A modern person has the opportunity to choose: not to think about the benefits of nutrition or to include in the diet products that promote healing. One of the types of supplements that are available and enriching the table is bran, the benefits and harms of which have been known to health food lovers for a long time. It is easy to find them on sale - they heal the body reliably!

Bran: a variety of species and benefits

Bran is a shell of grains separated during the processing of cereals.

Bran is a shell of grains, separated in the process of processing of cereals into flour or cereals. The rigidity of these elements is valuable for a healthy diet. Sell ​​bran and pharmacies and supermarkets. Since cereals are grown the most diverse, respectively, there is a species classification for bran. Demand are:

  • wheat;
  • oatmeal;
  • buckwheat
  • rye;
  • rice
  • linen.

Bran is valued due to the content in their composition of fiber, amino acids, fats, trace elements, a complex of vitamins. These products are not a separate dish, it is not possible to build a complete nutrition on their basis. However, nutritionists often recommend that bran be included in the diet, the benefits and harms of which have now been studied in great detail. The most important condition is to adhere to the measure. And then the bran will benefit - as those who want to lose weight, and elegant by nature, as weakened, and without complaints about health. This product can be consumed by people of different age categories.

Thanks to the valuable element - dietary fiber - bran helps:

  • improve the intestines, get rid of toxins;
  • prevent constipation and hemorrhoids;
  • prevent dysbacteriosis;
  • effectively regulate weight;
  • to establish the removal of bile.

Rye - nutritious

It is easy to find rye bran on sale, whose benefits and harms are well known to both nutritionists and simply lovers of the "right" food. This product is a residue of processed rye grains and has a significant amount of useful elements. These bran differ in a balanced content of proteins, fats, carbohydrates. There are vitamins in them (A, E, K, as well as group B). The most valuable substance - fiber - contributes to the excellent self-cleaning of the body.

Due to the relatively high calorie content, rye bran is used in the diet of athletes, people with poor health. It is desirable to consume them at lunch - at this particular time the body will be able to master all the useful elements as much as possible. The daily rate is 150 g. Bran rye valuable for such purposes:

Bran is valued due to the content in their composition of fiber, amino acids, fats

  • bran bread helps with constipation;
  • decoction is useful for hypertension;
  • toxins are excreted from the body;
  • metabolism returns to normal;
  • healthy hair and nails.

Experts do not note negative when using rye bran in food. However, there is a caution: do not consume the product in case of stomach diseases (gastritis, ulcer).

Flaxseed - multivitamin

If you are interested in flax bran (benefit and harm of the product), pay attention to the fact that they are rich in multivitamins and valuable for the human body elements. Such an additive to the table will help those who wish to consume healthy food, and those who seek to drive away excess weight. Known for its useful fiber in flaxseed takes 25% of the volume. In addition, there are useful micro and macro elements, as well as substances that counteract radiation, neutralize free radicals. The advantage of flax bran - in their composition contains such an amount of omega-3 fatty acids, which can significantly outpace other types of cereal shells.

Useful properties of flax bran are used for:

  • fight against manifestations of fungal diseases;
  • prevention of the appearance of malignant neoplasms;
  • body cleansing;
  • greater effectiveness of losing weight;
  • getting rid of constipation;
  • proper functioning of the endocrine system.

Consumption of flax bran is harmless. It is important not to exceed the rate, which is 30-60 g per day. With this dosage, the product has a beneficial effect on health and well-being.

It is recommended to refrain from flax bran to the representatives of the stronger sex in diseases of the prostate gland. Bran increase the product of the female hormone - estrogen, which is prohibited at the specified disease.

Rice - delicate

Rice grains are covered with a brown shell, which is the basis of rice bran

Nutrition of the peoples of Asia since ancient times is based on rice. The product is recognized as a guarantee of good health and longevity. Rice grains are coated with a brown shell, which is the basis of rice bran. The product contains gluten in significant quantities.

If you are interested in, what is special about rice bran (the benefits and harm to the body), then, above all, the delicacy of their actions attracts attention. The product contains a large amount of potassium, which is necessary for the proper functioning of the muscles - cardiac and skeletal. A significant proportion of bran belongs to phosphorus, on which the correctness of metabolism, the health of the skeleton. Also, the product is rich in iron, which contributes to the saturation of blood with oxygen.

Consumption of rice bran benefits in such cases:

  • elevated blood sugar;
  • disruptions in metabolism;
  • broken intestinal microflora;
  • disturbed blood composition;
  • cancer and rehabilitation after chemotherapy, radiation treatment;
  • high cholesterol;
  • manifestations of allergies.

Rice bran has a beneficial effect on the human body, they are harmless. This product is universal. The only caveat - you need to adhere to the rate of consumption. The grass in this form is high calorie, so it will be enough to add 1 tbsp. l bran to every meal.

The benefits and harm of bran for the body - a question of interest to many people who are aware of the importance of healthy eating. Consumption of this product has a beneficial effect on health, subject to the recommended standards. With the help of different types of bran, it is possible to achieve general recovery, purification, improve the work of many body systems, overcome some ailments. Be sure to pay attention to the warnings, because for certain diseases such additives should not be consumed.