Snot throat


Every morning the same thing: the pharynx seems to be covered with mucus, there is an unpleasant taste in the mouth, a little twitching throat, there is a lump in it that is impossible to cough up. It seems to be not ill, but the sensations are not pleasant. Many deliver discomfort snot in the throat. How to get rid of such a problem? What medicines and folk methods are better to use?

Where do snot come from in the larynx and why does it not go away?

Where do snot come from in the larynx and why does it not go away?

The pharynx is lined inside by mucous membranes - in the normal state (when a person is healthy), it is covered with a thin layer of mucus. This is necessary to protect the walls of the larynx from drying out. But if the body develops an inflammatory process, then the secret begins to form in large quantities. And he can get into the throat from the nose, bronchi or other organs. Phlegm or snot flow down the throat - this leads to unpleasant sensations. If you do not take any measures, then this state can last for a very long time.

What causes mucus build up in the throat?

Mucous secretion - the body's response to infection, allergens. The factors provoking the accumulation of snot in the nasopharyngeal cavity are:

  • tobacco smoke;
  • long stay in the room saturated with vapors of alcohol, chemicals;
  • frequent use of too hot, hot dishes (drinks);
  • ENT diseases: pharyngitis, frontitis, sinusitis, sinusitis, rhinitis, tonsillitis;
  • injury, deformation of the septum and polyp;
  • Chronical bronchitis;
  • diseases of the digestive tract (reflux, ulcer). They contribute to the fact that the acid secretion of the stomach or bile enters the pharynx and irritates the mucous membrane.

Why does a person feel the worst in the morning? The phlegm, of course, is formed in the afternoon, but it can be coughed up or swallowed. And at night, snot in the larynx accumulates in large numbers, because in a dream the cough reflex does not work.

Effective drugs for getting rid of mucous secretions in the larynx in an adult

Effective drugs for getting rid of mucous secretions in the larynx in an adult

What if all the time going to and prevent snot in the throat, how to get rid of? In an adult, if the state of health is otherwise normal, bad habits (smoking) can contribute to this. It is necessary to change your lifestyle, diet - and mucus will cease to cause anxiety.

But if such a problem was provoked by illness, then medication cannot be done. To remove mucus (depending on the disease, which is accompanied by such a symptom) may prescribe such drugs:

  • for sore throat - inject the IRS-19 aerosol into the nose, irrigate the throat with sprays - with Ingalipt, Yoks, Orasept, lubricate the throat with Lugol's solution, dissolve Septolet, Strepsils; throat gargle with Chlorophyllipt, Furacilin solution;
  • for antritis and rhinitis - use vasoconstrictor nasal drops: Vibrocil, Sanorin, Naphthyzinum, Xylene (it is possible to be treated with such drugs for a short time); take antihistamines - Suprastin, Loratadine;
  • in chronic bronchitis - drinking expectorate: Lasolvan, Mukaltin, Bronholitin; antibacterial - Flemoksin, Amoxiclav, Augmentin, Amoxiccycline (a doctor must prescribe such drugs). Sinupret gives a very good effect (it should be taken for a long time - it clears the mucous membranes of the larynx from the accumulations of mucus);
  • if the snot in the throat provoked ARVI, then the antiviral will help out - Arbidol, Aflubin; Viferon (in the form of ointment and gels);
  • if the snot is caused by a fungal infection, then drops of Protargol or Sialor are prescribed.

Snot throat: how to get rid of folk ways?

Snot throat: how to get rid of folk ways?

Winning mucus can and folk methods. Among the alternative means, the following methods have proven themselves well:

  • drink plenty of clean water;
  • gargle with a solution of sea salt (1st degree. L. Per 1l of water);
  • do inhalation with eucalyptus oil;
  • use aloe juice. Cut a sheet of this plant, remove the skin from it, chop, mix with honey. Take 2 times a day (before breakfast and in the evening);
  • lubricate the throat with propolis. Take 30 g of propolis, grind into powder, pour 1 tbsp. cold water. Leave for 1 hour. Water to drain. Sediment pour 100 g of alcohol. Let it brew for 7 days;
  • take a therapeutic composition made from fresh marigold petals and honey, taken in the same proportions.

Insidious mucus: how to clean the neck of a child?

Insidious mucus: how to clean the neck of a child?

Very often, parents come to the reception to the children's lore with the question: "What should I do if my son (daughter) has snot in his throat, how to get rid of?". In a child, this problem is most often the result of a cold disease. Bronchitis, sinusitis and adenoids lead to the formation of mucus.

As a rule, experts advise to carry out the rinsing procedure until the discomfort in the throat disappears. For these purposes apply Furatsilin, solution of potassium permanganate. Very good free throat from mucus decoctions of medicinal herbs. You can use oak bark, chamomile, sage, calendula. Suitable and saline solution.

To alleviate the condition of the child and remove the snot from the pharynx, it is useful to lubricate the throat with peach oil. It is a safe and effective remedy that will relieve inflammation from the affected mucosa.

To liquefy mucus (without which it is impossible to remove it from the body), you should increase the amount of fluid you drink.

If the discharge is in the throat as a result of activity in the respiratory tract of microorganisms, then the pediatrician may prescribe antibiotics (most often Amoxiclav or Augmentin).

How to cure snot in the nasopharynx in infants?

The treatment of the smallest is the most difficult and responsible matter. Very often, mothers notice that nasal discharge from babies is collected in the throat. And this is understandable, because he still does not know how to cough up mucus well. What to do if the crumbs appeared such a dangerous problem, like snot in the throat - how to get rid of? In infants, treatment will necessarily include a massage that promotes the removal of mucus. At first, the baby will be placed on the tummy and rubbed back from the waist to the neck. Then use tapping and pressing movements (all upwards). After such manipulations, the baby can begin to cough up phlegm.

What other ways to help rid the baby from the accumulation of mucus in the throat? It is better for the infant to treat not with pharmaceutical chemistry, but with folk remedies. Use these recipes:

  • honey medicine. It is made from cranberry juice and honey (they are taken in equal proportions). Total 1ch.l. such juice will speed up the recovery of the baby;
  • milk with ground figs;
  • before putting the baby to sleep, give him warm water with iodine (for 1 rt. of water 1 drop of iodine);
  • chamomile tea;
  • lingonberry syrups 1 tsp honey;
  • a compress on the chest of cabbage leaves, smeared with honey;
  • dogrose decoction;
  • rubbing with goat fat.

Since it is extremely dangerous to joke with the health of such crumbs, before taking any means (including folk), it is better to ask the doctor for permission. To eliminate snot in the throat, babies are sometimes prescribed Gadelix, Otrivin Baby, Viferon (in candles). For instillation of the spout - saline or Aquamaris. For washing the nasal passages - 1 drop of Protargol, Furacilin solution or chamomile.

It is imperative to deal with the elimination of mucus in the throat, no matter how old a person is. Because late or illiterate therapy can lead to such serious complications as bronchitis or even bronchial asthma. Whatever the sores in the nasopharynx are formed, to relieve the condition, you need to drink plenty of water, gargle and steam inhalation.