Red eyes in a child


Surely many people know that when fatigue is formed, red eye syndrome. It is believed that this is often associated with work at the computer and is formed only in adults. But this is not entirely true, because this syndrome occurs in children.

Red eyes: what could be the reasons?

The eyes turn red in different ways, since more than one disease can be the cause of this. Often, children have eye irritation, which can be caused by hitting any object or due to a long stay in front of a computer monitor or TV.

If, in addition to redness, pus begins to stand out from the eyes (especially after waking up) and tears flow, this indicates conjunctivitis, a contagious disease caused by viruses, bacteria or an allergic reaction. There is another eye disease - blepharitis - the corners of the eyes redden with it due to inflammation of the edges of the eyelids of both the upper and lower eyelids, and also crusts with ulcers appear.

An eye disease that develops very quickly and in which the organs of sight also turn red, it is uveitis. This disease is distinguished by the fear of light, the formation of spots before the eyes, and a fuzzy picture that patients see.

In newborns, the cause of redness of the eyes can be blockage or in another way - obstruction of the lacrimal canal. Often this causes the formation of mucopurulent discharge when pressed on the lacrimal sac under the eyes. It requires cleaning the canals, but it can be done only in the hospital or you can do a massage yourself and put disinfecting drops 4-5 times a day in the eye. From the drops fit vitabact or chloramphenicol 0.25%.

Why does a child have a red eye? If a baby has only one red eye and at the same time it is very painful, then this is a symptom of an attack of acute glaucoma, which in most cases is associated with an increase in eye pressure. In this case, you can not postpone the trip to the doctor, since the neglected disease can lead to blindness or severe loss of vision.

Red eyes in a child: causes and treatment

Red eyes: what to do first?

If a child has red eyes or conjunctivitis, then this can be eliminated by yourself at home with the following manipulations:

  1. Lotions of cotton pads, which were previously dipped in strong tea or chamomile. Apply discs need on closed eyes for 5-10 minutes;
  2. Chilled compresses. Take cotton wool dipped in a cold chamomile solution and attach to the eyes for no more than 5 minutes. Repeat these procedures every 2 hours;
  3. Flush eyes with a weak warm solution of furatsilina or table salt;
  4. Take antihistamines that are allowed at the age of the child;
  5. Instilling eyes with antibacterial drops (in the case of bacterial conjunctivitis).

Diseases such as uveitis, blepharitis and glaucoma are not amenable to treatment at home, so you need to take the child as soon as possible to the ophthalmologist when the first symptoms are detected.

To prevent redness of the eyes of the child and to avoid infection of various kinds of infections, first of all he should talk about the rules of personal hygiene. It is necessary to alternate the load with the rest, to limit the presence in front of the computer and the TV, do not touch the eyes with your hands.

What to do when a child has red eye whites?

In children, the whites of the eyes often turn red unexpectedly and there are many reasons for this phenomenon. If the whites of both eyes turn red, and besides, they also itch and tear, which may indicate an allergy.

Also, the whites of the eyes may turn red due to dry eye syndrome, which may be caused by the training process and other eye loads. At the same time, a weak lacrimal discharge is formed and therefore the eyes turn red. Nowadays, this syndrome can be caused by spending most of the time at the computer or TV, a little less often - by drawing, reading or writing.

If, together with the reddening of the eyes, the baby has a fever, and tearing and nasal discharge are formed, this indicates the appearance of a cold or conjunctiva.

But if pus is released from the reddened eye, this is a clear sign of a bacterial infection - and this requires an immediate visit to the doctor.

In the case when the redness of the eyes is accompanied by burning or pain, pain, this may indicate a foreign object in the eye: dirt, dust, mote.

Many children also have inflammation of the fundus or iris, eye injuries and diseases of the choroid. In these cases, you should immediately go to the hospital so that the specialists can give your baby the necessary help!

Red eyes in a child: causes and treatment

Treatment of a symptom such as redness of the whites of the eyes will first of all be aimed at the cause of the condition.

If a bacterial infection occurs, the treatment will consist in taking antibacterial drugs, which the specialist will select individually for each patient, based on the collected history. The priority in this case are cephalosporin, chloramphenicol, tetracycline, sulfanilamide agents. To reduce the main cause, the patient may be prescribed vasoconstrictor agents, like tetrizopin, which must be applied 3 times a day for 4 days. With more prolonged use, the eyes get used to the drug, because of which dry eye syndrome is formed.

If the whites of the eyes become red due to a long stay in front of the TV or computer, then it is better to plan the time of loads and the time of rest. And the best treatment in this case is a good dream.

In dry eye syndrome, artificial tear preparations, which can be purchased at most pharmacies without a doctor's prescription, will help perfectly.

If the capillaries explode in the eye, in most cases, treatment is not even required. But in the case of an infectious etiology of rupture, experts prescribe antibacterial agents.

If a patient starts glaucoma, then first you need to clarify the form of the disease, because the treatment of each of them is fundamentally different from the treatment of the other. Sometimes it may even require surgery.

If the baby's eyes constantly blush even despite the rules of personal hygiene and the child does not spend much time in front of the computer monitor and TV, then this may be a sign of anemia, diabetes, worms, disorders of the gastrointestinal tract, and more - farsightedness and myopia. It requires treatment of the underlying disease.