Relief ointment for wrinkles

Relief ointment is an effective hemorrhoid remedy with local effect. But many drugs find their use for other purposes. It happened with this ointment. Many women claim that Relief copes with wrinkles and bruises under the eyes. What is the reason for such a miraculous effect, and is it really?

Relief Ointment: composition and properties

As mentioned above, this ointment is not intended for cosmetic purposes, but numerous reviews suggest the opposite. This is due to the unique composition of Relif. It contains shark liver oil, hydrochloride, phenylephrine, a large amount of fatty acids, vitamins (especially E), vegetable oils (thyme, corn, thyme and essential), as well as beeswax and glycerin. Together, these components do an excellent job with wound healing and smooth the skin.

For example, vitamin E prevents premature aging. Oils also play an important role in skin care, because they tend to nourish and moisturize, thereby smoothing wrinkles. Beeswax effectively nourishes, improves skin elasticity and removes toxins. Shark liver oil generally has a number of beneficial skin properties:

Relief Ointment: composition and properties

  1. Strengthens the walls of blood vessels and prevents the blockage of veins;
  2. Keeps moisture in the skin;
  3. Minimizes the amount of inflammation and irritation;
  4. Helps smooth wrinkles softens the skin;
  5. Removes puffiness, eliminates bags and dark circles under the eyes;
  6. Restores water balance;
  7. Contributes to the overall rejuvenation of the skin.

You need to understand that Relief ointment is not a panacea for wrinkles, but only an ambulance. It is good to use it when a quick result is needed, for example, after a sleepless or restless night, when there is simply no time and energy to remove bags under the eyes. To smooth out wrinkles, this ointment should also not be used regularly, but only to achieve an immediate effect, for example, before going to any event.

Instructions for use

To achieve the maximum effect you need to properly use the ointment. As a rule, it is applied 1 time per day (preferably before bedtime). Despite its airy structure, the ointment is not completely absorbed into the skin, which adversely affects the further application of makeup.

Before using Relief, the skin must be cleaned of cosmetics, grease and dirt. This will help you foam or gel for washing, as well as lotions, tonics and milk. After Relief is applied to problem areas of the skin with smooth patting movements (it is necessary that the tool penetrates deep into wrinkles and fills them). A few minutes after the application, if necessary, remove the remains of the ointment from the skin with a soft cloth.

To give a greater effect, apply ointment to wrinkles in a thick layer, fixing it with a plaster. The latter contributes to a better penetration of the drug into the skin, providing a deeper effect.

Ointment Relief is perfect for getting rid of mimic wrinkles in the eyes and lips. To eliminate the larger ones, it’s better not to hope for it, although you can try. The tool is not recommended to use more often for 5 days in a row, and the general course should not exceed 2 weeks. The break between courses is obligatory, it must be at least 30 days. If you ignore this rule, then after a couple of months of constant use, the skin will get tired and will become pale, dry, flabby and lifeless due to the glut of active components of the ointment.

Among the side effects of the ointment can be identified irritation, redness, burning, allergic reaction to the components of the drug. Usually, these symptoms disappear on their own after they stop using Relief ointment. Before using the product, it is recommended to test it for an allergic reaction, inflicting on delicate areas of the body (wrist, neck or earlobe).

Pregnancy and lactation, diabetes mellitus, thromboembolism and blood diseases are considered to be contraindications to the use of the drug.

Relief ointment for wrinkles

Relief Ointment is an effective remedy for hemorrhoids and anal fissures, which has long established itself as a remedy for wrinkles. Evidence of a lot of positive feedback. But do not hope for a miracle, because no means (even cosmetic) can ever make your skin young. From age changes, unfortunately, do not run away. Try to minimize your wrinkles with Relief ointment, but use the product moderately in courses or as an emergency aid to the skin.

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