Removing warts at home


Skin problems - the most unpleasant phenomenon, especially for the fair sex.Common and harmless skin diseases include warts.

What are warts?

Warts are a skin disease., not caused by the inflammatory response of our body. In appearance, they are small, somewhat reminiscent of small tumors. Most often, they are harmless, that is, they are not malignant.

Removing warts at home

The size of these unpleasant formations on the skin is usually quite small, only a few millimeters, but they are also quite large.

Causes of warts

  • The main reason for the appearance on the skin of undesirable formations doctors include a certain virus.. It can be transmitted through the general use of objects, as well as upon contact of a person with a patient.
  • Moreover, the virus does not immediately manifest itself. You can see unpleasant bloating on your own skin after direct or indirect communication with a person who has had or has skin problems after a few months. During this time, the virus multiplies rather quickly and skin deforms, small formations - warts appear.
  • Not only their visible manifestations on another person, but also invisible, can cause them. This means that a sick person may become a carrier of this virus, not knowing about it, because there may not be any of them on his body at all, or they may appear later. Interesting fact that upon contact with the patient, not any person can become infected with an insidious virus. For someone, the immune system works very well and does not allow it to enter the body and multiply there.
  • Scientists have identified a direct relationship between the emotional and immune background of a person and the likelihood of skin infection with unpleasant formations. This dependence is directly proportional. In other words, the more a person is nervous, subjected to all sorts of stress, the higher the chance of infection with an unpleasant skin virus. Influence the likelihood of virus infection and the formation of warts wounds on the skin in the form of small cracks, microtraumas, etc.

Removing warts at home

  • If you do not take quick measures to get rid of unwanted formations, they can spread throughout the body and, in addition, increase in size. In very rare cases, they can also become malignant.

How to get rid of warts at home?

The most necessary thing to do when you find warts on your skin is to consult a dermatologist for help. But help the body to overcome the virus can be using recipes of traditional medicine.

Here are some ways to get rid of warts by yourself at home.

  • Garlic - excellent disinfectant. Rub the problem areas of your skin several times a day with a cut garlic clove until the warts disappear. Of course, this method has one significant drawback - it is an unpleasant smell of garlic. Having rubbed their skin, you will need to avoid contact with people. But this method is effective, so use it when you are sure that you will spend a day or more alone.

How to get rid of warts at home?

  • One of the excellent means of getting rid of an unpleasant problem is celandine grass. But buying it at the pharmacy is not necessary - it will not help. Here the peculiarity of the treatment is that you should take fresh grass and spread unwanted formations with fresh orange juice. Therefore, the disadvantage of this recipe is the limited use of it in a temporary relationship. This method of treating warts is possible only in spring or summer., when in the forest grows celandine. But on the other hand, celandine is a very effective remedy, and also the skin virus is most often manifested during periods of exacerbation of all diseases (spring and autumn).
  • Another seasonal remedy is smearing the innocuous blistering on the skin with fresh dandelion juice. True, with large, outdated warts, he can not cope.
  • In the fall to get rid of unusual neoplasms on the body will help rowan juice.
  • Ice - simple enough, but also an effective tool in the fight against warts. Well he helps children. Attach a piece of ice to the problem areas of the skin and wait for the ice to melt. In a few days, all signs must disappear completely.
  • Acetic acid -affordable way to eliminate warts. At bedtime, drip one drop of acetic acid from the pipette to each round tumor on the skin. This method is not suitable for children., and adults need to be very careful, because if the acid gets on the skin, it can leave burn marks.
  • You can use another popular prescription for the use of acetic acid, a safer one. Should take onion, cut it into small slices or circles and soak it in vinegar. The process of soaking usually lasts no more than 2 hours. Then attach the bow to the problem areas of the skin and secure with a bandage. Do the procedure before bedtime. In the morning, remove the bandage. Warts will start to fade before your eyes. after just a few such procedures.
  • Also try lubricating them. castor oil. True, this method resembles the lubrication of unwanted formations on the skin with garlic. Castor oil, as well as garlic, has an unpleasant smell. This is the main disadvantage for using this recipe.
  • a piece of chalk - unusual way to get rid of warts. It should grind it and sprinkle them on the skin problem areas. To consolidate the result, re-peel the chalked warts and leave for a few hours. The procedure is best done at night. In the morning we remove the bandage, and treat the skin with ice.
  • You can also lubricate unwanted formations on the skin. juice of green apples.

How to get rid of warts at home?

By the way, in the treatment of an unpleasant virus, you can use several popular recipes. The effectiveness of this immediately increases. Yes, and someone will help one recipe, and someone - another.

itthe most common and effective ways to treat warts at home. However, before resorting to them, consult your doctor and find out whether the small dots on your skin are warts, if this is not their more serious imitation, a malignant tumor or something else.

From the problem areas on the skin, you can simply get rid of at home, without resorting to the course of treatment prescribed by the doctor. It is only important to choose a recipe that is right for you. And remember that the stronger your immunity, the more stress-resistant your body, the less chance you have of having problems with an unpleasant skin virus again! Proper lifestyle and healthy nerves - an excellent prevention of warts!