Shock wave therapy


Arthritis, osteochondrosis, heel spur cause a lot of torment to a person, and surgery is often used to treat them. But to get rid of such ailments it is not necessary to go to the table to the surgeon. Shock-wave therapy will help restore health. Indications and contraindications, cost, reviews - it's time to learn the truth about the new method of treatment.

What is the essence of the physiotherapy method?

What is the essence of the physiotherapy method?

According to statistics, pathologies of the musculoskeletal system are found in 75% of adults. Folk methods are ineffective: they only relieve pain for a while. The operation is scary, and it does not always help. Medicines such problems can not be eliminated. But treatment is necessary as the disease progresses.

The solution was found by specialists from Switzerland. The method was called "shock wave therapy". What it is? They proposed to apply vibration to the treatment of orthopedic pathologies and developed a special device that creates an acoustic impulse. It is converted into a sound wave, which freely penetrates through soft tissues (without causing them harm) and affects bone and cartilage tissue.

How does sound treatment work?

How does sound treatment work?

Everything is very simple and at the same time effective. No preparation is required. The affected area is smeared with a transparent gel, then the doctor introduces a special program on the monitor. He drives a metal tip over the diseased area and directs the shock sound wave to the bone growth or compaction in the muscles. The depth of the waves can be different, as well as the area of ​​their impact. It is impossible to hear or feel their “work” (the human ear does not perceive waves of such a low frequency). It is carried out at the micro level.

Waves soften and destroy the bone outgrowths and foci of muscle compacting. They pass through soft tissues, break pathological growths, "chipping off" pieces from them. Osteophytes break down into the smallest fractions and are eliminated from the body. The pain goes away, the joint begins to function normally, the blood supply improves, the muscle tone is normalized.

What will be the impact of acoustic waves?

This procedure has long been tested in practice, and one of its most important advantages is the instant result. In most cases, after the first session, a certain painfulness is noted in the zone of impact of a sound pulse (which may persist on the second day), but then the pain disappears completely. The temporary increase in pain is due to the fact that the bone and fibrous formations are split into pieces.

UHT crushes calcium and salt deposits and returns people to full physical activity, forcing them to forget about constant pain.

So, if a patient has a bone spike, then it causes such sensations, as if a nail were hammered into the heel. This is familiar to many women, especially those of mature age. The pain interferes with walking, makes you limp. If you take a course of UHT, you can get rid of suffering for a considerable time, if not forever.

Sound treatment has a prolonged effect: reduces the likelihood of recurrence, prevents the growth of pathological lesions on the vertebral discs, restores tissue and returns the patient to work. The secondary effect of physiotherapy (which manifests itself over time) is to strengthen the ligaments, tendons and joints. Their stability increases, which reduces the risk of injury and damage.

Indications for UHT

Indications for UHT

A unique method of non-surgical treatment of diseases of the ODA is shown in such cases:

  • osteocondritis of the spine;
  • intervertebral hernia;
  • heel spur (plantar fasciitis);
  • arthrosis of a large (for example, knee) joint;
  • shoulder scapular periaropathy;
  • bladder stones;
  • osteochondropathy of the tibia;
  • foot pathology - flatfoot;
  • rehabilitation measures after fractures, sports injuries;
  • non-infectious synovitis;
  • myofastil syndrome;
  • "golfer's hand" or "tennis player's elbow";
  • lordosis and spinal curvature.

Women will be interested in the fact that UVT is considered one of the most effective procedures for eliminating cellulite. It eliminates the "orange peel" on different parts of the body, and this cosmetic effect lasts a long time.

Who should not use UHT?

As with any physiotherapy, UHT has contraindications. It can not be done to persons younger than 18 years and pregnant (at any time). In addition, this method of treatment is not suitable for patients:

  • with problems with blood clotting;
  • suffering from varicose veins;
  • having a dermatological disease or skin rash;
  • during the exacerbation of chronic infections;
  • with pathologies of the liver and kidneys;
  • with thrombosis;
  • with diabetes;
  • in the presence of any tumors.

If the patient has a pacemaker installed, as well as those who are undergoing a course of hormonal therapy, they will have to abandon UHT.

The procedure of exposure to sound waves is not carried out in the head, lungs, large blood vessels and nerve trunks.

How much will the shock wave treatment cost?

How much will the shock wave treatment cost?

Unfortunately, free UHT does not exist yet. It can not be done at home. The procedure is offered today by public and private clinics, where there is appropriate equipment and specially trained workers. The patient will have to pay for such treatment from his own pocket. In this case, one procedure is indispensable: a therapeutic result will be only if the patient passes the entire course of procedures. It can be from 5 to 15 sessions. Make them with an interval of 3-6 days.

Cash costs can be calculated based on the fact that the cost of one procedure is from 600 to 1500 rubles.

Shock wave therapy: indications and contraindications, price- what do patients say?

People speak positively about the effectiveness of the procedure. They pay particular attention to the fact that during the session there are no pain, and after it there is no edema. According to patients, shock wave therapy accelerates the process of rehabilitation after injuries and is a safe alternative operation. No one noted the side effects and complications of treatment.

As for the cost, it is different in different medical centers. And it depends more on the status of the medical institution than on the quality of the performance and effectiveness of the procedures. In principle, the price is considered affordable: treatment costs the patient an amount of not more than 10,500 rubles.

The main advice given by patients who have tried this method on themselves is to consult with your doctor about whether shock wave therapy will help in your case. Indications and contraindications (reviews confirm this), as well as the stage of the disease directly affect the result. If the disease is not running, then it is noticeable almost immediately - pain sensations decrease or disappear completely. According to 95% of patients, shock wave therapy relieves stiffness of the joints of the limbs. True, after a day the pain may come back again, to bother the patient for several days, but then it disappears for a long time.

If the disease has gone too far (late stage arthrosis), then the shock wave therapy will not give any result.

If you have problems with your back, ligaments and bones, then shock wave therapy can be a salvation from surgery. Of course, this innovative method also has indications and contraindications. But he helps 8-9 patients out of 10, therefore, it is quite possible that he will return to you the joy of movement and give relief from pain. Just ask your doctor about it.