Sea buckthorn candles


Delicate problems require delicate solutions. Diseases such as constipation, hemorrhoids, and other lesions of a proctological nature can become a serious difficulty, since patients are embarrassed to appear to the doctor (especially men) and for a long time gather with the spirit for this. In addition, many fear that the treatment will be very difficult and painful. This is not always the case. Candles with sea buckthorn oil - one of the most effective tools that are often used in the treatment of proctologic and some gynecological diseases.

Candles with sea buckthorn oil: instructions for use

Candles with sea buckthorn oil: instructions for use

The active component of candles is sea buckthorn oil. Sea buckthorn berries oil is known to be the strongest antioxidant, it has a pronounced antiviral and antimicrobial effect, and the content of vitamins A, E, C and K in it promotes healing. In addition, the viscous structure of sea buckthorn oil acts on the surface of the skin or mucous membrane very gently, almost without causing unpleasant sensations.

The composition of sea buckthorn candles also includes wax as an additional component, due to which they manage to give a torpedo shape. Candles should be kept strictly in the refrigerator - they dissolve in the human body at body temperature, and can melt even at room temperature, especially in the summer.

The use of candles can be both rectal and vaginal. In the first case, the insertion of a candle into the anal canal is necessarily performed after natural bowel movement or after a cleansing enema. In the second case, before the introduction of the candle you need to douche infusion or decoction of chamomile.

Usually, the doctor prescribes the use of 1 candle per day, so that it is better to introduce it at bedtime. You need to lie on your back and, in the prone position, open the candle packaging (if you do it earlier, it can melt right in your hands). Then the candle is gently inserted as deep as possible into the vagina or into the anal canal.

Sometimes prescribed to use the candle twice a day. Therefore, you should know that it is completely dissolved in about 40 minutes, and another 20-30 minutes the absorption of the active substance. Components unnecessary to the body (wax, for example) will "pour out" back. Therefore, if you use a candle during the day, after the introduction you need to lie down for an hour and a half. Flowing wax heavily stains linen, so it is desirable to use sanitary pads.

Sea buckthorn hemorrhoids: treatment regimens

Sea buckthorn candles for hemorrhoids: instructions, application patterns

Sea buckthorn candles for hemorrhoids: instructions, application patterns

Anyone who happens to experience hemorrhoids knows how painful this disease is. It also causes embarrassment, especially if you are forced to visit people often. Often, patients lose much weight, because they tend to eat less, in order to less often perform a bowel movement, which turns into a real torture.

  • Candles with sea buckthorn oil are still popular, despite the fact that the development of medicine has led to the emergence of a variety of remedies for such an unpleasant illness as hemorrhoids. Perhaps this is due to the fact that the effect of the use of candles comes quickly enough, and the person will feel relief almost immediately. In addition, candles do not contain substances with difficult to pronounce names, which inevitably arouse suspicion in people without medical education, and sea buckthorn oil is a simple and understandable component. In addition, candles with sea buckthorn oil have a very pleasant aroma. Perhaps their only drawback is associated only with fastidiousness in storage.
  • Adults sea buckthorn candles for hemorrhoids are prescribed by 1-2 per day, depending on the degree of development of the disease. It is noteworthy that this drug is also indicated for pregnant and lactating women. As is known, during pregnancy and especially after childbirth, hemorrhoids can seriously worsen or even “crawl out” for the first time, therefore for future and young mothers, candles with sea buckthorn oil become a real salvation.
  • Candles are usually used as follows: 1 pc. in the morning and 1 before bed for 10 days. Treatment can be extended up to 2 weeks, however, practice shows that relief already occurs for 3-4 days, and after a ten-day course the disease no longer returns.

The use of candles for other diseases

The use of candles for other diseases

This drug is also effective for constipation. By the way, there is also such a folk remedy against acute constipation - to eat a spoonful or two sea buckthorn oil. Sea buckthorn candle also has a laxative effect, they are often used to treat even chronic constipation.

In addition to proctological diseases, candles with sea buckthorn oil are also used in gynecology - as a co-agent in the treatment of erosions, colpitis, etc. The healing effect of sea buckthorn candles has a beneficial effect in cervical erosion. Since sea buckthorn oil is also an antimicrobial agent, it is also used in the treatment of thrush. For example, sea buckthorn oil is contained in such agents as Terzhinan, Arilin, Dalatsin.

In some cases, vaginal buckthorn candles can be used as a contraceptive. The composition of sea buckthorn oil includes components that are detrimental to sperm.

About cases of overdose with the use of this drug is not known, however, side effects may be as follows: itching and burning in the anus, allergic reactions, diarrhea. In the first two cases, sea buckthorn candles should be immediately abandoned, in the third - diarrhea can be short-lived, so you first need to watch a little. If the chair quickly adjusted, then everything is in order.

There is only one contraindication to the use of sea buckthorn candles - hypersensitivity or an allergy to the sea buckthorn plant itself.

How to use the tool for children?

Sea buckthorn candles: instruction for children

  • If a child has constipation, candles with sea buckthorn oil are an excellent way to eliminate it. Before use, you must do an enema.
  • Children under 7 years of age sometimes face the problem of an anal fissure. The mucous membrane lining the anal canal from the inside is damaged and causes pain. Causes of cracking can be different - diarrhea (when the mucous membrane swells and becomes easily damaged), constipation (fecal compacted and then damage the mucous membrane during defecation), less often - a mechanical effect (for example, injury by an enema tip) or scratching caused by itching with pinworms .
  • Usually, during anal fissure, the child is very anxious, often crying, does not sleep well. In the process of bowel movements, the baby feels a sharp pain, so he tries to hold back and not to go to the pot longer. Alas, this leads to compaction of the fecal masses and to even more injury to the mucous membrane.
  • However, sometimes the presence of anal fissure does not cause the child pain. Its existence can be guessed only by the presence of blood in the stool of a child. Both in the first and in the second case it is not necessary to delay the treatment - take your child to a doctor immediately. And do not be afraid that he will be hurt during the examination - in such cases, anesthesia is always performed before the examination.
  • Treatment of anal fissure is prescribed complex. First, the diet - the child must take a food that has a laxative effect in order to alleviate the pain during bowel movements. Secondly, sedentary baths with a weak solution of potassium permanganate - they disinfect the affected area of ​​the mucosa. Baths should be done immediately after natural bowel movement. After the bath, a candle with sea buckthorn oil is inserted into the anal canal. If natural emptying does not occur, an enema should be given before inserting the candle.
  • The dosage in children from 6 to 14 years is the same as in adults - 2 candles per day. Children under 6 years old are allowed to use only one candle at night. The course of treatment may take from 5 to 14 days. Usually already for 2-3 days the crack is delayed, the child stops the pain.

Sea buckthorn candles, the instructions for use of which are presented in this article, are very popular not only because of their effective healing effects on the body, but also because of the attractive price - a package of 10 candles costs only about 100 rubles. For many people, candles with sea buckthorn oil are an integral part of a first-aid kit, as a remedy for constipation. The only time - do not forget that they should be stored in the refrigerator.