Signs of scabies

In the name of the disease "scabies", lies the main symptoms of the disease - unbearable itching. Scabies is a parasitic, highly contagious (contagious) skin disease caused by a particular type of tick. Scabies is characterized by outbreaks of the disease, most often it is recorded in children's groups, but this does not mean that adults cannot be infected. For adults, characteristic contact and sexual transmission.

Scabies: how does the disease develop?

The scabies pathogen is a scabies mite, which can be seen only under a microscope. When parasites hit the surface of the skin, fertilization of the female begins. After that, she needs to lay eggs, it occurs in the skin. For this, the female begins to break through the itch. Initially, it makes the jaws a small hole, penetrates deeper and deeper, and begins to eat away the passage.

What does scabies look like?

For the formation of such moves, ticks have favorite places, which include the feet, wrists, penis and pubis, elbows, etc. These areas of the body have little hair on their surface and are covered with a large number of epidermis, there are opening ducts of sweat glands. The sweat that is released fills the itch, thereby creating the most favorable conditions for the development of offspring.

In order for mite eggs to become an adult, time is needed, as a rule, it is 2 weeks. After that, already adult individuals begin to get out onto the surface of the skin, the cycle of life repeats.

The formation of scabies moves is accompanied by severe itching, scratching the skin, mites can get on the skin surface and under the nails. This is what ensures the transfer of parasites to healthy skin.

In scabby passages there are not only tick larvae, but also waste products, which are foreign to the body and can cause the formation of an increased reaction from the immune defense, for example - the reaction of inflammation, allergies.

How does the infection occur?

The source of infection can be a sick person, or those items with which the sick person was in contact: hygiene items, various towels, clothes, etc. Transmission of scabies can occur sexually, because the main thing is contact with the parasite. After the tick has settled on the surface of the skin, an incubation period follows, which can last in different ways: from several hours to a couple of weeks.

The first signs of skin pathology:

  1. The main symptom of scabies is itchy skin. By evening, it is intensifying, but at night it becomes completely unbearable. This can be explained by the increased activity of the tick. Itching usually occurs 30 days after infection. But if scabies were stopped, but reappeared, symptoms may appear on the 1st day.
  2. In addition, the formation of scabies moves that become noticeable on the skin becomes a typical sign of scabies in a person. Itching is a thin strip, slightly protruding above the surface of the skin and painted white. The length of such a stroke most often corresponds to 1 cm.

What does scabies look like?

What does scabies look like?

There are several forms of scabies that will differ in clinical presentation and consequences. In any case, the visible signs look about the same.

In the area of ​​the infected surfaces of the skin, itchy blisters are formed, which is a sign of an allergic reaction with an inflammatory nature to the products of a vital tick. Crusts can form, especially after scratching, dry cracks on the skin surface.

Prevention and treatment of scabies

With scabies, there is no self-healing, the disease can last for years. The main goal of treatment is to destroy the mite and its eggs, this can be relatively easily achieved using local means. The treatment will not be complete without thorough and thorough disinfection of the home, sterilization of all objects, especially clothing, bed linen and, of course, towels. In addition, do not forget about family members and all persons with whom the patient was in close contact.

As a medical ointment, most often prescribed products that contain permethrin, benzyl benzoate, sulfur, etc. Before using the drugs, it is recommended to take a hot shower, which contributes to the mechanical removal of ticks from the skin surface and loosening the surface of the dermis.

It is worth remembering that there are no specific measures for the prevention of scabies mites. The only way to prevent the disease is the timely detection and restriction of contact with the patient. Infection with scabies has no connection with personal hygiene, scabies mites are completely resistant to the effects of conventional detergents.

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