Removal of polyps in the nose. laser treatment

Nose polyps are benign growths from the mucous membrane of the paranasal sinuses. In adult males, polyps are found 2–4 times more often than women. Running degree is a serious disease, because the patient loses the sense of smell, the nasal passages are closed, the openings of the paranasal sinuses are also blocked, and this can lead to other diseases of the nasopharynx. For this reason, timely treatment is very important.

Experts share several stages of development in the nose of polyps, namely:

  1. Formations block only the upper part of the nasal septum;
  2. Connective tissue grows strongly and covers most of the space in the nasal septum;
  3. Polyps fill the entire space.

Such formations can occur for several reasons:

  1. Introduction of fungal infection;
  2. Allergy;
  3. Impaired arachidonic acid metabolism;
  4. Malfunction of the paranasal sinuses and the nose itself;
  5. Chronic inflammation with pus;
  6. Salicylic acid intolerance syndrome;
  7. Cystic fibrosis.

Removal of polyps in the nose

One of the first signs of the formation of polyps is nasal congestion, because they put pressure on the blood vessels, thereby disrupting the blood supply to the tissues. They, in turn, become more susceptible to diseases, which causes frequent inflammation of the palatine and pharyngeal tonsils and middle ear.

Loss of smell by the patient is another 1 sign of the formation of polyps in the nose, which block the part of the nasal mucosa responsible for the sensation of odors. If the disease was neglected, then it will be impossible to regain the ability to perceive, even after the necessary operation. If the polyps are rather large, then the patient's voice becomes nasal, in addition to this, the opening of the auditory tubes may close, and this affects speech impairment and hearing loss.

In children, polyps in the nose are determined quite easily: the mouth is open, the lower jaw dropped, and the nasolabial folds are smoothed. Difficulty breathing over a long period of time can lead not only to deformation of the dental system and face shape, but also to deviations in the development of the chest. Most dangerous is the formation of polyps in the nose in infants, because in this case sleep and nutrition are disturbed, and this can cause bronchitis and pneumonia, as well as weight loss.

Older children and adults, there is a headache that occurs due to impaired blood circulation, the work of the gastrointestinal tract also worsens, appetite disappears, vomiting and diarrhea open.

Polyps in the nose: surgery

Before surgery to remove such formations, the patient undergoes a thorough examination, which includes a blood test, biochemical and general. The doctor should be informed about all the medicines that the patient takes at the time of preparation for the operation, about diseases, including chronic, cardiovascular system, of course, provided that there are any. You should also say about allergies to plants, drugs and food.

This operation is performed under general anesthesia, and its essence lies in the excision of the polyp. During this procedure, the paranasal sinuses are washed, this helps to prevent the re-formation of polyps. Gauze swabs are inserted into the nasal passages to stop the blood, which are removed after several days. After removal of polyps and in order to prevent infectious complications, antibiotics are prescribed. After surgery, complications may occur, namely:

  • Infectious complications;
  • Adhesions and adhesions in the nasal passages;
  • Bleeding;
  • Repeated formation of polyps in the nose.

Laser removal of polyps: a technique

Removal of nasal polyps with a laser has several advantages, because it is an absolutely sterile method, which eliminates the risk of infection and complications. This procedure is gentle, the formations are removed under local anesthesia, and due to the ability of the laser to seal the vessels, blood loss is minimal.

The laser completely removes the cells from which polyps are formed. The procedure itself takes a little time, as well as the rehabilitation period. In addition, the laser does not leave scars, scars and incisions. The result of such an operation is necessarily checked for the presence of poor quality cells.

Removal of polyps in the nose

This procedure is carried out in the ENT hospital, on modern equipment. The operation itself to remove such formations takes 15 minutes, and the recovery period lasts 3-4 days. During this time, the patient may experience pain in the area of ​​the nose and difficulty in breathing. In order to avoid infectious complications, doctors prescribe a course of antibiotics.

Carrying out the procedure

Laying the nose with polyps can lead to a lack of air, among other things, it affects the nervous system, sleep is disturbed and fatigue appears. Removal of polyps in the nose with a shaver is an operation that best preserves the nasal mucosa and causes the least injuries.

Such a manipulation is performed without incisions, the doctor simply inserts the tools into the patient's nostrils, and then directs them to the affected areas and the polyps are completely removed through the nasal openings. A shaver, or otherwise microdebrider, removes polyps with extreme precision within healthy mucous membranes. The doctor sees all his actions on the monitor screen.

In addition to the removal of polyps, a specialist can correct the patient’s anatomical defects. As a result, breathing becomes free, because the natural circulation of fluid between the sinuses and the nasal cavity begins to occur.

A similar operation is performed under local or general anesthesia, so the patient does not feel any pain. In the hospital after surgery are 2-3 days. The patient must comply with all appointments and prescriptions of the doctor. The most commonly prescribed solutions with the content of sea salt and special sprays for the nose. So the healing process will go faster, and new polyps are not formed. The doctor will independently remove crusts, mucus, flush the nose, or prescribe a special drug to perform a nose wash at home.

Polyps in the nose are not only an uncomfortable process, but also a serious disease, i.e. it is better to go to the hospital immediately after the first signs appear. By the way, do not be afraid of the operation to remove such formations, because it is performed under anesthesia. Modern techniques allow you to get rid of the disease quickly and painlessly.

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