Red spots on face peel off - what to do


Beautiful clean and well-groomed skin adorns any woman. But not all nature has awarded the perfect skin. Someone she can shine on the forehead, someone constantly has pimples or acne, and someone embarrassed black dots on the nose, which darkens the mood on the most positive day. It is necessary to understand thatskin is an indicator of your body, and if something is wrong with it, it means that you have some internal health problems.

What to do if you have strange red spots on your skin, and on top of that, they also peel off? They may disappear and reappear or reside on the face. With red spots on the skin, characteristic signs appear. - the skin becomes rough and wrinkled, becomes coarser, and touch it extremely unpleasant and sometimes even painful. The skin may flake off in the form of large scabs. The affected area is flaky, itchy and itchy.

Red spots on the face are peeling off - what to do?

All would be nothing if such spots appeared for a short time, and then disappeared without a trace. But they tend to "live" on the face for a long time, sometimes even for years, causing strong psychological experiences. The usual children's cream here, as a rule, does not help, the root of the problem must be sought much deeper.

Causes of red scaly on the face

If you have been suffering from red spots on your face for a long time, you should not self-medicate or wait until they pass by themselves. Immediately consult a dermatologist for an accurate diagnosis. Perhaps they can be the cause of some more serious illness.

Red spots on the face may appear for various reasons.. The nature of their manifestation is also the most diverse. In the most positive case, the spots may appear for several hours and disappear, or they may last very long and leave traces after their disappearance. Among the reasons for the appearance of red scaly spots are highlighted:

  • allergies, such as citrus fruits or cats. In this case, the spots arise without any particular reason, it is worth a person to meet with an irritating factor - the sun, citrus, pollen and some animals. Usually such red spots are accompanied by sneezing, tearing and itching.
  • reaction to the weather. Often, red spots appear as a result of a long stay in the scorching sun. Most of this reaction is to be wary of owners of dry and thin skin. With a long stay in the wind during the cold season, such a reaction may also occur.

Red spots on the face are peeling off - what to do?

  • acne or acne. When deep and visible eels form on the face, they are often accompanied by red spots protruding in the center. Such acne occurs as a result of various factors: hormonal imbalances in women, adolescent transitional period, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, the common cold, various infectious diseases. The solution to the problem here should be sought in the elimination of acne itself, then the red spots will pass.
  • dilated blood vessels on the face. Appear when external stimuli affect the skin - wind, pollen, etc. Usually, such an organism reaction manifests itself as flat spots on the face.
  • Rosacea. This is a chronic skin disease, in which red spots and purple acne appear on the skin. Rosacea mercilessly affects the nose, cheeks and chin. The causes of this disease have already been called a lot, but scientists still can not determine the specific factor in the appearance of rosacea.
  • demodicosis. This disease is caused by subcutaneous mites and is very difficult to treat, while looking extremely unaesthetic. However, with prolonged and persistent treatment, you can completely get rid of the subcutaneous tick.
  • high blood pressure. When in the body of hypertensive patients there are sudden jumps in pressure, it is often accompanied by red spots. But such a reaction can sometimes be observed in hypotensive.
  • emotional factors: anxiety, stress, deep feelings. People with a rapidly excitable nervous system with embarrassment, anger, public speaking are often covered with red spots.

Treatment of red scaly spots

  • To make an accurate diagnosis, the doctor will need to pass laboratory tests and on the basis of them to prescribe treatment.
  • If red spots appeared as a result of eczema, rosacea, or demodicosis, here you will not be able to use ointments alone, you will need complex treatment. Follow all the recommendations of a specialist, including paying great attention to your diet. You will have to permanently abandon fatty and unhealthy food and at a minimum use sweet and flour.
  • If red spots are provoked by an allergic reaction, the patient is prescribed antihistamine medication and anti-allergic ointment. Food products that may cause allergies such as eggs, citrus fruits, honey, nuts, chocolate, etc. are excluded from the diet.

Red spots on the face are peeling off - what to do?

  • Spots caused by wind or sun usually pass by themselves, after the skin calms down and is in a comfortable environment for a long time. To prevent such eruptions, try to lubricate your skin with an ointment containing a vitamin complex every time before going out in windy or too hot weather.
  • When blemishes appear due to problems with the gastrointestinal tract, proper treatment is required to eliminate the cause of the failure. If we postpone the treatment of the tract, the spots themselves will certainly not pass, and may even get worse.
  • In the event that spots appear on the face as a result of severe stress or excitement, the irritant should be removed and sedatives should be taken, such as Barboval, Novopassit, or an old proven extract of valerian. At night you can drink tea with mint or soothing charges.
  • It is important to choose the right line for skin care, paying attention not to its popularity, but to how it suits your skin. Cleans very well and helps to fight various skin problems white clay.

In any case, in order to get rid of red scaly spots on the face, you need to make a visit to a competent dermatologist. And starting from his recommendations, you will take the necessary measures.