Respiratory gymnastics buteyko

The benefits of correct, proper breathing, carried out on certain technologies, speech has been a long time. Moreover, not only among those who do not want to expose their body to the effects of medicines that are controversial in their effect, but also among doctors.

Respiratory gymnastics, which was previously practiced only by Strelnikov, and later began to actively develop and turn into new authoring techniques, promises to relieve from respiratory diseases, including asthma, and normalize metabolic processes. One of the old copyright methods, once again gained popularity, was Buteyko breathing. What are its features?

What is the principle of respiratory gymnastics by Buteyko?

principle of respiratory gymnastics by Buteyko

This system was developed during the USSR, and 30 years later it was officially adopted by the Ministry of Health. As well as other variants of respiratory gymnastics, the method of K.P. Buteyko initially focused on the treatment of bronchopulmonary diseases, then began to help in getting rid of the manifestations of allergy, adenoiditis, improve the condition of the blood vessels. Gradually, we began to observe the positive effects of gymnastics on immunity, blood pressure, skin diseases (eczema, psoriasis), and the nervous system.

In addition, it became known that doing Buteyko gymnastics can cure a person with diabetes, if it is not associated with genetic prerequisites, since breathing has an effect on insulin. And the same reason contributed to the development of methods in the field of nutrition - they began to apply it to combat obesity.

The Buteyko method of action on the body is to save carbon dioxide and its constant flow. It was scientifically proven that its deficiency is not peculiar to a healthy person, but it is observed in case of bronchopulmonary diseases and some other diseases. Therefore, the technique is built in such a way as to avoid the lack of carbon dioxide, which is typical of modern man, who spends most of his time in a sitting position. This is where the main part of today's diseases comes from.

Detailed steps breathing Buteyko

Detailed steps breathing Buteyko

The emphasis is not only on the inhale, as a used person, but also on the exhale, so that a certain amount of carbon dioxide is maintained. To check the true state of the body, first conduct a small test: exhale and hold your breath. If only 5 seconds passed before the next breath, there are serious disturbances in the body. 30 seconds - in mild form. A healthy body can do without breathing for 1 minute.

  • The essence of the Buteyko breathing technique is to reduce the depth of inhalation and exhalation. This is done for 5 minutes, after which a break is needed. In severe illness, it is desirable to conduct sessions every 4 hours.
  • Basic exercise: take 5 seconds for each inhale and exhale, after a full circle (inhale + exhale), make a delay of 5 seconds. Perform 10 repetitions.
  • Now breathing deepens - the scheme of action is the same, but the time of inhalation and exhalation is increased to 7.5 seconds. If the stopwatch is not accurate, take 8 seconds. Break - for 5 seconds.
  • After that, you should take 10 breaths and exhalations, first left, then right nostrils. Those who are not involved in the work, pinch your finger. Ensure that breathing is smooth, equal in duration at each stage.
  • The last but one exercise: on the inhale, which takes 7.5 seconds, draw in the stomach. Without relaxing it, exhale for 7.5 seconds too, and then hold your breath for 5 seconds. Again 10 repetitions.
  • Complete a trial lesson with active ventilation of the lungs: highlighting for 5 seconds. for each breath in and out, make them very deep. After 12 laps (on expiration), hold your breath and endure as much as possible.

Immediately it should be said that the best with the methodology can be found, if you turn to a specialist who practices it. However, by far not all medical centers offer such a service, so those who are interested in Buteyko breathing have to master the basics on their own.

Reviews of breath on Buteyko

Reviews of breath on Buteyko

Patient's opinion about this technique was positive at the time of its appearance, although it was repeatedly noted that it cannot be called simple. The exercises discussed above are only the initial, easiest stage, and the main unit is selected depending on the disease, as well as the treatment regimen of respiratory gymnastics. Over the years that the Buteyko method exists, the number of positive responses to its address has increased significantly.

  • Alyona, 26 years old: Buteyko resorted to respiratory gymnastics not for medical treatment, but for sporting reasons - the trainer advised him to practice for increasing endurance. I did exercises in the morning and evening, literally for 5-10 minutes. At first it was difficult, it seemed that I was beginning to gasp, I wanted to take a deep breath. Then the process went easier. After a month of daily sessions I can perform a delay longer, it became easier to manage breathing during workouts.
  • Inna, 30 years old: In my eyes, Buteyko’s method of frequent asthma attacks that had tormented her since childhood, my grandmother got rid of, so I had no reason not to trust the breathing exercises. She tried it herself when she came down with pneumonia. Of course, there was drug therapy, but I will not deny the merit of gymnastics, because it was after her that the active recovery began.

In conclusion, it should be noted that the opinion of doctors, as opposed to the opinion of patients, is rather diverse. Not everyone agrees that the arbitrary control of the depth of breathing can have a positive effect on health, especially on the vital capacity of the lungs and the respiratory center in general. Thus, it is better to resort to this technique on the recommendation of a doctor and to master it under the supervision of a specialist.

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