Rawa raafaello

In the transition to the food of living food on the old memory often want sweetie, so we offer you a recipe of raw food sweets, reminiscent of Raffaello. Of course, they will taste much different from the real ones of Raffaello, but not for the worse. True connoisseurs of healthy food should appreciate our recipe.


For making sweets we will need the following products:

Rawa Raafaello

  • 1 banana;
  • 20-25 dates;
  • 250 gr. Walnuts;
  • 150 gr. Almond;
  • 5 apricots (can be replaced with half a banana);
  • 1 coconut;
  • Honey (to taste).


1. Break the coconut, separate the pulp and grind it in a blender to shavings. We set aside, it is useful to us later.

Rawa Raafaello

2. In a blender, grind nuts to a state of flour and pour into a bowl in which we will mix the dough. You can add coconut flakes to flour.

Rawa Raafaello

3. Next, take dates, separate from the bones and mix in a blender with a banana, apricots and honey. Add some water so that the mass is not very thick, but not liquid.

Rawa Raafaello

4. Put the resulting mass in nut flour and mix. We got the dough.

Rawa Raafaello

5. Take a wooden board and sprinkle it in a single layer of coconut chips. Dough take a little teaspoon and gently roll into balls, which roll in chips.

Rawa Raafaello

6. Put the candies on the plate and put them in the fridge for 3-4 hours.

Rawa Raafaello


  • If you are cooking this dish for guests, you can decorate the plate with mint leaves, berries or fruits.
  • In the dough, you can add different fruits and berries to your taste. Experiment!
  • The jackets are very nourishing, and the saturation does not come immediately, so do not attack them.
  • For those who eat separately, sweets will not do, but for a transitional period and just to indulge yourself is a great delicacy.

Live food can be not only healthy, but also very tasty!

Good appetite!

Especially forwomeninahomeoffice.com.ru- Olga

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