Rowing machine


The rowing simulator is a complex simulator aimed at developing the strength and endurance of a person. With it, you can develop almost all the major muscle groups, accelerate metabolic processes and simply improve your body. This simulator was created to simulate swimming and rowing. Most people appreciate the convenient device, as evidenced by numerous reviews.

What is a rowing machine?

Rowing machine: reviews

Rowing machine is a design of arms and flywheel. Thanks to the well-thought-out technology, you can realistically repeat movements as close as possible to rowing on a boat. Some simulators have fans that mimic the wind.

It is difficult to answer the question to which group do the rowing simulators belong: cardio, strength or universal.

During classes you will use all muscle groups, which is very convenient.

Classes on the rowing simulator can be aimed at combating obesity, at restoring the respiratory and cardiovascular systems. During workouts, endurance, spinal flexibility, joint mobility develops, and overall physical condition improves.

The uniqueness of the rowing simulator lies in its complexity. The main advantage of it is that the joints, ligaments and the spine during exercise are not subjected to heavy loads and are not injured.

Rowing simulators are divided into 2 types: mechanical and magnetic. The first one is cheaper, it has less capabilities compared to the second one. Magnetic simulator allows you to adjust and set each row separately. There is also a type of device with an integrated electromagnet that allows you to perform the most smooth movements. It is silent in use and durable.

Rowing machines are suitable for both home and commercial use. They are equipped with a flexible adjustment system and control of various load levels. During a workout, it is imperative to monitor the heart rate. This will help you mini-computer, which not only counts the pulse, but also displays all the necessary data, and also saves current results for further analysis.

As a rule, for constant power supply to the rowing simulator it is necessary to connect to electricity. But there are models that do not require power. Consider this fact when buying a simulator.

The only disadvantage of the devices is the relatively high price. The cost starts from 6 thousand rubles and above.

How to deal with it?

Rowing machine: reviews

  1. With proper exercise, your knees should not be subjected to stress. They are in a relaxed state;
  2. Training should be preceded by a warm-up;
  3. Classes must begin with a minimum load, with each day gradually increasing it;
  4. The duration of the exercises should also be increased gradually. The main thing is not to overwork, otherwise the muscles may overwork;
  5. To avoid injury, rowing speed should be moderate;
  6. Rows perform smoothly, without abrupt pauses and movements.

Reviews of the simulatorTorneoGolfstream:

Lyudmila: Budget and effective simulator. If it were not for her husband, I would never have known about such a necessary device for training the whole body. Chose this company because of the availability and impressive appearance. We train with the whole family almost every day, although with active use the pumps heat up a lot, despite the load adjustment.

Vasily: A very good simulator, I have been practicing it for more than six months. The results are there, and they make me happy. Muscles become elastic, the back and chest gain relief. Another plus is that it takes up little space, if necessary it can be folded and put away. "

Marina: I have been doing the simulator for a long time, the impressions are only positive. The only thing that he lacks is the inability to adjust the length. With a small height, it is too long, but it is not critical. I advise everyone to buy this wonderful device.

What is good KettlerFavorit rowing machine?

Rowing machine: reviews

  • Angela: A great simulator, I have been practicing for a year. During this time, I tightened my hips, buttocks, stomach, strengthened my arms and back. It does not take up much space, so it is convenient for use in an apartment. The only negative is the high cost, not everyone can afford it.
  • Igor: Dear simulator, they decided on a purchase for a long time, but I was pleased with the result. The unit is made very high quality, it is pleasant to use. With regular classes, you can significantly adjust their shape. If you want a quality and durable thing that will please you, do not take the money and buy this simulator.
  • Alain: Two years ago my husband was presented with a Kettler Favorit simulator. 2 months he was regularly engaged in it. The results surpassed all expectations: fatigue was gone, the body was pumped up, began to get up in the morning before. Children also do it. In general, we are pleased with the gift.

Rowing machines for the home have earned the most favorable reviews. With it, you can easily develop strength and endurance. It strengthens almost all major muscle groups, and also fits in any apartment. The rowing simulator is an affordable alternative to real rowing.