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Hydrogen peroxide in a first aid kit is usually located for the purpose of disinfecting an open wound. This is the fastest way to extract pus and clean the damaged area as much as possible, as well as to dry it if there is an active excretion of blood. It is also practiced rinsing the mouth and throat with sore throat and stomatitis. But not everyone knows that peroxide can be used internally. However, before reaching for the bottle, it is necessary to figure out what to do and how to properly conduct the therapy.

Why drink hydrogen peroxide?

Why drink hydrogen peroxide

The chemical substance H2O2, known as hydrogen peroxide, begins to decompose when it comes into contact with tissues, and oxygen is released, which causes oxidation of the organic parts of the cell. The foam that appears when the peroxide is in contact with an open wound is a clear demonstration of this process and the main sign that dirt has already entered into the wound (or inflammation has begun), which after turning on the protective functions has turned into pus. Along with foam, a wide variety of garbage is pulled out: both dead tissues and microorganisms. In addition, the bleeding stops.

  • The effect of a substance on an organism (in particular, on tissues) depends on its concentration: with a high percentage (from 30%) local tissue irritation occurs, as well as depigmentation. This property causes the brightening effect that is used in hair dye. And low concentrations - up to 0.3% and up to 3% - have a bacteriostatic and bactericidal effect, respectively.

Of course, it is impossible to take high concentrations orally, as this can provoke a burn of the mucous or lead to more sad consequences. In traditional medicine often use only a solution with a strength of less than 3%. What for?

  • Any diseases that can be cured through the destruction of pathogenic microflora, allow the inclusion of hydrogen peroxide in therapy. These are viral, infectious and fungal diseases. It is assumed that such treatment can even get rid of cancer cells.

It should be noted that, despite the absence of visible contraindications (usually only individual intolerance is mentioned), this substance can cause negative reactions from the gastric mucosa: heaviness, pulsating pains, diarrhea. At the same time, science has not yet identified a single disease that would become an obstacle to the oral use of the drug.

How to carry out the procedure of cleansing the body?

positive reviews on the use of hydrogen peroxide by Neumyvakin

Such therapy received widespread thanks to Professor Neumyvakin, therefore, when it comes to oral use of the solution to cleanse the body, it is his method that is remembered. How she looks like?

  • The maximum dosage per day is 30 drops, for 1 dose - 10 drops. Moreover, it is necessary to reach this volume, since at the initial stage only 1 drop is taken. It is required to be diluted in 50 ml of warm (room temperature) water. The next day, the dose is increased to 2 drops.
  • Reception is carried out 3 times a day, for 10 days you need to get to the maximum 10 drops, dissolved in 50 ml of water.
  • Remember that only a 3% solution is allowed, or in a lower concentration.
  • According to Neumyvakin, it is necessary to drink hydrogen peroxide on an empty stomach, so that after eating 2 hours have passed, and there will be at least 30 minutes before the next one.

It should be noted that if there is discomfort in the stomach, you need to increase the amount of water - that is, reduce the concentration of the healing liquid. You can also take a break for 3 days, and then resume from the same point where you left off. After 10 days, be sure to rest 8-10 days, after which the procedure can be repeated, but the dosage is no longer increasing: You drink 10 drops per 50 ml of water in the morning, afternoon and evening for 10 days.

Opinion of doctors and consumers

oral peroxide does not practice

Interestingly, this method even got its name - oxygen therapy. True, it is still related only to traditional medicine. The official oral use of peroxide does not practice, but does not put a clear ban on such treatment, since from a scientific point of view there is no evidence to support the hypotheses about the negative impact of such procedures on the body.

  • Alla: Despite the fact that the official dosage for Neumyvakin is 10 drops per reception, I have been drinking 15-17 drops each, for the past 3 years. I feel great, and I noticed the main positive response of the organism when I had suffered from tick-borne encephalitis as if it had not existed. Magic remedy!
  • Vera: At first, hydrogen peroxide was used only for rinsing (treating sore throat), and then I read about the opportunity to cleanse the body and caught fire with this idea. At the first reception, it was not at ease - the pulse quickened, her palms were sweating, on this day she no longer drank, but the next time she repeated. Surprisingly, everything went well. Sustained 10 days, took a break, drank 10 more days, and so for half a year. I feel as if I was 10 years younger!

In conclusion, it should be said that, despite the positive reviews about the use of hydrogen peroxide according to Neumyvakin, the occurrence of individual reactions from the digestive tract and nervous system is possible, which the professor himself explains by active withdrawal of toxins. But if these symptoms do not go away for a long time, stop the course and be sure to see a doctor!