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For Catherine, raw foods became a way to get rid of not only physical, but also moral diseases - she confesses that she forgot about jealousy, aggression and resentment with a new type of food. In addition to a healthy diet, Catherine practices yoga, which contributes to spiritual development.

How did you find out about the new food?

Catherine :I learned about raw foods from a friend, learning together. He already had experience. I then unconsciously was a vegetarian (I just didn’t eat meat, didn’t like meat). But already engaged in yoga by the time years 5.

What made you decide to move?

Catherine :Usually 3 things make you switch to this type of food - diseases, the desire to lose weight and spiritual development. I have all 3. And I do not even know that the primary. Probably a disease. I had a cyst (benign tumor) in the ovary, a terrible allergy, dandruff, overweight and acne. And problems with the intestines.

How did you make the transition?

Catherine :The transition lasted gradually. I started with a book "Living kitchen" Vadim Zelanda. Cooked raw food dishes. Every 2 weeks ate chocolates. Then I realized that from complex dishes and cereals I was not well. And she began to eat more fruits and nuts. And real life began only in fruitorialism. Before that, there was sheer gluttony and obsession with food.

How long have you been on a new kind of food?

Catherine :On syroedenie from February to July, from July, after starvation, fruitorianism began until December. In December, I ate mandarins, bananas, and sometimes confectionery, as if saying goodbye to food, which made me very sick, and began to realize that I was pranoed. We are all naturally prano-eaters. And this year I do not eat anything. I do not promise to continue to eat anything, maybe I will drink juice and can eat up fruit. But I understood that from boiled food we become inflamed, we lose our Divine essence.

Were there "breakdowns"when you returned to the previous steps or once you allowed yourself to eat something that you refused?

Catherine :There were disruptions when I left for Hungary (there is nothing to eat there, vegetables are disgusting, and I would not agree to eat watermelons alone, but I would agree now). And the wedding to my sister for a couple of days. In a couple of days I gained almost 10 kg - amazing? But the return to cheesewalking quickly restored me.

Were there any side effects?

Catherine :Side effects? At the very beginning of the transition, at the end of February I fainted, the pressure dropped sharply (orthostatic hypotension). But I think if I ate less, it wouldn't be. There was never a sharp weight loss, there was only a sharp weight gain at the slightest breakdown, even for steamed vegetables. I still can not understand these oddities.

What good things have happened in your life in connection with the transition?

Catherine :All good I became more conscious. I threw all the trash out of the apartment that had been accumulating for many years. I became organized. I have achieved a lot in yoga and strength training (by the way, the muscles grow even in prano-eating well!). Desires began to be fulfilled almost instantly. I forgot what envy, jealousy, aggression, resentment and so on are. In general, I BECAME FREEDOM, and this is not the limit! There is still yoga plays a major role. I am a yoga instructor and practice almost every day.

How did you fight public opinion?

Catherine :I did not fight! When you think you're 100% right, no one touches you. And at parties and banquets you can always find something fruit! And even if not, you can eat something and boiled, such as vegetables, or salads. But at all the holidays I was free to get out and eat my living. The main thing is not to overestimate the importance of not getting hung up on food! You can still be the center of attention and no one will climb on your plate and say: "Well, eat, do not be shy". And at the sister's wedding, too, there were fruits and I could get along with them! But then I already spat on all the frames and ate everything except meat, eggs, fish, of course. But paid for it with excess weight and small sores, dandruff began for example.

How much more do you plan to eat like this?

Catherine :I have no idea. Maybe I will not eat a couple of days, maybe 40, maybe we eat berries from the garden when they ripen. I do not set myself a framework. But in any case, if I return to the food, it will be a fructo-monoed and / or liquid diet. I do not want to go back to boiled food and nuts. I feel not a person, not free, limited.

What do you recommend the most important thing in your opinion - those who want to become a syroeda?

Catherine :Remember that food is not a goal, but a means. Be aware of your choice. So that was not then "What a fool I am! Well, why did I eat it?" Set yourself a goal, for example, to show that in raw food eating you can be beautiful and pumped, and not a victim of famine. Or some kind of spiritual goal. Write it on a piece of paper. And go to her. Remember - minute pleasures of taste are essentially worthless, this is an addiction and nothing more.

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