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At 52 years old (of which syroedenii is about 2 years old) Nina feels great: she goes to the mountains, takes yoga and writes poems. She believes that raw foods helped her come to herself.



How did you find out about the new type of food, when and why did you decide to switch to it? She learned about raw foods from sources on the Internet and from her daughter - she had just decided for herself to switch to eating fruits, vegetables, nuts. Fruit, first of all. I read, I thought - and joined her. It was two years ago. Why? Why not? Not to say that I felt bad, but personal circumstances and creative moments (lack of energy) led to the need for change.

How easy was the transition to raw plant foods?

Until that time, I had been vegetarian for quite a long time (a year or two, maybe more). She switched to raw foods immediately after the traditional weekly daily abstinence from food. There were no particular problems during the transition. There was a long study of the possibilities of uncooked food, progress in this direction. It continues now, for the possibilities of nature, as it turns out, are truly limitless.

How did you fight public opinion? Did someone find you crazy?

Why fight him? After the initial desire to "open your eyes to everyone" (because there is plenty of energy, you breathe easily and wonderfully!) You begin to listen more to yourself. Because it's not a matter of eating food, after all. It is a matter of internal change, but they come slowly and carefully. We must not scare them. Raw food helps this. In the end, little by little you come to yourself. Crazy, not crazy, but eccentric believed and believed everything. But something is changing: older children are already very close to raw food, crumbs grandchildren too. The husband is interested in what and how to eat!

Were there moments when you returned to the previous steps or did you allow yourself to eat something that you refused?

Of course they were. And there are. And why do you need to make a reinforced concrete being out of you? In my opinion, this is unnecessary. What matters is overall inner determination, more precisely, determination. After the first euphoria comes another, when you listen to yourself more, you spray less on your surroundings. If I find myself in a festive atmosphere, then it’s easier, without attracting everyone’s attention, to put boiled potatoes on a plate and eat it. Or pickled cucumber. Or sauerkraut. Or a plate of buckwheat porridge. That is, I follow the path of unsharp resistance to the surrounding reality, if I am not at home. Where they know me well, prepare a plate of fruit. But all the relaxation and retreats went after a year of raw food, when it came to an understanding of the main thing: it’s good, that’s good for me inside, I work, I write poetry, I’m full of strength and love. It is important when food ceases to occupy a global, all-consuming place in life.

Were there any side effects from the transition (illness, sudden weight loss, etc.)?

Side effects in relation to what? To raw food? There is simply a path to oneself, a path of one’s own development, fumbelling of one’s soul and body. The weight at the beginning of syroedeniya was about 50, the lowest point of weight loss (after 8-9-10 months.) - 42.4 kg. Surrounding it, in general, scarecrow, but I did not at all, because the state of health is great. Climb the mountains like a child and rejoice. There were crises, but small and short - one or two days of unwell health. Now the weight is going up: from about 44 kg in the summer I gained up to the 48th. I think everything goes the best way. Now, on the whole, I manage the food myself, but not she. I drink green tea and hot herbs, because winter does not have enough heat energy. Eat porridge (oatmeal, wheat), filled with hot (not boiling) water. They insist, and it turns out and tasty, and warm. This is generally consistent with the advice of M.V. Ohanian, who strongly reminds Russian raw foodists that our winter is not European. Many orthodox raw foodists will say that this, they say, is not raw foods. Well, on health - they are entitled to have their own opinion. Thus, now I come to the fact that I mostly proceed from my own state, spiritual and physical.

How has your life changed due to the transition to raw food?

I would not attribute the entire depth of change only due to changes in the diet. On the contrary, food changes when you are thirsty for changes in life in general (it may be unconsciously) and go for them. Yoga, creativity, solar food, thirst for joy for the soul and body - and everything changes. Physically, I do yoga (not much straining myself, pleasure), even took third place in the 2010 Russian Yoga Championship in an arbitrary program in my age group (here are the wonders! I'm not like a sports person). I dance a little, do what I want (refused to work that drags into the past, and do what the soul wants). Socially I declare myself to who I am today.

What advise those who are just going to start eating the same way as you?

If they need my advice, I can only give one: listen to yourself, nobody else. Collect information, think and listen to yourself. Do not go with anyone "for the company." And God forbid, do not break yourself. Enough to hear. What do you need to be happy?

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