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For Eugene, raw food diet was a salvation from the disease. Only six months later he got rid of acne and dysbacteriosis. In the transition to a new type of food, the books especially helped him. Now he created a group in contact and shares his experience and knowledge with everyone.



How did you find out about the new food?

Eugene:From the book of Vadim Zeland The Executor of Reality, the chapter "Living Kitchen".

What made you decide to move?

Eugene:Acne and dysbacteriosis, and a lot of raw food videos that were found through a search engine in Kontakt.

How did you make the transition (how long did it take, immediately abruptly or gradually)?

Eugene: The transition began immediately and lasted for a month. It happened that I broke down, so I can’t call my transition full-fledged. But the effect is really stunning!

How long have you been on a new kind of food?

Eugene :Already six months.


Were there "breakdowns"when you returned to the previous steps or once you allowed yourself to eat something that you refused?

Eugene :About breakdowns is a separate topic, I do not call breakdowns breakdowns, I honestly don’t even bother to bother

Were there any side effects?

Eugene :Yes, I lost 12 kg in the first three months. There were fatigue, weakness, drowsiness, fever, eyes reddened (around the iris), hearing loss, confusion of mind. All these symptoms last for one or two weeks, but this depends on what kind of person is due to his health condition and how old he is.

What good things have happened in your life in connection with the transition?

Eugene :Everything has changed - and the structure of the body, and life, and circumstances, and the intention to solve problems ..

How did you fight public opinion?

Eugene :In general, there were no problems with society, since I am a leader and a strong-willed person, and on the whole, Vadim Zeland’s book, Tranerfing Reality, helped.

How much more do you plan to eat like this?

Eugene :Infinitely.

What advise the most important in your opinion to those who want to become a syroedom?

Eugene :The most important thing is, of course, the rejection of meat, fish, dairy products, eggs and honey, this will immediately reduce the processes of violence on Earth, since crime throughout the world will decrease by 99.9% Second: this is what you don’t want, you should ALREADY become, that is, have an intention to be, and, of course, love yourself .. this is important! Third: read every single book "Transurfing of reality" and not just read, but penetrate (re-read). And the last thing: this is dry hunger. At least 24 hours a week, then to a raw vegetable, because dry hunger turns off or erases, if you like, the program, the information of which food was fed to your body, and the craving for raw vegetal itself will recover — it's only a matter of time on dry starvation. And watch the video of Pavel Sebastianovich "Food and the role of the gastrointestinal organs."

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