Sage is a shrub that belongs to the family of Labiaceae and sometimes reaches a height of 70 cm. The flowers have a blue-violet color and are collected in spike-shaped inflorescences.

Since ancient times, this plant has been used for medicinal purposes. Various physicians of ancient Greece called this herb “sacred” and treated women for infertility by insisting on its leaves a special “Greek tea”. Also this herb was common in ancient Rome.

Sage: useful properties and contraindications

Sage: useful properties and composition

The composition of this herb is a large amount of essential oils, because of what it has a specific aroma. It also includes terpene compounds, for example, cineol, borneol, thujone, pinene, and others. Sage leaves contain vitamins of group P, phytoncides, alkaloids, flavonoids, tannins and resinous substances, acids and bitterness of organic origin.

  • Sage is used both in traditional medicine for self-treatment and for pharmacological purposes. It has antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties. In folk medicine, this plant is used to treat diseases of the throat, colds, shortness of breath, with acute tooth pain, inflammatory processes in the liver, as well as bowel and stomach diseases. Externally, the tool is used for tumors, for this is usually used fresh leaves of grass. Another property of the plant is the regulation of sweating, which is why women use it during menopause, as well as with tuberculosis and fevers.
  • For inflammation of the skin, wounds and festering ulcers, minor burns and frostbite, sage is used. But most often they are treated with diseases of the pharynx, mouth and upper respiratory tract. Also, this plant belongs to the tonic.
  • In our time, sage often treat infertility in women, a little less it helps with infertility in men. For this purpose, it is necessary to use an infusion from the seeds of this herb, the duration of treatment is 3 months, after 2 months the treatment can be repeated. With frigidity in women, this plant is also very useful, its use, if not completely cure the disease, it will greatly facilitate its course.

Sage: Useful Properties

  • When baldness, thrush, diabetes, radiculitis, gum disease, asthma and other ailments, the herb also has a very large positive effect. In addition, sage can be used in cooking as a seasoning. Most often it is added to dishes that include pepper, cinnamon or sugar.

Sage: Medicinal Properties

This plant is actively used for the production of pharmacological preparations, for example, for the manufacture of "Salvina", which is used for rinsing when inflammation occurs in the oral cavity and throat. For this you can use and infusion of leaves of the plant. "Salvin"- an antibiotic of plant origin, it contributes to the fight against staphylococci and streptococci.

Aslotions and baths This herb is used for burns, frostbite, purulent ulcers and wounds or inflammation of the skin. For the treatment of eczema and psoriasis, a herbal infusion bath is used.

Sage: contraindications

In folk medicine, this plant is very widely used, but representatives of official medicine are against this. According to the results of research, the plant brings a positive effect only when applied externally during inflammatory processes, and its use inside is not allowed, as it is capable of disrupting the structure of the mucous membranes of the body through strong influence.

Sage: contraindications

In pregnancy and acute nephritis, the use of this herb is contraindicated. In large doses, it can not be used, and the course of treatment can not last more than 3 months. It is also associated with its effect on the mucous membranes of the body. Also, studies have shown that long-term use of funds from this plant can upset the nervous system, until the appearance of nervous disorders.

Sage: planting and care

  • This plant most often reaches a height of 15 cm, its flowers are similar to the spikes, which are formed above the leaves. As for their colors, the most common are blue and white. Nowadays there are sage flowers that are purple, red, purple, purple and pink.
  • This herb is grown not only for use in traditional medicine, but also as an ornamental plant. This flower grows well in drained moist soil. Not every plant variety can survive in loam, but only the most resilient ones. To adapt the soil for planting, it should be deeply dug, and then mixed with a large number of fertilizers of organic origin, for example - humus, compost, manure. You can also add some coal and sand.
  • Caring for sage is not a big deal, because it does not need frequent watering, because of this it refers to plants that are drought-resistant medicinal herbs. It should be provided with abundant watering only in the first few weeks immediately after planting. And after you only need to monitor the appearance of the plant - if it has become sluggish, then this suggests that it needs watering.
  • Reproduction occurs as seeds and cuttings, everyone can choose the option that he considers more suitable for himself.

Sage: reviews

According to reviews of people who used various means that included this plant, it can be concluded that it increases the level of estrogen in the body, thickens the endometrium, the ovaries get the ability to self-ovulate, and later pregnancy occurs, because it has a special positive effect on hormonal background of the female body.

Sage: reviews

Based on the feedback from patients, etatrava reduces pain during menstruation, helps to cure infertility in women, and if a woman breastfeeds a child, it helps to stop lactation. In violation of the menstrual cycle, this herb is recommended by many experts of traditional medicine. At high tides during menopause, sage has a healing effect due to the estrogenic effect, and it can also slow the bleeding.

In terms of its structure, sage is very similar to the female hormone, estrogen, which is produced by the human body and takes part in the formation of the follicle, so we can conclude that sage is a plant phytoestrogen.

According to many women, those who have poorly developed follicles, a small endometrium or a low level of estrogen hormones need to use this plant, but later a menstrual cycle may occur, this will be due to a shift in ovulation for an indefinite period.

Sage very effectively affects the human body, because it has many useful properties. Applying a plant, you can significantly improve the overall state of their health.