Sesame oil


The beneficial properties of sesame oil became known as early as 1500 BC. Already at that time, this oil extract was actively used to treat many ailments and alleviate their symptoms. In our time, this oil has received the name sesame. It is used in cooking, cosmetology and for the preparation of medicines of traditional medicine. What gives us sesame oil - benefit or harm, how to take this oil extract and what should beware? This will be discussed in our article.

Sesame oil: properties and uses

Sesame oil: properties and uses

Sesame oil is practically odorless. In color, it resembles a pale yellow liquid. Initially, its beneficial properties appreciated by chefs. This oil can be added to salads, as well as used for frying, including deep-fried. Despite the fact that it is considered very useful, it is by no means impossible to call low-calorie sesame oil, because as much as 100 g of pure product accounts for as much as 899 Kcal. As you know, to introduce sesame oil in the diet of losing weight is not appropriate.

If you want to improve your health or get rid of the disease, then the use of such an oil extract is welcome. Imagine: 100 g of a product contains a daily dose of nutritious and fortified micro and macro elements that are so necessary for the full functioning of our body.

The beneficial properties of sesame seed oil are inextricably linked with its component composition. First, the composition of this oil extract includes many elements from the periodic table, in particular, zinc, magnesium, ferrum, phosphorus. Secondly, sesame oil contains polysaturated fats and acids:

  • arachic acid;
  • palmintovaya;
  • stearic;
  • linoleic;
  • tocopherol;
  • sesamin;
  • phytosterol.

Many of the above components are needed daily by the body, but they are not produced independently, so they should be obtained from healthy foods, one of which is sesame oil.

When do I need to take sesame oil?

Sesame seed oil is considered the most powerful natural antioxidant

Sesame seed oil is considered a powerful natural antioxidant. Despite the fact that it contains a very small dose of calcium, sesame oil is actively involved in the structure of bone tissue, so it is recommended to take it to people in old age, as well as women who are carrying a child.

An unprecedented beneficial effect of sesame seed oil has on the digestive tract. With the help of its active components, it is possible to normalize the acid-base balance and stabilize the acidity and production of gastric juice. In addition, the oil perfectly cleans the vascular walls, thus avoiding the formation of blood clots.

Many experts advise to eat sesame oil for diseases of the respiratory system. So, sesame oil helps to cope with cough, shortness of breath, asthma and lung pathologies.

Treatment specialists also recommend daily ingestion of 1 tbsp. l sesame oil for the prevention of a number of pathologies, in particular:

  • anemia;
  • atherosclerosis;
  • disturbances in the functioning of the heart muscle;
  • thyroid disease;
  • disruption of the gallbladder;
  • for cleansing and regenerating liver cells.

It is impossible to set aside the rejuvenating properties of sesame seed oil. He is advised to take women in the period of climacteric pause. The active components of this oil help the female body to cope with age-related changes, as well as prevent the occurrence of cancer.

Sesame oil is also known for its anti-inflammatory and wound-healing properties. As an external agent, it can be used to treat burn wounds, cuts, abrasions. Many women have noted the beneficial effects of sesame oil on the skin, nail plates and hair.

Oddly enough, but young children are very fond of sesame oil, and more specifically, massage treatments conducted with its use. After such a massage, the skin of the baby becomes soft and moisturized, while the baby itself becomes calm and happy.

Contraindications to use

Despite such a huge list of beneficial properties of sesame seed oil, it should be used very carefully. Thus, the attending specialists have derived a number of contraindications to the use of sesame oil:

  • it is impossible to add oil to food together with oxalic acid and aspirin, since such a combination may cause the development of urolithiasis;
  • in case of diagnosing hypercalcemia;
  • with individual intolerance of one of the active components of the oil extract;
  • with varicose veins;
  • in case of increased blood clotting.

So that you can benefit from sesame oil exclusively and strengthen your health, it is better to consult with a doctor before using it. Negligence or the excessive use of this oil can provoke development of the complicated consequences.

Sesame oil in cosmetology

Sesame oil has gained incredible popularity in cosmetology

As already mentioned, sesame oil has gained unheard of popularity in cosmetology. The first oil from sesame seeds is used to improve the condition of the skin. With it, you can get rid of small wrinkles and age spots. Dermatologists advise the use of oil in its pure form for the treatment of a number of diseases, for example, dermatitis and eczema.

Many representatives of the beautiful half of humanity rightly noted the beneficial properties of sesame oil. With the addition of a number of other components based on it, it is possible to prepare masks that will moisturize the skin and at the intercellular level will saturate it with the necessary micro and macro nutrients. One of the beneficial properties of sesame oil is its contribution to rejuvenation. If you apply this oil extract in the composition of the masks, then you can trick a bit of nature and slow down the aging process.

Many women use sesame seed oil to treat their hair. With the help of oil components, you can improve the hair structure, especially if your curls are constantly subjected to staining or heat treatment. Due to its calcium content in sesame seed oil, it can be used to treat and strengthen nail plates.

How to take the remedy?

Independently calculate the dosage of sesame oil is undesirable. If you still want to strengthen your health and improve immunity, then while taking oil extract from sesame seeds, follow some rules:

  • for prophylactic purposes, this oil extract is best taken immediately after waking up on an empty stomach;
  • the daily dose of oil from sesame seeds should not exceed 3 tbsp. l for an adult;
  • To correctly calculate the required dosage, multiply 1 g by your body weight: the data obtained will indicate what your daily dose of sesame oil consumption is.

If you adhere to the diet, then lose weight with sesame oil will be possible only if you eliminate the use of other vegetable and animal fats. Otherwise, those extra pounds will remain in place.

Women reviews

Some express their admiration for the benefits of sesame seed oil.

In the global network you can find many diametrically opposed reviews. Some express their admiration for the benefits of sesame seed oil, while others say that they have not noticed any result or visible changes.

Many women leave comments that they use sesame oil for cooking various dishes. This oil extract allows you to make truly culinary masterpieces. Some people say they take fasting sesame seed oil daily. During the reception, they noted a number of improvements: the normalization of metabolic processes and the condition of the skin, strengthening the nail plates and hair.

Many women claim that with the help of sesame oil, they managed to return the curls of former beauty and strength. Hair growth has accelerated about two times. Some sesame oil helps to cope with age-related changes, especially in menopause.

As you can see, this vegetable oil extract contains a huge amount of useful, nutritious, fortified micro and macro elements. If you want to improve your health and improve immunity, then use sesame seed oil daily. Do not forget to pre-test and consult with a leading physician. Carefully read all contraindications. Remember that eating sesame seed oil should only be beneficial to you. Be healthy!