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Valery eats raw food for about a year. He recommends that everyone switch to this type of food in order to become a cleaner body and soul.

Before and after:

How did you find out about raw food, when and why did you decide to go to it?

I found out when I listened to Vadim Zeland's audiobooks "Transurfing of Reality". And he decided to go when he listened to another book - Shemshuk Vladimir Alekseevich "Raw food diet to immortality." Moved immediately (mid-January 2011).

Why precisely raw foods? Because he was not completely satisfied with his body (discomfort, pain, illness). Raw foods are very simple and straightforward, and only those who do not want to see will not see what kind of food is ideal for us humans.

Do you plan to continue eating like this?

I plan to eat and continue. I really want to create all the conditions for perfect nutrition.

How easy was your transition to raw food?

It happened easily, I think the transition is not over yet, because sometimes I allow myself dead food. Perhaps inspiration goes away or something else is missing, for example, his garden.

How did you fight with public opinion: who supported, and who thought crazy?

Nobody supported me, everyone just interfered. Alas. I did not struggle with the opinions of others: these are not my problems, but theirs.

You said that sometimes you allow yourself "dead food". Explain.

There have been and still are sometimes breakdowns, when I spoil my old eating habits, but they are weaker and weaker.

Were there any side effects when switching to a raw foods diet (illness, sudden weight loss)?

Weight loss was, there were still three practices of dry fasting for 4 days. Then the weight reached 55 kg, and before it was at the place of 71-75 kg.

How has your life changed due to dietary changes (spiritually and physically, socially)?

Changes in all plans of life are positive, the brain has cleared and began to work better, more awareness, I feel much better, more endurance, sleep has decreased to 6 hours a day. No smell, forgot about soap, toothpaste, deodorants. I am clean both outside and inside.

And what do you advise those who are just going to take the path of raw food?

Do not pay attention to what others say, listen to themselves and their bodies, as well as more awareness and understanding. Everyone creates their own world. Only the majority have the Habitual Picture of the World, imposed through our "civilization", which makes us slaves. Turn on the logic and then you will understand a lot.

I recommend to read the book Megre. Those who are ready to change their diet, and, therefore, change their lives, will understand and realize a lot of things that are written in these books. The most important thing is that one should not react negatively and hate those who smoke, drink alcohol, eat meat, etc. There is only love and freedom, and we only dream about the rest. Love to you and awareness, dear friends!

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