Rinofluimucil for children


Sometimes it seems that children simply cannot grow up without a cold. For its occurrence, there are always many reasons - bad wet weather, the spread of viruses in kindergarten or school, etc. With the appearance of such symptoms, parents are forced to look for a drug that will be effective and safe for the child. Among which relate Rinofluimucil.

Rinofluimucil: instructions for use

Rinofluimucil: instructions for use

Rinofluimucil is a local drug that has mucolytic and vasoconstrictive effects. Due to its components, it eliminates the causes of the common cold. It is proved that the drug really treats the disease, and does not eliminate the symptoms.

It produces rinofluimucil in the form of a spray, which makes its use convenient for children from the age of one year.

Components of the drug:

  • Acetylcysteine ​​- dilutes secretions, is also an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant component;
  • Tuaminoheptana sulfate - able to eliminate the signs of inflammation (swelling and redness), has a vasoconstrictor effect.

The active components of Rinofluimucil allow you to relieve swelling and cope with nasal congestion. Spray does not accumulate in the body when used properly. Rinofluimucil can be used in children, even with a year, but only after the recommendation of the doctor.

According to the annotation to the drug, the main indications for the use of Rinofluimucil will be acute and subacute rhinitis with purulent-mucous discharge, sinusitis, vasomotor rhinitis, etc. Due to the fact that the drug is quite strong, it is not prescribed for a cold. Manufacturers claim that the use of the drug for more than a week is forbidden, and you should not exceed the allowed dosage and increase the course of treatment.

Reviews of rinofluimucil for children

Reviews of rinofluimucil for children

Analyzing reviews of Rinofluimucil, it is noticed that many mothers do not understand what kind of drug it is, how to use it. You can often find: "Rinofluimucil - an antibiotic" and further arguments about the dangers of all antibiotics as the strongest poisons. You can refute the 3 most critical errors:

  • Rinofluimucil is not an antibiotic! This must be borne in mind, since the drug does not cancel therapy with antibacterial agents.
  • The fact that sinusitis can be cured only by rhinofluimucil is also a fairly common misconception. This drug has no antibacterial action, so its use is justified only if the inflammation is accompanied by swelling of the mucous membrane. In such a situation, Rinofluimucil avoids complications.
  • Many forms of drug release. Rinofluimucil can be released only in the form of a spray! The tool is used exclusively intranasally.

In the rest, the reviews about the drug are positive, mothers note its effectiveness.

Catherine: In the cold season, the daughter became very sick, they started the disease. The doctor prescribed Rinofluimucil. Personally, I decided that another advertised tool, especially when I saw its price. But it turned out to be wrong. The medicine helped a lot. And quickly - there is something to be pleasantly surprised. Among the minuses one can note the high price, and the fact that after opening the package the spray cannot be stored for a long time - no more than 20 days.

there are no analogues of Rinofluimucilthere are no analogues of Rinofluimucil

There are no structural analogues of Rinofluimucil, this drug is unique in its kind. But there are still analogues of the therapeutic effect, that is, decongestants - "Adrianol", "Coldactact", "Koldar", "Nasik", "Pinosol", etc. But still these medicines can be prescribed for the treatment of mild colds and simple rhinitis, but Rinofluimucil is usually prescribed in severe and serious cases.