Raw foods - vladimir kulishov


Vladimir is a syroed. He recommends not listening to anyone, but living in harmony with himself, loving himself and getting his own unique experience.



Why did you switch to raw foods?

Probably, I wanted to change something in myself, I did not have enough love for myself. I will tell you only one thing - love yourself. Until you love yourself as you are - with this plumpness, wrinkles, eyes, voice, you will not live in harmony with yourself. When you stand in front of a mirror and say: "I need to lose weight, I'm fat, I'm not beautiful," the mirror reflects the same thing: "You need to lose weight, you're fat and not beautiful." Each person falls into a cyclical pattern when he is talking about something, thinking. We can ignore this and listen to my experience, but this is rubbish. Anyway, everyone will succeed in the way he feels himself and how he is related to himself and to the world, and not the way I tell you. Everyone's experience is unique! In any case, each will receive, according to his attitude towards himself, his perception. You see, as long as you do not love yourself, until you change your attitude towards yourself, you will have problems that you have invented.

Have you had a breakdown?Do you plan to continue eating like this?

I plan, of course. Here, many raw foodists write about their experiences, and mention there, each time failures. But, a person, having read this experience, will make the same mistakes on the subconscious, there will be a breakdown only because he learned about them. "The greatest purpose of a person's life is work with thought." Where thoughts are — there and the body; where thoughts are — such and feelings, and behind them actions. Having eaten something inanimate, being on cheese or fruit, I blamed myself, I already had the impression on my subconscious about what is bad and what is not. And my body was hurt because it was in my thoughts. That is why people who eat normally do not understand how, for example, tea can be harmful. I, being on traditional food, was always healthy. Because I always thanked for excellent health, I knew that I was healthy.

How did you fight with public opinion, and how has your life changed in connection with the transition to raw food?

Of course, eating raw food is a natural and future for him. But to go to it, you need to ask the question: Do I need this? And, based on what I said above, just eat raw fruits and vegetables. Just a lot of people make food bigotry. They change their diet, but they do not change their attitude towards themselves, towards people. Therefore, there are questions such as "did you have to fight with public opinion?" - yes, every day I shot those who disagree! Just by going to the correct type of food, you will change the interests, desires, and views; you will want to go to the forest, away from people and the city. Do you need this? It does not matter what I say, it is important - perception. Therefore, it is not necessary that on a different diet, you will have what I wrote. And what would happen if you believed my experience. Experience is only yours, and it is individual. The main thing is what we do for people, do good where we are, do we do at all. Consciousness is primary. How many times I did not change the type of food, in the end I was led to the same thing - thoughts, attitudes, love for myself. And self-love is when there are no right or wrong actions, good or bad, no appreciation, comparison of yourself, you simply accept and allow yourself to be anybody. Then the transition to another type of food will be nice, pleasant. Because if I retold my experience, you would, having gone through it, having gone through all the failures, accusations of yourself and others, breakdowns, and so on, would have written the same thing in the interview. Only you are responsible for everything that happens to you, and this text is no exception.

What can you say to those who are just about to start eating like you?

When you remember who you are and why you are here, you cannot have problems and sufferings. Even if there is, you suffer consciously, if you eat, you consciously eat - EVERY action in self-awareness. And food is, as it were, a push, after which you come to this awareness. Sorry that I did not answer many questions, but I think the answer to many things was heard. I wish everyone to love themselves any and always live in harmony with themselves. Light, love and kindness!

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