Raw foods - anya


Anya is a food eater. She went to raw foods gradually, after vegetarianism and veganism. Anya builds her life according to the laws of the Universe, one of which is: "Do not kill!". Therefore, Anya no longer eats animal products, does not wear leather and fur products. During this time, her well-being, appearance and sense of life have changed!



Why am I a raw food guy?

I have been doing raw food eating for half a year only, and the motives for switching to this type of food were not at all in health, but for ethical reasons: I am a vegan, oppose the exploitation of the entire animal world by anyone, and for that reason alone I don’t eat, I don’t wear it on my body and do not use animal products in any other area of ​​life. Veganka for two years.

State of health and raw foods

I never suffered from fullness, even before and after giving birth there was no excess weight. She refused animal food easily and immediately after watching films on the subject of animal exploitation. There has never been a breakdown, the desire to eat something "bad" or buy a leather / fur thing. Cosmetics and household chemicals try to use the one that I prepare myself by "folk" recipes.

With the transition to veganism, depression and any lack of money have stopped, much less cold and sick. The skin became cleaner, nails and hair stronger, weight did not change a single gram (42 kg with height 156 cm). Why kill a living thing, if it is possible to live remarkably without corporeality and blasphemism? :)

Pluses raw food

It’s cool to syroedening: you don’t need to cook, you don’t need to wash the dishes, it doesn’t spoil anything and doesn’t sour, digestion is excellent, your chest grows, for the first month all cellulite completely disappears (I had a little), and when I started to eat more half of the diet of raw plant foods - not sick, even if it communicates with sick peers, a huge money saving! :)

Healthy Food Philosophy

But in general .. I think that disruptions are only due to lack of understanding .. from not understanding what you are doing and why, according to this, I think that it is the veganism that needs to be promoted - as unity with the whole world, love for all living things and non-violence everything alive, then raw foods will only be another meaningful transition to a correct, healthy, happy life without negative karma on your shoulders, because you can only be happy by observing the laws of the Universe - do not kill (animals, birds, fish, etc. animals), do not steal (milk , wool, etc.), love near about his as himself (love yourself, Appreciate your life and quit poisoning her bad things, then others will be fine - rational egoism :)).