Red spots on the head and foreskin in men

Full sex life for a man is an important component of his everyday foundations. In normal condition, there should be no flaking or redness on the head of the penis. If a man noticed red spots on the head, then this is a signal for an immediate appeal to the attending specialist.

Red spots on the head in men: the causes

Red spots on the head in men: the causes

Representatives of a strong half of humanity, who noticed that a rash or red spots of various diameters appeared on the head of the penis, are not too quick to visit the venereologist, because they consider this a shameful thing. When such symptoms appear, one should not neglect one's health, since the red spot on the head of the penis may have an infectious nature of origin. If the appearance of such spots is due to the development of infectious processes, then a doctor should be consulted so as not to endanger his sexual partner, and also to avoid the development of complicated consequences.

So, the appearance of red spots on the head of the male genital organ may be due to the pathogen or non-infectious causes. Let's look at each group in more detail. Non-developmental causes include:

  • the appearance of an allergic reaction, for example, to a condom;
  • weakening of immunity;
  • lack of personal hygiene;
  • wearing underwear, provoking the development of allergies.

When the body’s immune defenses are weakened, fungal bacteria can actively reproduce, which until then had been in a dormant state. These pathogens can trigger dermatitis. As a rule, this pathology is manifested not only by redness on the head of the male sexual organ, but also by a small rash, bubbles filled with fluid. If you do not start treatment in time and do not eliminate the cause of the appearance of such spots, then complicated consequences may develop, which will cause a man many inconveniences, including in the genital area.

the cause of redness on the head is an allergic reaction to the material of condoms

As practice shows, another common cause of redness on the head is an allergic reaction to the material from which the condom is made. Often, men during sexual intercourse like to experiment, using various lubricants, lubricants, etc. These substances may also cause the development of an allergic reaction.

In addition to non-infectious factors causing the appearance of spots on the head of the male genital organ, there are also infectious pathogens. Such spots can signal the development of infectious processes, which, as a rule, are sexually transmitted. These include:

  • psoriasis;
  • candidiasis (thrush);
  • genital herpes;
  • syphilis.

If the infectious pathology is not treated, then over time, in addition to red spots, a burning sensation and itching will also appear on the head. The head may be covered with a crust, wounds will be formed.

Diagnosis and treatment

Any rash on the head of the male genital external organ indicates a malfunction in the functioning of the body. A healthy man should not have any spots on the genitals. Often in practice there are cases when a large red spot appears on the head. In this case, no associated symptoms may not be, but this does not mean that the man is completely healthy.

The appearance of a spot, one or several, may indicate not only the development of the above infectious and non-infectious pathologies, but also the production of the papillomavirus pathogen in the organism. In order to diagnose such a disease, you should undergo a full-scale examination and pass a series of tests. The signs of the development of this virus include:

  • the appearance of spots on the head of the genital external organ, which increases in diameter with time;
  • gradual filling of the stain with liquid and changing its contour.

At the initial stage, such an infectious disease may be completely asymptomatic, but this does not mean that you do not need to contact a physician. Think about the fact that the development of various pathologies can provoke the appearance of complicated consequences, including infertility.

rash on the head of the male sex organ

The appearance of red spots on the head and foreskin of the genital organ in men can be a sign of the development of more serious ailments, such as:

  • oncological diseases;
  • Bowen disease;
  • erythroplasia keira.

Self-treatment of such pathologies is extremely undesirable and is not recommended. Any treatment is aimed primarily at eliminating the cause of the disease. If red spots on the head of the male genital organ appeared as a result of the development of an allergic reaction or weakening of the body's immune defenses, the doctor prescribes a treatment course that includes vitaminized, immunomodulatory, immunostimulating and antihistamine pharmacological preparations.

In addition, the attending specialist may recommend changing the underwear and more carefully relate to the choice of fabrics from which it is made. When using contraceptives, the venereologist may suggest choosing another means of protection. Considerable attention is paid to cosmetic products used for personal hygiene.

If the appearance of red spots on the foreskin, the trunk of the genital organ or its head is caused by infectious pathogens, the treatment will necessarily include taking drugs that have antibacterial effects. The doctor can prescribe not only oral pills, but also special ointments or sprays.

The treatment course, as a rule, takes no more than two weeks. As for serious diseases that have an infectious nature, for example, syphilis, then its treatment will take at least a month. The doctor will prescribe a comprehensive treatment that will include taking various pharmacological drugs. In addition, in the next two years after the cure of the disease, the man should be systematically examined.

Preventive measures

Preventive measures of redness of the penis

To avoid the appearance of red spots on the head of the male genital organ, a number of preventive measures should be observed daily, in particular:

  • personal hygiene;
  • wear linen from natural fabrics;
  • use only a suitable cosmetic tool for intimate hygiene;
  • twice a day to wash the genitals with soap and water;
  • do not have sex without contraception;
  • strengthen your immunity;
  • lead a healthy lifestyle.

In order to avoid the appearance of various rashes on the head of the male genital external organ, representatives of the strong half of humanity should pay special attention to their health and constantly support the immune system. It is necessary to avoid casual sexual relations with unverified partners or to use contraception. When the primary symptoms appear without shame, you should immediately contact the attending specialist. Independently diagnose the cause of the spots and cure the disease will not succeed. Be healthy!

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