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Olga is a syroed. Sometime health problems have pushed her to this type of food. Now she is happy and continues to work on herself. Olga recommends discarding all fears and doubts and think only about the beautiful!

How did you find out about the new type of food, when and why did you decide to switch to it? The first time about syroedeniya I learned from a friend in 2010, when I switched to vegetarianism. I stopped eating meat in one day. I did not need evidence and theorems that it is harmful. I already knew that I was on the right track. A friend told me that you can eat, tearing off the fruits and immediately eat them. I was very surprised how it is possible to live in such a way as to eat everything raw, but it turned out that it is possible. From September 2010 to January 2011, I was vegetarian. In January, I didn’t have a very good health problem, and indeed I stopped seeing vegetarianism as an ideal diet. And I decided that raw foods should help me. I don’t like to read any books or forums, because someone else’s experience is described there, and I needed to know how to act. I was advised to watch the lectures of Marvah Ohanian, which I did! She was cleaned by her method and switched to raw foods. And during the year I also starved and cleansed. A strong push was that I want healthy children! Do you plan to continue eating like this? Yes, I plan to continue to eat like this. How easy was the transition, how long did it take? The full transition is not yet complete, I think we need at least 2 years of raw food, but by the year the body was used and rebuilt noticeably! How did you fight with public opinion (friends, parents)? I did not struggle with public opinion and I am not going to fight. Everyone eats by virtue of his consciousness. Mom didn’t like my food choice at all, although I’m healthy, I don’t get sick, and she eats everything, gets sick and proves that she’s not going to live without meat. Only a year later she reconciled. I stopped communicating with old friends, because I moved to live in another city, and new friends from a different circle started to appear. Did you have moments when you returned to your previous steps or once you allowed yourself to eat something that you refused? There are such moments that I want to eat something badly - I will eat it, I am without fanaticism. Were there any side effects? Before syroedenie, I weighed 62-61 kg, after fasting, I lost weight to 55 and in syroedenie even to 47. Only by the year I gained weight to 53, which is stable. How has your life in general changed in connection with the transition to raw food: spiritually and physically, socially? With the transition life has changed a lot! It's safe to say that I have become a different person. I began to work more on myself, my personal qualities. Began to practice yoga. Actually telling a lot ...

Socially, I regret people more; they are very unhappy. When asked about food, I say that a vegetarian, and no one has any questions. What do you advise those who are just going to start eating the same way as you? People have a lot of fears, I wish to get rid of them! Thoughts are material!

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