Signs of high blood sugar


When there is too much glucose or sugar in the blood, this already indicates an elevated sugar content. Another name for this condition is called hyperglycemia. The cells of our body must contain sugar. The only "but" it should be in the blood from 70 to 100 milligrams per deciliter, that the moles - from 4.5 to 5.5. Higher sugar levels are already considered elevated. In this case, a person may not feel any changes, but destructive processes begin to occur in the body. In order to preserve your health, you need to know what signs may indicate the appearance of high blood sugar.

How to learn about high blood sugar?

There are several signs that can warn of high blood sugar levels:

  1. frequent urination,
  2. the presence of constant strong thirst, can dry up in the mouth at night,
  3. increased lethargy, fatigue, weakness,
  4. nausea, headache and vomiting,
  5. sudden weight loss
  6. severe vision loss may occur.

Signs of high blood sugar

Causes of high blood sugar

High blood sugar can occur due to illness, infection, stress, steroid use, and even pregnancy. But one of the reasons for the appearance of high sugar can be diabetes. People suffering from them, taking an insufficient amount of pills or insulin, may have a higher level of sugar in the blood than usual for them. Also, the reasons may be too much food, foods high in carbohydrates or sugar, or skipping medications.

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Symptoms of high blood sugar

The level of sugar rises in the blood gradually. As it rises, people may experience various symptoms. Close people can notice them earlier than the person himself. These include:

  • Increased hunger and weight gain, blurred eyes and drowsiness, irritability and gloom.
  • The appearance of numbness in the hands and feet, slow healing of wounds, frequent vaginal infections and vaginal itching, and even impotence.
  • The occurrence of skin diseases, furunculosis, the appearance of pruritus.

Signs of high blood sugar

How to eliminate the signs of high blood sugar?

Elevated blood sugar requires treatment, otherwise irreversible changes may begin in the body, and this can cause the development of serious diseases. Therefore, if one of the symptoms or signs begins to torment, first of all, it is necessary to consult a doctor. This will help determine whether medication is needed to help lower blood sugar levels, or it will be enough to use herbal remedies, exercise, and change diet patterns. Proper nutrition and uniform physical activity can safely reduce blood sugar levels.

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Diabetes Increased Sugar

If high blood sugar is caused by diabetes, be sure to monitor your daily blood sugar, and strictly follow the course of treatment.

To reduce blood sugar in diabetes, follow these steps:

  1. Stick to your meal plan.
  2. Constantly check your sugar level, record the results.
  3. Continue to do the usual things and exercise.
  4. Use pills and insulin strictly in accordance with the dosage prescribed by the doctor.
  5. If signs of high blood sugar levels continue to manifest, an urgent need to contact your doctor.
  6. If you do not take measures to reduce the level of sugar in the blood, it can cause serious consequences, up to a state of coma.

Signs of high blood sugar

Thirst and dry mouth - signs of high sugar

The process of removing sugar from the body requires a lot of fluid. The body begins to receive it from the organs. That is why there is a feeling of dry mouth and thirst. To reduce blood sugar, try to drink more fluids. If this is not done, then a feeling of dry skin may appear.

Signs of high sugar - fatigue and hunger

When the blood sugar level rises, it does not get inside the cells and does not form the energy that the body needs to function. That is why the body is looking for other nutrient sources to compensate for the energy loss. The first sources of energy replenishment for the body are the reserves of fat. Then there is a strong feeling of hunger.

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Slow wound healing is a sign of high blood sugar

High blood sugar lowers immunity and makes the body vulnerable to various infections, which, in turn, causes very slow healing of external damage. This can lead to serious consequences if you do not take measures to reduce blood sugar levels.

Signs of high blood sugar

Symptoms of high blood sugar can occur both together and separately. Signs such as blurred vision and headache can occur only at the onset of the disease. If you do not pay attention to them, then over time they will disappear, but the disease will begin to progress. Therefore, be attentive to your well-being.

If you do not deal with elevated blood sugar in time, in the future this can lead to diabetes. It can cause damage to the kidneys, eyes, blood vessels, nerves, heart, and even legs. To show signs of high blood sugar, do not bother you and do not cause any further terrible complications, try to be attentive to your condition. contact your doctor right away, follow simple rules to help reduce blood sugar levels