat?

Independently to cure pain in the throat is impossible, because for this you need to make an accurate diagnosis. But to relieve symptoms at home is quite real. The most effective ways are:

  • abundant warm drink;
  • gargling the larynx and oral cavity with antiseptics, as well as decoction of medicinal plants, for example, chamomile, calendula;
  • perfectly removes inflammation soda-saline solution with the addition of iodine;
  • taking lozenges with anti-inflammatory and local anesthetic effects;
  • inhalation manipulations;
  • use of natural sprays for throat of plant origin.

Such methods can alleviate the pain syndrome immediately after its appearance. If within 1-2 days the pain does not go away, do not over tighten with a visit to the doctor.

As you can see, there are just an uncountable number of causes of pain in the throat when swallowing. To quickly cure the disease, you must resort to the help of a doctor. Be healthy!