Rubber harness for training

The rubber harness for training is not a newfangled fixture, but rather an old simulator in an improved form. Today, these expanders can be purchased at almost every sporting goods store. How to choose the right harness? What does its color mean? How to train with him? These are the questions we will consider today.

Is a rubber expander a useful thing or is it just another dummy?

Rubber Expander - A Good Thing

Remember, back in Soviet times, for the restoration of seriously ill patients, physicians prescribed physical education classes using a special elastic expander? It was he who became the prototype for the development of modern rubber loop for training. Today this simulator is designed to perform three main functions:

  • build muscle;
  • get the body back into shape;
  • restore body tone.

If you think that practicing with a harness is another kind of self-indulgence, we hasten to dissuade you. Nowadays, many professional athletes use the elastic expander, and any fitness trainer will tell you that this thing is extremely useful during training.

The main advantages of the rubber simulator are as follows:

  • Such exercises help to pump hard-to-reach muscle groups that are not amenable to development using conventional simulators.
  • The tourniquet creates resistance for the arms and legs, helps to tone the muscles of the hips and buttocks.
  • Unlike the exercise with lifting barbell or dumbbell, rubber devices give a gradual load on all muscle groups.
  • Despite its flimsy appearance, the rubber loop is not torn and is considered absolutely safe for humans. Its stretching is smooth, and this allows the trainer to regulate the degree of load, thereby protecting the joints and ligaments from overloading.
  • The rubber loop helps beginners lighten the load. With its help it is much easier to master the correct technique of push-ups or pull-ups on the uneven bars.
  • Power athletes with the help of this device weights the lifting barbell without the risk of strain on the back muscles.

But most importantly, with all the benefits of a rubber band as a sports projectile for training, the possibility of using it for medical purposes is not excluded. Under close supervision, many experts help patients recover from severe injuries and stroke.

Black, orange and blue: how to choose the right color?

Acquisition of an elastic expander

If you are already thinking about purchasing an elastic expander, then you should know that they are of several types:

  • in the form of a bandage;
  • in the form of a flat tape;
  • by type of rope.

Rubber bandage for training is sold not only in a specialized store, but also in a regular pharmacy. It has a fairly low cost and is convenient for exercises with an emphasis on the knees, ankles or elbow joints. The disadvantage of this device is the fact that it is impossible to regulate the level of load. To create a stronger resistance, sometimes you have to wrap the bandage in several layers and adjust its length.

Rubber band and rope for training in their functionality are the same. The only difference, perhaps, is their appearance. The tape is flat, and the rope is twisted. Both versions are made from natural latex using a multi-layered technology for applying rubber.

In addition, latex tape differs in color, and this is not a marketing ploy, but a special marking:

  • Black tape is designed to create resistance from 5 to 22 kilograms. This suggests that in order to stretch the rubber, you will need to exert an effort equal to the lifting of gravity weighing at least 5 kg. As the belt pulls, the resistance will increase, but do not worry - when reaching the critical point, the harness will not burst, but simply cease to stretch.
  • The blue tape will create resistance from 27 to 68 kilograms. It is recommended to buy it to trained athletes, law enforcement officers, for beginners, the black version is more suitable.
  • The orange elastic expander will begin its work after the application of thrust equal to 30 kilograms, and will reach its maximum at 78 kg.

Of course, if you wish, you can find other models with more or less resistance, but the options described are the most popular. The colorful appearance of rubber bands will lift your spirits during your workout and will serve as an excellent incentive for hard work on yourself. To purchase such a product is definitely worth it if you are aiming to have a toned body and elastic muscles.

Training features

Training features

Exercises with a rubber band can pick up a huge amount. To do this, at first, it is advisable to consult with a trainer, in the future it is possible to master new types that will be directed to the work of a specific muscle group.

As for the mounting of the expander itself, then all the options will depend on the form of training:

  • If this is a normal workout or fitness, the tape is used as an aid. She is pulled on her arm or leg, pulled by the neck.
  • When working with a barbell, put a loop on one end of the bar, run the tape under the simulator and fix the other end to the opposite side of the bar.
  • If a horizontal bar or parallel bars are used as the main equipment, then the harness is recommended to be fixed on both sides in the form of a loop. This mount allows you to securely fix the expander and ensures that you do not fall during the exercises.

For any workouts, remember that proper and reliable fastening is your main insurance. This is the only way you can guarantee your safety.

To look good, to have toned forms, elastic buttocks and a beautiful press, of course, you need to play sports. However, many people avoid training only because they consider it a boring and routine exercise. With bright rubber harnesses of various shapes and sizes, your workouts will be held in the same breath, and your mood will remain at the highest level even when your body is squeezed like a lemon.

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