Smell from the mouth


Bad breath, or halitosis, is a delicate problem that anyone can face. Causes of bad breath can be different. Halitosis is sometimes a symptom of serious diseases or is simply caused by the rotting of mucus and food debris that accumulate on the tongue and between the teeth.

Why does it smell bad from the mouth? We find out the possible reasons

Bad breath: causes

Bad breath can be caused by sources both in the mouth and outside. The most common causes are:

  • Decreased saliva secretion;
  • Salivary congestion;
  • A raid on the back of the tongue;
  • Dysbacteriosis of the oral cavity;
  • Increased number of dead or necrotic epithelial cells;
  • Imbalance of acid-base environment of the oral cavity due to the high protein content in the diet;
  • Dry mouth;
  • Diabetes;
  • Diseases of the digestive system (ulcers, gastritis, reflux esophagitis, etc.);
  • Intestinal pathology (colitis, enteritis, etc.);
  • Diseases of the liver and pancreas;
  • Diseases of the ear, nose and throat (sinusitis, tonsillitis, tonsillitis, etc.);
  • Respiratory diseases (chronic bronchitis, tuberculosis, etc.);
  • Diseases of the oral cavity (caries, glossitis, periodontitis, gingivitis, etc.);
  • Oral cancer;
  • The consumption of certain products (garlic, onions);
  • Excessive smoking or drinking alcohol;
  • The presence of dentures;
  • Trimethylaminuria;
  • Achalasia of the esophagus;
  • Violation of oral hygiene.

How to get rid of unpleasant smell?

Bad breath: causes

First of all, try to add to the daily two-time tooth brushing the procedure of cleaning the tongue from plaque. This is best done in the evening: clean the tongue with light and careful movements from the root to the tip. Such a procedure to rid the oral cavity of bacteria, therefore, the unpleasant smell will significantly decrease.

Clean the gaps between teeth with a dental floss. If you do not have the opportunity to buy it, use a strip of polyethylene. After each meal, rinse your mouth with water or a special solution. When there is no opportunity to rinse your mouth, chew the cud.

At home, you can make rinses. Mix mint, chamomile, sage and strawberry. Pour 1 tbsp. herbal mixture 1 tbsp. boiling water. After cooling, strain the broth and rinse their mouth after each meal. In addition, you can brew oak bark, strain it and rinse the mouth cavity with the throat. The oak bark has a firming effect on the gums and cleans tonsil deposits, which can be sources of bad mouth odor due to a large accumulation of infectious components.

You can purchase an irrigator. This is a toothbrush-like instrument that cleans the gaps between the teeth with the help of a strong jet of water, which massages the gums and ensures the activation of blood circulation.

For bad breath, you should choose a toothpaste that does not contain alcohol. Alcohol dries the mucous surface of the mouth, because of which the smell increases. Purchase a paste that contains antibacterial agents based on chlorine compounds. When choosing a conditioner, be guided by the same criteria as when choosing a paste.

In order to ensure the quick effect of fresh breath, modern means will be suitable: oral mist refreshers, chewing gum, candy, lozenges, etc. But they are distinguished by both fast efficacy and low stability. If you do not have a single modern tool at hand, use the proven tips:

Bad breath: causes

  1. You can try to drink a cup of strong tea, then rinse your mouth and throat with clean water;
  2. Carrots and apples will help to get rid of the unpleasant smell, and the flavor of onions or garlic can be eliminated by chewing parsley or celery root;
  3. Chewing coffee beans, you can muffle the unpleasant smell and taste in the mouth;
  4. If your unpleasant smell is associated with excessive dry mouth, drink more water. It will protect the mouth from drying out, remove the unpleasant taste and refresh your breath;
  5. Be sure to include in your diet porridge - it activates the production of saliva;
  6. When there is no toothbrush on hand or you just feel uncomfortable brushing your teeth, rub your teeth, gums and tongue with your finger. So you not only get rid of the unpleasant smell, but also massage the gums, increasing their blood circulation;
  7. In the case when bad breath remains even after careful hygienic treatment of the mouth, consult your dentist. In 9 cases out of 10, the problem will be solved within several visits. If the oral cavity and teeth are healthy, and the smell continues to be disturbed, then you will have to look for causes inside the body and visit other doctors.

Breath from the mouth is a problem that interferes with normal life. In this case, you are not worried not only about your health, but also about the attitude of others. Communicability, attractiveness and sexuality can be in one moment destroyed by a repulsive breath smell. In a situation where no method helps you, consult a doctor - he will determine the real cause of the condition and help you find the best solution.