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Victoria went to raw food for many reasons, the main of which is spiritual and personal growth. She is convinced that this power system is one of the most important steps in the evolution of mankind.



How did you find out about the new type of food, when and why did you decide to switch to it? Do you plan to continue eating like this?

For the first time I learned about raw food, like many others, from the books of Vadim Zeland. His arguments looked so impeccable and convincing that it was simply impossible to disagree. After reading the last page, I clearly realized for myself: to eat, as before, I no longer wish - the advantages of raw food were just on the face. Over time, I came across other books and articles about this food system, which only confirmed the correctness of the new lifestyle, supplementing it with interesting facts and scientific data. I was interested in the research of scientists from various countries on this topic. In all matters relating to my personal development, I always try to understand thoroughly, paying equal attention to the arguments of both supporters and opponents. Therefore, I took very seriously the consideration of the topic of raw food, because it radically changes many existing things and attitudes. At the moment I have not the slightest doubt that raw food diet is one of the best and most important steps in the evolution of every person who truly cares about his health.

How easy was your transition to syroedenie?

The transition in moral terms was accomplished immediately, as I realized that I used to eat food earlier. Suddenly, I felt how much I had time to slag and weaken my body with the same nutritional system. And I felt so ashamed in front of my own body. Therefore, I made the transition abruptly, despite many recommendations. Naturally, after a week of raw food, a cleansing crisis followed, which I personally expressed in the form of some kind of bronchitis. A rather strong cough (without other symptoms of a cold - this had never happened to me before) lasted about three weeks, apparently, the cleansing process started through the respiratory system. Then he passed, and I entered into the calm, joyful and harmonious world of raw food.

How did you fight public opinion? Surely there were attempts to bring you back to the old power system?

As for public opinion, many authors of the raw food books warn, therefore I was already prepared. As Zeland mentioned, many people who are intuitively aware of the correctness of raw food diet, but who are not ready for such a step or simply lazy to do such a cardinal and rather difficult work on themselves, will attack (after all, attack is the best defense of their system, even if not perfect) and criticize a person who had the courage to make such a step. The story says that it was always and in everything, it is not only about raw food eating.

I have always treated and am calm about the statements of other people about syroedeniya - after all, everyone has the right to their own opinion. If I see that a person is really interested in his own evolution and is ready to hear me, then I’m happy to share all the knowledge and developments that I already have. For friends and friends, I initially explained with arguments the reasons for switching to raw foods and the positive aspects of a new way of life (without attacks and any reproaches), and they calmly accepted the "new me." Although, of course, many often do not miss the opportunity to "pin me up", but these are good jokes. As I understood, the main thing is not to argue with the ardent supporters of the traditional food system, such disputes rarely lead to positive results. Let everyone make their own choices! As popular wisdom says: "One person can lead a horse to a watering place, but even twenty will not make him drink."

Were there moments when you still allowed yourself to eat something that you refused?

At first, I once allowed myself to eat sweets like chocolate, since the habit of eating it was incredibly large. However, over time, I found many different recipes for raw food sweets: cakes, sweets, halva, ice cream, sherbet, etc. - switched to them, and the craving for chocolate went away on its own without any "victims" at all. By the way, non-food friends also appreciated raw food delicacies, and many found them even more tasty than those that are laid out on shelves in stores, with which I absolutely agree.

Have you had side effects when moving to raw foods?

I have already mentioned the cleansing crisis. Weight also dropped to the bottom line of my optimal weight (height 165, weight 53), and fluctuates around this figure plus / minus kilo depending on how much I eat and what exactly (when I lean on bananas and nuts, the weight increases accordingly).

How has your life changed in general because of the transition to a new diet?

"Life has become better, life has become more fun" - this is definitely about raw foods. For me, raw food diet is lightness (in all aspects), positive mood, improved health in all respects (as far as the medical aspect is concerned, examinations of the chemical composition of the body always confirm this). This feeling of purification, physical and even spiritual, is incomparable. This is freedom. It is strength and energy!

What do you advise those who are just going to start "eating food"?

Friends! First, determine clearly whether you are ready for this step. Read books about syroedenie, do not be lazy - this both motivates you and adjusts your diet in the right direction (and this is often not paid enough attention to syroedenie!), And will answer many important questions! You must clearly understand for yourself: why and why you need raw foods.

Secondly, listen only to yourself, your intuition, your heart, your mind. Around will always be "experts" who will criticize this lifestyle, skeptical look at your decisions and beliefs. Do not be afraid to be different. Be bold, change your life for the better, because, ultimately, only you are responsible for your health (and, as an option, the health of your future children).

Thirdly, do not dwell on the fact that you are a food eater, dwell on food in general. The more attention you give to this, the more difficult it will be to you, plus, as practice has shown, the more situations will be attracted when you are “ganged up” and criticized excessively. Treat food as a resource. Sat down at the table with everyone and without focusing on your food system, eat what is good for you. And if anyone starts to "attack", then use humor as a shield! Good luck and health to you! Smolina Victoria.

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