Signs of diabetes in men

Bad habits to which men are most susceptible, unwillingness to regularly visit a doctor, a sedentary lifestyle and dislike of playing sports - all this causes the representatives of the strong half of humanity to increase the risk of diabetes.

Diabetes has long been a formidable enemy of not only women but also men, and if you do not change your lifestyle in time, you can lose in the struggle for your health. The ability to cope with the disease until it has acquired a dangerous course can be, if you pay attention to signs of diabetes that manifest themselves in men, and by changing the lifestyle of your favorite men, you can save their health.

Signs of diabetes in men

The main sign of diabetes in men

Basically, signs of diabetes mellitus do not differ in men and women, but this disease can affect some male organs to a greater extent than female. Men do not suffer from skin itching and an increase in fluid intake, like women, but, first of all, it is the genital system that suffers.

In the event of diabetes mellitus, potency immediately decreases.. The blood begins to flow to the pelvic organs in small quantities. Due to adverse changes in the body, there is a decrease in testosterone, which is responsible for sexual function. After reducing the potency, other signs of diabetes begin to appear.

Treatment of diabetes with insulin helps to fully restore potency, and in the treatment of type 2 diabetes with drugs designed to lower blood sugar levels, potency is not restored without rehabilitation measures.

Decreased potency in men with diabetes

It is necessary to increase physical activity to reduce weight and take drugs that increase blood flow to the genitals. But drugs that enhance potency, such as Sialex or Viagra, are not recommended for people with diabetes, it is therefore necessary to consult a specialist who will prescribe the correct treatment, restoring potency.

The first signs of diabetes in men

Since men do not seek to pass the necessary tests or visit a doctor, it is worth knowing first signs that may indicate the occurrence of diabetes, indicative of the need for immediate medical attention.

These first signs include increase or vice versa a sharp decrease in body weight, fatigue and sweating, hair loss, dry skin, itching, frequent urination at night and an increase in the amount of fluid you drink. Even if only one of the above symptoms occurs, it is necessary to pass a blood sugar level test as soon as possible to stop the development of diabetes mellitus.

Dry mouth for diabetes in men

The main signs of diabetes in men

If you ignore the main symptom of diabetes and its first signs, without proper treatment and lifestyle changes, the level of glucose in the blood begins to rise. The first signs of the disease, when diabetes mellitus could still be stopped, all new symptoms are added, indicating the development of the disease and the need for medical assistance to normalize blood sugar levels in order to avoid dangerous consequences for the male body.

TO main signs of diabetes in men relate

  • Sharp decrease in working capacity.
  • The appearance of fatigue and general weakness of the whole organism.

Fatigue in men with diabetes

  • The appearance of genital inflammation and disorders.
  • Severe itching, especially in the area where the genitals are located.
  • The emergence of increased appetite, thirst and at the same time severe dryness in the mouth.
  • Sharp baldness and tooth loss.
  • The appearance of wounds that do not heal for a long time. The slightest damage can lead to a serious violation of the skin and injury that can not be cured with the help of conventional healing tools.

If these symptoms occur, you should not postpone visiting the doctor. Strictly contraindicated in diabetes and self-medication, as this can lead to a sharp deterioration in health. It is necessary to undergo a full examination in order to establish the diagnosis and, in the presence of diabetes mellitus, determine its type, what determines the future treatment and the type of prescribed medications.

In case of diabetes mellitus, it is necessary to start the process of losing weight, to increase the motor activity by engaging in some kind of sport: jogging, swimming or cycling. It is very important to give up bad habits and follow the diet recommended by your doctor. If you do not follow all the suggested recommendations, it is impossible to cope with the effects of diabetes on the whole body only with the help of medical preparations. Therefore, it is better to pay attention to the state of your own body in a timely manner than to constantly suffer from such a terrible disease in the future.

During the onset of the disease, when diabetes mellitus is still in a latent form, the disease can be stopped, so if any changes occur in the body, the first signs of diabetes, one or more of them, you should not postpone a visit to the doctor and hope that everything will pass. In order to preserve health and strength for a further full life, it is imperative that you seek medical help and pass a blood sugar level test., to stop diabetes or reduce possible complications. Take care of men and monitor their health, whether they want it or not.

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