Signs of appendicitis in adolescents


The appendix is ​​a small appendix of the cecum, the inflammation of which is called appendicitis.

Treatment of this disease requires mandatory surgical intervention. Therefore, when the first signs of it appear, it is necessary to urgently consult a doctor!

Main reasons, which can cause inflammation of the appendix:

  1. Obstruction of the rectal process lumen due to the provocation of pathogenic microflora (most common in children).
  2. Chronic constipation.
  3. Parasites, tumors, foreign objects.

The first signs of appendicitis

Signs of appendicitis in adolescents

Inflammation of the cecum in adolescence is diagnosed in almost the same way as in adults. Teenagers, unlike children, can already accurately describe the peculiarity of pain caused by the disease. They do not interfere with the doctor to conduct laboratory tests.

Signs of inflammation of appendicitis

  • Irritability, sleep disturbance, lack of appetite.
  • Localization of pain near the navel.
  • The appearance of nausea, vomiting.
  • Intestinal upset (diarrhea) and fever.
  • When appendicitis, the patient is lying on the right side, or on the back. Any change in the posture of comfort causes a feeling of pain that will cause the patient to return to the starting position.
  • Minor physical activities, such as laughter or coughing, sneezing, can cause severe pain.
  • The respiratory process also changes slightly - the lower part of the abdominal wall during inhalation significantly lags behind its entire surface.

All the symptoms of appendicitis in adolescents must diagnose a qualified doctor.

The examination should be carried out using various methods (examination, laboratory tests (blood test), ultrasound and x-rays of all organs, bacteriological examination of stool for the detection of infectious diseases).

For adolescent girls must be examined by a gynecologist, since inflammation of the uterus, ovarian cyst, ectopic pregnancy occur with similar symptoms.

If you identify inflammation of appendicitis, urgent hospitalization is required in the hospital, with further surgical intervention.

Types of disease:

There are several types of appendicitis, which are characterized by the degree of inflammation.

  • Acute catarrhal

The very first stage of development of inflammation of the appendix. There is no pronounced pain syndrome or it is mild.

  • Simple appendicitis

It proceeds according to the above symptoms, if you do not seek medical help in time, then complications of acute appendicitis cannot be avoided.

  • Destructive

Pain syndrome is more pronounced, fever.

  • Acute phlegmonous

Increased pain, there is a temperature. The appendix is ​​filled with pus, ulcers form on its walls. The next stage in the development of the disease is inflammation of the walls of the peritoneum and muscles. Inflamed appendix can be palpated.

  • Acute Gangrenous

This stage is considered the hardest. It occurs if timely medical care has not been provided. It is characterized by complete infection of the abdominal cavity and complete cell death of the appendix, which can lead to a temporary loss of pain. The state of health worsens. Intoxication of the body occurs. The patient begins to rave. If you do not provide medical care, peritonitis begins (the output of pus in the abdominal cavity), which can cause blood poisoning.

Signs of appendicitis in adolescents

Chronic appendicitis (residual) occurs after an acute attack, which ended in recovery without surgery.

The treatment of such appendicitis is made surgically, as with acute appendicitis.

Signs of chronic appendicitis

  1. Dull, aching pain in the right side, which occurs spontaneously during exercise.
  2. Secondary signs of chronic appendicitis are: slowing of the emptying process, filling defects in its shadow, detection of fecal stones, changes in the shape of the process, irregularity of its lumen (with ultrasound).
  3. If the attacks of acute appendicitis recur, then this is the so-called chronic recurrent appendicitis.

Errors at the first manifestations of the disease

  • Acceptance of painkillers with the appearance of pain in the abdomen. This prevents the doctor from properly conducting the examination.
  • Warm compresses on the stomach. It is strictly forbidden, since it can cause a deterioration of the patient’s condition, activate the process of inflammation. It is better to apply a cold, it will remove the pain sensation.
  • Ignoring pain. Do not treat your body carelessly, if there is even a slight pain in the area of ​​the appendix, immediately go to see a doctor.

Remember, appendicitis is a disease that can have serious consequences for the health and life of a patient with incorrect diagnosis and treatment. It is especially important to timely recognize the symptoms of the disease in a teenager. After all, it is at this age that a person has a negligent attitude toward his body, ignoring pain. Immediately contact your doctor at the first sign of inflammation of the appendix!