Raw foods - the benefits or harm


Raw foods - a type of healthy food, but rather a way of life based on the use of plant food in its raw form. Like the vegetarian menu, the syroeda menu excludes meat. Also, raw foodists do not eat milk, fish, eggs, do not cook food. The diet consists of foods filled with energy, vitamins, minerals and other substances that are beneficial to the body. - These are vegetables, fruits, root vegetables, germinated grains, seeds, honey, greens, herbs, berries, dried fruits, cold pressed oil.

Raw foods - benefit or harm?

However, despite all the positive feedback from people who practice raw foods, there are always opponents of this food system. People accustomed to perceive food as a source of pleasure, it is very difficult to understand and accept another philosophy of life. People are often frightened by a person who can destroy his usual perception of reality.

But vegetarians, cheese eaters advocate the improvement of their bodies, the purification of their souls, because it is very difficult to pray with a full stomach. All the energy of the body goes to the digestion of essentially unhealthy food. It is terrible to imagine how much time and energy a person spends on cooking and digesting food, and how much money. At the same time, an amazing thing is near: cleansing of the body and soul, and weight loss.Raw foods will help to know yourself and feel truly healthy.

But let's not be unfounded, but let us give the scientific facts in favor of raw food.

The benefits of raw food

  • Syroeda sick much less people whose organisms are intoxicated. A healthy body is much faster able to cope with viruses and other factors of disease. You can refute and argue that the whole thing in self-hypnosis, but what's wrong, that the power of suggestion and faith will help a person to be cheerful and bright. Modern people are objectively lacking in energy, and the transition to raw foods helps to release this energy and put it in the right direction.
  • The risk of developing cardiovascular and chronic diseases is reduced.
  • The intestinal function improves, a person practically forgets what constipation and hemorrhoids are.
  • Reducing salt intake helps fight hypertension.
  • Normalization of water metabolism has a beneficial effect on the skin, kidneys, bones.
  • Teeth and gums become stronger, the unpleasant smell disappears from the oral cavity.
  • Any snack on this nutritional system is helpful.
  • The body is cleansed from the inside.
  • Syroyedy spend much less time on sleeping and cooking.

However, you can not start raw foods, not knowing the state of their health, the rules of combination and non-combination of products. The abrupt transition to eating raw foods can cause harm to the body. After all, raw foods is a whole school of healthy eating.

Raw foods - benefit or harm?

Tips beginner syroyedu

  • It is impossible to eat raw beans in large quantities. The fact that legumes are a source of vegetable protein does not mean at all that they should be eaten all the time, they contain substances that are difficult for the body to digest, which can be converted into toxins in the stomach. The body will spend a lot of energy in the fight against toxins, which are formed in the body due to the thoughtless consumption of legumes.
  • Carrots are best consumed in a grated form, vitamin A is well absorbed along with the fat. Fat for raw foodists - cold pressed vegetable oil.
  • Acids from sorrel, rhubarb, spinach can irritate the gastric mucosa and interfere with the absorption of calcium, if there is a need for this greenery you can pour it with boiling water before use.
  • When eating raw foods, try to observe the acid-base balance of the consumed foods, so that during the day the body receives a balanced amount of both acidic and alkaline foods.
  • Completely raw foods should not go to children and people in age.
  • You can not dramatically go to the raw foods for people with a stomach ulcer and colitis, pancreatitis, diseases of the stomach and pancreas.

Health conditions may interfere with eating a food. In this case, for a start, you can simply go on a healthy diet, include more healthy and living foods in your diet. In due course your health will improve, and it will be possible to think about its further improvement.

Some practice raw foods for weight loss. But raw food is not a diet, although it gives a visible result. However, you need to understand in order to fully experience all the advantages of this power system, time must pass, at least a year. You need to completely restructure your perception of reality in order to clearly understand and desire to become a follower of this power supply system, otherwise failures are simply inevitable.

Raw foods - benefit or harm?

You should not switch to raw foods dramatically, it is better to start with fasting days, include more raw foods in the diet, it is advisable to use as little salt as possible. An apple, eaten for breakfast, will be more useful than kilograms of boiled food. Already, simply increasing the proportion of living foods in your diet will help improve your condition, give you strength and energy.

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