Sore knee from the inside


Painful sensations are a signal of our body about the occurrence of a problem that requires urgent solutions. Anyone who has not even come across any joint disease can suddenly feel that the knee is hurt from the inside. In order for the leg mobility not to become limited, it is necessary to establish the cause and eliminate it as soon as possible.

Every day, patients come to the clinic with complaints of pain in the knee joint. This symptom worries people of different ages, including children. If the pathological process is not stopped in time, the consequences can be quite serious, up to and including the need for surgical intervention and the onset of disability.

What could be the cause of the problem?

Sore knee from the inside

Before going to the doctor, you can try to figure out for yourself why your knee hurts from the inside. To do this, you should familiarize yourself with the additional symptoms of various pathologies of the knee joint. The most common cause of such sensations is trauma, because the above-mentioned joint is constantly subject to enormous loads.

Injuries causing knee pain on the inside:

  • Rupture or severe sprain

As a result, there is swelling of the knee, pain at the slightest movement of the leg. If the lateral ligament is damaged, the mobility of the joint may be completely absent, and touching the injured area is very painful.

  • Damage to the cartilage plate - meniscus

Such an injury is accompanied by a sharp pain in the knee, redness, swelling, it is very difficult to step on the sore leg.

  • Chronic dislocation of the patella

In addition to pain in the joint, you can notice a change in its shape.

  • Hemarthrosis - blood entering the joint cavity

In this case, there is swelling of the knee and discomfort while walking.

The fact that you received a serious injury, show the following facts:

  • swelling is very strong and gradually increases, but does not subside;
  • deformity of the joint is quite noticeable;
  • pain does not go away within 2-3 days;
  • audible clicks when moving;
  • you limp or can't bend your knee at all.

Chronic dislocation of the patella

If you do not hit and do not stumble, then the pain in the knee is caused by the inflammatory process. Sore knee from the inside when flexing in case of development:

  • bursitis - inflammation of the articular bags (the state is accompanied by edema);
  • diseases of the cartilage of the knee, causing aching pain and crunchy sounds when moving;
  • sciatica - inflammation of the sciatic nerve;
  • Osgood-Schlatter disease (due to excessive stress, this pathology often occurs in adolescent children and in most cases ends in complete recovery after 4-5 weeks).
  • rheumatoid arthritis - the knee swells, it becomes hot, fever, malaise may begin. In addition, when arthritis usually hurts the knee on the side of the inside, the joint hurts to straighten after sitting.

Also indicate the occurrence of dangerous inflammation:

  • crunch and clicks when walking, increased pain in the morning (arthrosis);
  • accumulation of fluid in the knee (synovitis);
  • severe pain and impaired mobility of the joint (inflammation of the tendons due to stress - tendonitis);
  • a tumor that is noticeable when the knee is extended (Baker's cyst);
  • acute pain without visible changes (renewal of fat layer - Hoff's disease);
  • pain in children under 2 years old (softening of the bones - rickets).

Such illnesses are fraught with the fact that over time - in case of refusal to visit the doctor - the ability to move without assistance will be lost.

Sore knee from the inside: how to treat?

Sore knee from the inside: how to treat

After the doctor examines the sore spot, you will need to undergo a radiographic or tomographic examination to confirm the presumptive diagnosis. In severe cases, when overall health deteriorates, a blood test or synovial fluid is prescribed.

If it is determined that a person suffers from pain in the knee due to inflammation, he will have to take steroid hormones and remedies to help restore the knee joint. But drug treatment is not enough. More will be required:

  • massage;
  • gymnastics classes;
  • visiting the physiotherapy room;
  • stretching the spine.

If the pain occurred after an injury, sometimes you can not do without surgery. For less severe injuries, a bandage or splint is applied to the leg, the position is fixed with gypsum and the limb is placed above the level of the heart. The patient should also:

  • be treated with analgesics and antibiotics;
  • perform certain physical exercises;
  • go to physiotherapy.

In addition to taking therapeutic measures, it is necessary to take care that the pain does not disturb in the future:

  • get rid of excess weight, so as not to burden the legs when walking;
  • to refuse from bad habits;
  • walk daily;
  • sleep 8 hours a day.

When the knee hurts from the inside is not the first day, do not expect that the discomfort will pass by itself. Remember: subject to timely medical care, you can eliminate pain in the shortest possible time and avoid serious consequences. Do not treat the limitation of mobility and pain in the legs lightly, because movement is life!