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Vladimir turned to raw food one day and immediately realized that he had made the right choice. He recommends everyone to live in peace and not worry. A healthy diet will help.



How did you find out about the new type of food, when and why did you decide to switch to it?

In December 2008, while walking on the Internet, I came across a site of a person widely known in narrow circles under the nickname Raisin, a syromonoed with experience. And since by this time I had been a “normal” vegetarian for more than a year, I managed to relate without the usual “stubborn” distrust of something that goes beyond the generally accepted framework. He was interested in his description of his own transition to raw food and quite reasonable, logical arguments. Then I decided that this case should be tested on myself.

How easy was the transition (immediately or abruptly)?

Since I started “right off the bat”, the “transition” started right away and was pretty tough. It did not last long, that “hard” phase was literally a few days.

And what was the "stiffness" phase transitions?

In the early days there was a very sharp decline in strength. Yes, and the weight decreased, too. But my physique is already so thin, so it was not particularly noticeable. A couple of months after switching to raw food, weight is restored, especially if you don’t forget about dumbbells. And if you do fairly simple, but very useful exercises, such as pull-ups and push-ups, then you should not worry about “weakness” at all.

How did you manage to overcome public opinion?

Iego, one might say, bypassed. With close friends, the conversation, if it touched the topic of nutrition, was like this: "I think that eating like this is right. Do you think not? Well, wait and see." With relatives it is about the same, since by that time I managed to convince them of my independence. Is that the tone in the conversation was softer.

Were there moments in your life when you allowed yourself to eat something that you refused?

Of course. Yes, they are now. But I do not worry about this and do not advise others. Indeed, compared with the amount of unhealthy food that was consumed earlier, a few pieces of black bread (or what you got into it) are a drop in the ocean. And blame yourself for it, do not need to engage in self-flagellation. You ate and ate - tomorrow you will be burying your favorite bananas and tangerines again.

How has your life changed in connection with the transition to raw food (in spiritual and physical terms, socially)?

I get sick much less often, and if I have a cold, I get better quickly. In the "finished" times there were some skin problems that went away or smoothed out after the transition. In general, skin is probably the first thing that responds positively to such changes in life.

In terms of character - he became calmer, more attentive, tolerant to the shortcomings of others, oddly enough.

Do you plan to continue to eat raw food?

Of course I am.

What would you recommend to those who are only going to start eating only raw plant foods?

On the one hand, do not wait for a “miracle”, that in one day or even a week you will completely and forever get rid of all problems. This is possible, but for this you will have to make a lot of willpower and awareness. On the other hand, choosing a raw foods diet, be calm and confident, because this is the right choice. But "power in truth," as some famous people say. Successes!

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