Tea relieves fatigue, relieves thirst, helps fight boredom and depression, and its medicinal properties have been known for a long time. Among the huge variety of varieties of tea Roybush remains the most mysterious. Useful properties and contraindications of this drink - the topic of our conversation.

African gods gift

How is rooibos tea useful?

Rooisbos, Bushman tea, Redbush or Rothshubsi - all these amazing words refer to the same drink. We call it simply Roybush, and the name also sounds in the language of African inhabitants - compatriots of this amazing tea.

Starting familiarity with the drink, you will surely come across many myths and legends associated with its discovery to the world. And in fact, Rooibos and the tale are closely intertwined with each other. It is rumored that the bush, namely, tea grows, was presented to the ancient bushmen by the gods and was presented as a source of eternal strength, beauty, energy and youth.

Perhaps, in this little fairy tale there is also a grain of truth, for it’s not for nothing that the magic bush can be grown only in one place on the planet. No, this is not at all the slopes of the mountainous Himalayas, but a modest terrain in southern Africa near Cape Town.

It should be said that the place itself is very mysterious: it is here that two oceans connect - the Atlantic with cold waters and the warm Indian. In combination with the unexpected whirl of the weather, when the scorching sun hides abruptly under thunderclouds, unique conditions are created for the birth of the most mysterious tea.

Tea magic - this is how you can briefly describe what a miracle is Rooibos. Do not believe? It's time to see for yourself.

Fabulous drink is useful even for children.

How is rooibos tea useful?

A few centuries ago, the aborigines knew and appreciated the properties of this plant. However, tea came to America and Eurasia only in the first decade of the 19th century, when Africans became interested in importing their products.

It is worth noting that at first people didn’t particularly appreciate the exotic taste of a spicy drink until the Japanese intervened in this - the true connoisseurs of the tea ceremony. They found out that Roybush tea does not harm the body, and its benefits surpass the legendary green and black varieties in some ways.

Today, the drink is valued throughout the world mainly due to its very rich in nutrients composition:

  • Roybush contains about 100 aromatic oils, which not only make the tea very fragrant and tasty, but also have a beneficial effect on the nervous system: soothe, energize, elevate mood.
  • At the expense of natural tetracycline which is a part, it would seem, usual at first sight drink in a marvelous way turns into a natural antibiotic. It greatly enhances the protective functions and improves the body's ability to withstand respiratory viral diseases.
  • Amazingly, unlike other teas, there is no caffeine in Roybush at all. This means that you can drink it even for children, pregnant and lactating women.
  • Flavonoids fight skin aging, activate the processes of tissue and cell regeneration, and also prevent the appearance of malignant tumors.
  • But the sweetness of the drink gives natural glucose. Diabetics can take advantage of this, as well as those who carefully watch the figure, because the need to add sugar to tea disappears by itself.

It should also be noted that in addition to the usual macro-and microelements, one can find many minerals and vitamins in the composition of Rooibos. Magnesium, folic acid, calcium and copper are just a short list of them.

Of course, over time, if you take into the habit of drinking the African infusion in the morning, all its beneficial properties will gradually become less noticeable. However, the effectiveness of tea on the amount of the drink will not decrease. Africans are confident that the constant use of this tea significantly increases the life span, sharpens the senses, enlightens the mind and mind.

Fifty flavors

Rooibos: useful properties and contraindications

In our stores, tea based on the twigs and leaves of Rooibos can be found in two versions - green and red. Its color does not affect the quality of the product, and the color depends on the method of assembly and drying. So, to get the green option, Africans collect ripe leaves of the shrub and immediately steamed them. The very same tea is characterized by a mild flavor with grassy notes. Such a drink is familiar to the Slavic people.

To obtain red Rooibos, the leaves of the plant first undergo a process of natural fermentation and only after that they are collected and dried under the scorching rays of the sun. The taste of this tea leaves is unusual: the tea feels characteristic woody notes and a slightly sweet taste. In southern Africa, it is the red drink that is preferred, although for our fellow citizens it is a kind of exotic.

Ask a true tea connoisseur about Roibush, and the reviews will be only of a positive nature: there is no harm, and there is a lot of benefit. In addition, the undoubted advantage is the fact that the taste of tea bags will be no worse than loose tea leaves.

As for the way the tea ceremony is held, there is no special privilege for the drink. You can insist it in the usual way in a teapot or a little later in the oven, then the tea will become more saturated color and strength. By the way, Africans love to cook Rooibosh like an espresso - in a coffee maker, and then add fresh milk to it. Try this option too.

If after all that you have read, you still have doubts about the advisability of buying such tea, throw them aside. Rooibos is worth the money spent for its beneficial properties and taste characteristics. The one who has tried this magic drink at least once, in rare cases returns to the use of coffee or tea of ​​another sort.