Signs of concussion in a child


What parent does not worry when his child falls, cries bitterly and is subsequently injured ?! But this is practically impossible to do with this - babies often fall down and get injured, even to a concussion! It sounds pretty scary, but It is concussion - the most common injury in children.

Concussion is a slight brain injury. You can find it yourself, but it is certainly better to consult a doctor for an accurate determination of the degree of damage to the child’s brain. The best way in this case is to immediately call an ambulance, and after that the specialist can advise you either to put the child in the hospital, or he diagnoses slight brain damage, in this case you can get home treatment.

Why does a brain concussion appear?

  • Every child can have a concussion, and this will not mean that you are a bad parent, but children are often quite restless, too active, inquisitive and, unfortunately, often careless. Especially because for small children, the head has a little more weight, and they have not yet fully learned to insure themselves with their hands, therefore, most often the fall occurs upside down, and the kid does not have time to substitute his hands under him.
  • But in the case when an infant earns a brain injury, this is already a serious failure of the parents, a consequence of their carelessness. Most often babies fall from the hands of parents or from wheelchairs.
  • But after a child turns one year old and he can move independently, a head injury may occur due to falling from a ladder, from a height of his own height, even after moving down from a hill located in the courtyard on the playground. Often parents do not even notice such falls.
  • Older children are injured due to the "shaken child syndrome", that is, the child can accelerate sharply, or vice versa - to slow down, jump strongly, because during these actions the baby can become impaired and he may lose coordination for a while.

Symptoms of concussion in children

There are no irreversible and terrible pathologies and changes during brain concussion.

  • If a child is about one year old, then most often he does not lose consciousness, he may experience vomiting, nausea, regurgitation, he may turn pale, cry, and may also eat and sleep poorly.
  • Children who are in preschool age may lose consciousness during brain concussion, they can often feel sick and vomit.
  • In addition, the kids slow down their pulse, have a big headache, there is excessive sweating, sleep is disturbed, and tearfulness rises.
  • In more severe cases, the child may lose his sight, but not for long - from several minutes to a couple of hours. In this case, the child feels quite well, but then his condition may deteriorate sharply.

Concussion in a child: what to do?

  • If a child falls and is injured, it must be placed on the floor and carefully covered - if he, of course, is conscious. Under the baby you need to lay something warm that would not let the cold through.
  • In case of loss of consciousness in a child, it is necessary to lay him on one side, carefully examine and make sure that he was lying on his side steadily. To do this, turn it on its back, put the right handle under the ass, and bend the right leg at the knee and place it. Then you need to turn it on the right flank and move the right handle back. The left hand should be put under the face and head back. Besides, if the child is unconscious - it is imperative to follow - exactly what time the child was unconscious, it will be very important for the doctor.
  • A concussion of the brain is determined either by means of an MRI of the head, an ultrasound scan, an x-ray, but only in cases where more serious brain injuries are suspected. The very same brain damage is easily identified by a neurologist.
  • More often, if there is no suspicion of hematoma or pathology of the brain, then the concussion is treated at home. The specialist determines the duration of bed rest, based on how often the baby is dizzy or has a headache and how severe the injury is. On average, it is from 2-3 days to a crescent. The baby is prescribed sedatives and vascular agents, drugs that improve brain metabolism, and painkillers.

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Doctors forbid the child to read and watch the video - in general, everything that can irritate his brain will be forbidden. In addition, during this period, stress and punishment are contraindicated for the baby.

But in spite of the fact that concussion of the brain - the injury is rather easy, and it is necessary to treat it with great attention, after all, the consequences may not be the most pleasant - starting with meteo-dependence, ending, unfortunately, even with epileptic seizures, so it is better for a child, even if he feels good, to lie down for days prescribed by a doctor.

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